home improvements: Did you know you're an expert at measuring? - 11/29/16 12:59 PM
Did you know that you are an expert at measuring?  No really, you are!  I guarantee it.  Now before you dismiss me as a snake oil seller, here me out.
When you walk up steps, have you unexpectedly tripped on a step?  Or have you been to an old stadium, and there's that ONE step that almost everyone trips on?
Do you know why?  Because you're an expert at measuring!  At least in how high you have to lift your feet on steps.
When you go up a set up steps, your brain gets feedback from your legs, and it knows how high to … (8 comments)

home improvements: Change Your House's Shoes. No, Really! - 02/17/11 03:50 PM
You may not realize it, but your house has shoes!  Ok, really they're boots, and maybe they're not for walking.  But your house has one, or two, or three, or more!
You say you don't know what a roof boot is?  What?  How'd you get on my jobsite?  Did I hire you?  You're got to maintain roof boots, especially roof boots here in the Raleigh & Wake Forest area with all our hot summers.  Roof boots wear out and can cause leaks and ugly brown stains. Or worse!  That stain inside on the ceiling isn't so bad, but left unattended it … (9 comments)

home improvements: You know you need to repair your house when... - 01/21/11 03:28 AM
Ok, here you are.  Wondering how to know if that funky looking piece of wood is really rotted.  How to know if the large crack in the trim is really an indication of a repair.  So how do you know?
One way is to get an expert to tell you.  There are way too many contractors out there that give FREE (yes, FREE!  As in no cost to you!) estimates to leave a potential repair unchecked.  If you're local in the Wake Forest/Raleigh area and have the nagging itch to know if something needs to be repaired, give me a call … (16 comments)

home improvements: Things That Make Me Laugh - 01/11/11 03:36 AM
Such a nice, friendly range.


home improvements: My First EVER White Christmas (night) in NC - 12/26/10 04:42 AM
It started snowing here yesterday evening, on Christmas.  We'd been awaiting it all day and wondering if it would make it.  It did, and before we went to bed we had a white Christmas.  The first one I've been a part of here in Wake Forest, and the first in this area since 1947!!  Here's what it looked like shortly before I headed off to bed.

We were forecast to get about 6 inches or so, and we did!  Here are some more photos of my front and back yard, respectively.

Now for fun with the kids in … (2 comments)

home improvements: Don't hire a painter to do this - 12/23/10 05:55 AM
Ok, I like painters, at least some of them.  They make your house better looking and protect all that wood and cardboard, I mean hardboard siding.  (Yes, I have it on my house, too.)  They caulk things and make the gaps go away and keep water out of the house.  And that's a VERY GOOD THING.
But hiring your painter to replace some trim or siding...not usually a good idea.  At least check in front of them (get references and call them specifically about REPAIRS they have done), and certainly check behind them!
A customer called us recently and had a … (5 comments)

home improvements: DANGEROUS! How to install a PVC fence post cap - 12/16/10 07:40 AM
This is very difficult, so be careful if you try this at home. Especially notice the position of the hands. Be careful!

home improvements: Bathroom subfloor repair - 12/15/10 01:50 AM
Little leaks are really big problems!
A recent client (just outside of the Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC area) contacted us after they had an inspection done that found some water damage under the hall toilet.  It was pretty bad!
We pulled back the vinyl...

...and there was some damage!  Both to the lauan and the subfloor.  Yuck!
We cut out the subfloor and installed some 2x blocking (not pictured) to keep all the new subfloor level with the existing.

We replaced the subfloor with new (yes, non-rotted!) 3/4" plywood and lauan, and then cut out the hole for … (5 comments)

home improvements: Contractors--Do you hire on price or on reputation? - 08/02/10 03:42 PM
As a home improvement contractor, I bid lots of work.  Some we get, some we don't.  It's to be expected.
But it always bothers me when sellers or selling agents are only concerned about the price of the repairs, and not concerned about the quality of the work in addition to price.  If the sellers were buying this house, they'd want the best quality repairs done.  But sometimes a seller often will consider only price while completely ignoring quality.
Obviously prcie should be a concern, but price as the number one factor is usually not a good way to get the … (8 comments)

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