raleigh handyman: Change Your House's Shoes. No, Really! - 02/17/11 03:50 PM
You may not realize it, but your house has shoes!  Ok, really they're boots, and maybe they're not for walking.  But your house has one, or two, or three, or more!
You say you don't know what a roof boot is?  What?  How'd you get on my jobsite?  Did I hire you?  You're got to maintain roof boots, especially roof boots here in the Raleigh & Wake Forest area with all our hot summers.  Roof boots wear out and can cause leaks and ugly brown stains. Or worse!  That stain inside on the ceiling isn't so bad, but left unattended it … (9 comments)

raleigh handyman: Set up procedures, set up expectations, and set up success! - 09/15/10 04:14 AM
Within the last year, I read a great book for entrepreneurs:  The E Myth Revisited Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It (Gerber).  I highly recommend it for any small business owner, especially if you are in your first 3 years of business.  It helped me change a lot about my business.
Some of the changes were so effective that recently, when I was sidelined for 8 weeks with an ankle injury, my business kept running and I could manage it from my kitchen table with my laptop & my phone.  Boy was I thankful I … (2 comments)

raleigh handyman: How to Make Your Business Worth More - 08/31/10 04:22 AM
I had a customer call me today, and not actually for our services.  But to get a referral.  I love it!
Everytime the phone rings with someone calling us to ask for a referral it means two things to me:
They remember us!  We must have done good work and we're in their mind. They trust us!  This is probably why they remember us in the first place. I always consider it a compliment when someone calls us to ask for a referral.  And I consider it making my business worth more, to me and to my customer.  If we're their … (3 comments)

raleigh handyman: Too Many Requests = Happy Stress - 08/30/10 09:57 AM
I'm back from a week's vacation to Emerald Isle with my family.  It was a blast, and the kids loved playing in the surf.  Digging up mole crabs (sand fleas to some of you folks) and coquina clams was a blast as well!
And now I'm back, and it's full throttle as if we never took a day off. Wow!  I'm a little overwhelmed and trying to work through the back log.  I did respond to some inquiries over the vacation, but mostly to existing business.
But it it a little stressful, and I will certainly have enough work to carry … (4 comments)

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