wake forest: Did you know you're an expert at measuring? - 11/29/16 12:59 PM
Did you know that you are an expert at measuring?  No really, you are!  I guarantee it.  Now before you dismiss me as a snake oil seller, here me out.
When you walk up steps, have you unexpectedly tripped on a step?  Or have you been to an old stadium, and there's that ONE step that almost everyone trips on?
Do you know why?  Because you're an expert at measuring!  At least in how high you have to lift your feet on steps.
When you go up a set up steps, your brain gets feedback from your legs, and it knows how high to … (8 comments)

wake forest: Employment opportunity: Lead Carpenter/Crew Leader - 07/27/15 01:18 AM
We are seeking a full time Lead Carpenter/Working Crew Leader for immediate employment.  The Crew Leader will work under the supervision of Field Supervisor, and will likely have a helper assigned to them to supervise & lead hands-on in the work. The position has potential for long term stability, with a 90-day trial period ($15/hr starting wage first week).
Construction and carpentry experience is required. The applicant must be familiar with construction and remodeling of residential homes, and confidently demonstrate leadership & skill in replacing siding & exterior trim, building decks, replacing doors & windows, etc. Drywall experience a plus! The applicant … (0 comments)

wake forest: Watch your step! Over 60 storm drain grates stolen! - 12/18/13 12:35 AM
From the Town of Wake Forest:
Over 60 Stolen Storm Drain Grates Creating Safety Hazards in Several Wake Forest Neighborhoods
Wake Forest Police now say they are investigating over 60 storm drain grate thefts from several Wake Forest subdivisions, including St. Andrews Plantation, Stonegate, Caveness Farms and Bowling Green.
The grates, which weigh over 100 pounds each, cover drains that often have a drop of several feet. When a drain cover is stolen it leaves a large hole that is easy for children, animals or even adults to fall in. Motorists pulling over along the curb line could also … (4 comments)

wake forest: What were they thinking?!? - 10/25/12 12:44 AM
Sometimes when visiting a home, I have that moment of surprise when damage is a direct result of how the home was built (and possibly designed).  This was such a home.

These nice folks are getting ready to possibly list their home for sale.  And they have this mysterious staining and mildew/mold on the garage drywall ceiling.
Being in home repairs, I have received special traning that I can tell that this is not normal.  Don't try this at home.
Ok, so anyone would know this is not normal.  You got me.  Mold in the house, not … (66 comments)

wake forest: How to demo a deck in no time - 09/10/12 03:36 AM
We recently had to remove a deck that was built by others, and wasn't built to commercial code (yes, there are MANY differences between residential and commercial code). 
Our first preference was to bring it up to commercial code, but we figured out that wasn't doable with some major steps having been missed.  So having spent so much time on investigating the issues, we thought we'd just get the deck down as quickly as possible. 
Mission accomplished.

wake forest: Full Time or Part Time Carpenter/Handyman Assistant Needed - 09/10/12 01:57 AM
Wrenn Home Improvements in Wake Forest, NC (with work in Wake Forest & Raleigh area) is seeking a full time or part time Handyman Assistant to work under the supervision of a Crew Leader. Positions for both full time or part time are for immediate employment with long term potential and advancement. Some construction and carpentry experience is required, but on-the-job training will be provided. Applicant must be able to work from ladders, do heavy lifting, and have the ability to communicate effectively with customers and represent the company well. Work day will be 7:00 am-3:30 pm with 1/2 hour … (3 comments)

wake forest: Yes, we can read...we were hired to do this! - 12/02/11 04:49 PM
Signs are funny.  At least to me they can be.
And recently we were working on a demo project locally where we removed an old wooden playgroud structure.
To my amusement, I saw this sign on the way out, and just had to get a picture of some of our workers in the background.

 I'm pretty sure we might have done worse than vandalize this playground.  We just plain took it down, folks.
But at least we kept in line with #15 rule above.  There wasn't any of it left when we were done.

wake forest: 2011 CHERUBS Masquerading Angels Ball--a worthwhile & fun fundraiser! - 10/13/11 09:11 AM
Many of us are aware of a lot of the high profile charity foundations, but I'd wager that many of us may not be familiar with CHERUBS and their cause. 
CHERUBS is short for:
The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness and Support
They support families of this birth defect all over the world, from right here in Wake Forest.  And below is a great chance to support their cause, and dance the night away!
Please consider purchasing a couple of tickets for you and your sweetie, and heading out to the dance floor on Oct. 22nd!


wake forest: Looking for Part Time Help--Carpenter in Wake Forest - 09/01/11 10:34 AM
We're looking for part time help beginning immediately for a part time carpenter for one of our crews.  The work would be 2-3 days a week, with potential for full time employment in the future.
Applicants must be experienced in carpentry, and have knowledge of home construction/remodeling/repairs.  We specialize in repairing wood rot (exterior siding & trim) and real estate closing punchlists, and applicant would work both alone and with a team, depending on the job.
No tools are required, as they will be provided.  Must have a clean driving record and a valid drivers license.
Must be able to lift … (5 comments)

wake forest: Take time to stop and watch the trains - 08/29/11 01:24 AM
So before I left for vacation for all of last week (yes, that's why I was so quiet!), I had a chance to watch a train in downtown Wake Forest right after my local BNI meeting.  So I stopped and took the chance, as so often I don't have the chance.
So below is a video of the train, nothing complex, just the simple joy of watching a train go by like I did with my Granddaddy and Dad when I was a little boy.  Some of my favorite memories!

