wake forest home improvements: Smiley Sledgehammer - 03/27/14 07:56 AM
Yesterday it was Angry Cookie looking at you.
Today, it's Smiley Sledgehammer!  He's really, REALLY happy to see you.  Can you tell?

Do you have any funny faces that you have seen around?  If so, you KNOW I'd love for you to share them.  So please do!!
Remember, faces are everywhere!

wake forest home improvements: Angry Cookie is Looking at YOU! - 03/26/14 02:36 AM
In continuing my "I see faces everywhere" series, I bring you "Angry Cookie".
This fellow was not pleasant to behold, but he did taste delicious.  And he sort of reminded me of a fellow with a ski mask, perhaps a professional wrestler.


wake forest home improvements: I See Faces Everywhere, 12/12/13 - 12/12/13 03:23 AM
Oh boy, it's still happening.  I can't give it up.  I can't stop myself.  Yes, I'm still seeing faces in inanimate objects.
Let's see if you can see it with me, or if my mind is just a LITTLE overactive.  Well, ignore that last point, it's alread proven.
But I looked up in a house recently, and there was a little happy man on the ceiling.  Really, he was.  Here's his picture!

See?  I told you!

wake forest home improvements: Happy New Year! - 01/02/12 04:10 AM
Whether you say 20-12 or two thousand twelve (or something else), it's a new year! 
So here's to making it great, and a big hearty thanks to all those that made 2011 great for Wrenn Home Improvements:  our employees, our customers, and our vendors!  Thanks!
We look forward to continued success and growth in 2012 with each of you.
Happy New Year!

wake forest home improvements: Caulk & Paint Can Disguise Water Damage And Wood Rot! - 08/03/11 08:51 AM

Here's a lovely picture of some garage trim on a house in a really nice neighborhood in Wake Forest.  The house is only 10 years old, and since the house is probably worth about $500,000 or so, it's got to be good, right?  I mean, they construct houses that are that expensive differently than the $100,000 homes, right? 
Look closely at the upper left corner on the top/horizontal board.  Do you see that "wavy" looking area?  You may not be able to from the photo, but trust me, it's there.  That, my friends, is wood rot … (14 comments)

wake forest home improvements: How to make a saw bench / cut board - 05/24/11 10:45 AM
How to make a saw bench / cut board
One of the most crucial tools that we have for cutting is the saw board, also called the cut board.  It has two sides, and is actually both! 
It holds the mitre saw (yes, I prefer the Olde English spelling for that, instead of miter; it just looks better!) in place and allows the material to slide easily back and forth for the cuts.  This is especially useful for lengths that are longer than 8', with crown moulding (see?  Olde English again!) and other trim.


wake forest home improvements: Dirty Ducts! - 04/16/11 08:05 AM
In case you missed it, check out Jay Markanich's blog entry "We Just Bought An Efficient New Heat Pump And The House Still Isn't Comfortable" about ducts and their efficiency.
That blog post made me remember that occasionally, one should clean out their ducts, in addition to sealing around them.  Especially if you have children!  Things tend to go down those floor vents and stay in there.
So...today I got the vacuum out, pulled the floor grates off, and cleaned out the 3 floor vents that are the most likely to catch stuff:  in the laundry room … (13 comments)

wake forest home improvements: Homeowners beware of the low price! - 10/26/10 04:06 PM
I'm seeing a disturbing trend out there in the home improvement/repair industry:  competition is skyrocketing and price for the work is dropping.
Bruce Case, President of Case Institute of Remodeling, recently said that "...levels in competition have gone way up, frankly through the roof, which is unique among most industries, because most industries when there's challenging times you see less competition..."
Translation:  General Contractors that built houses are now doing repairs and remodels, those already doing remodels are now doing repairs, those doing repairs are still doing repairs, and those laid off have gotten their tool belt and gone out on … (4 comments)

wake forest home improvements: Set up procedures, set up expectations, and set up success! - 09/15/10 04:14 AM
Within the last year, I read a great book for entrepreneurs:  The E Myth Revisited Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It (Gerber).  I highly recommend it for any small business owner, especially if you are in your first 3 years of business.  It helped me change a lot about my business.
Some of the changes were so effective that recently, when I was sidelined for 8 weeks with an ankle injury, my business kept running and I could manage it from my kitchen table with my laptop & my phone.  Boy was I thankful I … (2 comments)

wake forest home improvements: It's Saturday and Beautiful, Get Outside! - 09/04/10 08:36 AM
OK, I admit it.  I'm writing this from inside.  I do have a laptop, but I hate taking a computer outside.  So I'll follow my own advice and go outside soon...
But we have a 2 day reprieve from the 90s here in Wake Forest, NC, and I hope folks are enjoying it!  It feels like Fall, and I took the family out to Blue Jay Point earlier today.  The 3 kids that can run (1 is an infant) were all over that playground and having a great time.  If you've never been there you can find it at this page.  … (4 comments)

wake forest home improvements: Starting to see some Google success! - 09/03/10 10:02 AM
I've been working on my own listing my business everywhere I can for the last several years.  I got a website done, and have been linking back to it from all these listings.
I recently made a few discoveries, thanks to a friend, on where Google looks for your listing.  I was missing a lot of the local listings that are nationally recognized.  So I listed my business on them, not thinking anything about it.
We've been getting an increase in calls recently from internet searches.  So I decided to search for us in the Wake Forest area, under Handyman and … (3 comments)

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