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Many of us are aware of a lot of the high profile charity foundations, but I'd wager that many of us may not be familiar with CHERUBS and their cause.  CHERUBS is short for: The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness and Support They support families of this birth defe...
I saw this on Facebook today, and nearly burst out laughing.  It's way too funny not to share, and I'm sure any of you that remember the original Star Wars trilogy will remember Admiral Ackbar. Well, apparently his head was more than just a squid mutant kind of shape.  It was a potato shape as we...
If your shingles or gutters are damaged after you put a ladder on the roof, or worse yet after you HIRE someone to put a ladder on your roof, then there's something wrong.  Obviously fixing the damage has been missed, but more specifically you're missing a ladder stablizer!   The image to the rig...
I hope you always look for funny things.  It helps keep your day light, even when things aren't so light! So in the continuing series of faces on inanimate objects, here is the latest:  Mr. Stapler!                           Here's another shot of Mr. Stapler, all set to do some work.      Looks ...

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