wake forest: Wake Forest Downtown Railroad Crossings Likely Closed Until Thursday - 08/08/11 05:50 AM
Well, the CSX Railroad is still at it, working on the crossings in Wake Forest. And according to the email  today from the Town of Wake Forest:
"A CSX Railroad official says the Brick Street, Elm Avenue, and Holding Avenue railroad crossings will likely be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic until Thursday."
I say that CSX should take their time and get it right so we won't have to worry about it for about 20 years.  So, it'll be inconvenient for a few days, but well worth it in the long run.
The Town also mentioned:

"For inquiries or to share … (7 comments)

wake forest: Caulk & Paint Can Disguise Water Damage And Wood Rot! - 08/03/11 08:51 AM

Here's a lovely picture of some garage trim on a house in a really nice neighborhood in Wake Forest.  The house is only 10 years old, and since the house is probably worth about $500,000 or so, it's got to be good, right?  I mean, they construct houses that are that expensive differently than the $100,000 homes, right? 
Look closely at the upper left corner on the top/horizontal board.  Do you see that "wavy" looking area?  You may not be able to from the photo, but trust me, it's there.  That, my friends, is wood rot … (14 comments)

wake forest: American Eel in my creek! - 07/08/11 05:49 AM
If you've been reading my blog previously, you know that I've had reports from other members of my family that they have seen at least 2 different American eels in our creek (Dunn Creek).  But yesterday I got to SEE an eel! Weird and crazy (and kinda creepy)!

So above you can see what I found when I went down to the creek.  The eel is just wrapped around the root in the picture, just hanging out.  I don't know if it was intentional or … (11 comments)

wake forest: So we had a BIG storm yesterday... - 04/16/11 06:03 PM
****04/17/11 UPDATE:
At the bottom is a couple of day after videos, to show the difference between the height of the stream flow & flooding, and a more normal state in my back yard. If you're interested to just see the difference, then look at videos #3 & #7 in the first set, and both in the second set.****
There was a tornado outbreak on Saturday 4/16/11 in North Carolina. It was the first time since 1984 that we have been in a "High" risk area for tornado development, and they did develop.
There were at least 60 reports of tornadoes … (4 comments)

wake forest: And so the onslaught begins... - 03/23/11 03:08 PM
...Pollen Season!  The time of year here in NC, where everything turns yellow until it rains!
What do you see when you look at this picture?  A beautiful blue sky?  Me too, and that's why I took the photo.  But I also see some of the most annoying trees God ever made:  pine trees!  As if pine cones and pine straw weren't bad enough, we get POLLEN from these lovely beasts trees.

Here's the first dusting today on my car.  You can find it in the bottom half of the photo, on the left side of my windshield.

wake forest: Signs of Spring - 03/20/11 02:08 PM
They're all around!  Signs of Spring that is.  Birds are chirping & frogs are singing.  I even heard the Spring Peepers out in the wet woods behind my back yard just late last week.  Heck, Spring is even in their name!
And of course flowers are blooming, like these little wild violets in one of my customer's yard.  

And there are more signs, like these hyacinth in our front garden.
But the most sure sign of all, the one that you KNOW Spring is here when you see it is … (10 comments)

wake forest: If Your House Is Stapled Together, It Will Come Apart - 03/10/11 04:53 PM
If you think all fasteners are the same, you're wrong.  Just ask Jay Markanich.
For instance, staples work great for things like carpet pad.  But not for fascia!  If you see a board with these sticking out of it, your house ain't built right!
Staples just aren't made to hold up pieces of wood thicker than .05 to .10 millimeters (you know, paper).  They do a really good job on that.
But if these are in your fascia, don't be surprised if your house looks like this after a strong wind or a strong rain coupled with a … (65 comments)

wake forest: You know you need to repair your house when... - 01/21/11 03:28 AM
Ok, here you are.  Wondering how to know if that funky looking piece of wood is really rotted.  How to know if the large crack in the trim is really an indication of a repair.  So how do you know?
One way is to get an expert to tell you.  There are way too many contractors out there that give FREE (yes, FREE!  As in no cost to you!) estimates to leave a potential repair unchecked.  If you're local in the Wake Forest/Raleigh area and have the nagging itch to know if something needs to be repaired, give me a call … (16 comments)

wake forest: Things That Make Me Laugh - 01/11/11 03:36 AM
Such a nice, friendly range.


wake forest: My First EVER White Christmas (night) in NC - 12/26/10 04:42 AM
It started snowing here yesterday evening, on Christmas.  We'd been awaiting it all day and wondering if it would make it.  It did, and before we went to bed we had a white Christmas.  The first one I've been a part of here in Wake Forest, and the first in this area since 1947!!  Here's what it looked like shortly before I headed off to bed.

We were forecast to get about 6 inches or so, and we did!  Here are some more photos of my front and back yard, respectively.

Now for fun with the kids in … (2 comments)

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