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As I ride around my home town of Slidell I am still amazed at the number of for sale signs I see.  When I go to the listing agents website half the time there are zero pictures or references about the house I am looking for.  You work hard enough to get a listing and you just ignore one of the ea...
I read a blog on fax machines a while back.  I submitted an contract to the listing agent who actually lives about 5 miles away from my house.  The house is in Covington Louisiana and his office is in Mandeville Louisiana.  Both of us live in Slidell Louisiana.  Because he doesn't have a fax mach...
I live in the Eagle Point subdivision in Slidell and there are eleven homes for sale in the neighborhood.  I tried to list two of them but other agents gave a cut rate on commision   Well needless to say these two houses along with the rest are still up for sale.  I haven't seen a lot of activity...
I would like some info from you more experienced agents and brokers around the country.  I recently lost a buyer because the selling agent insisted that the seller pay no more than 200 in closing costs at the closing.  She said this was very common.  I have never seen this before.  It definitely ...
My clients recently put in an offer on an 7 year old property.  I thought they made a pretty good offer.  The owner didn't want to come down to their price.  I spoke to the listing agent and I think it was her more than the owner.  She had priced this property based on the market comps.  I also t...
Wow is it hot down here.  Must be 95 today.  I think I will walk over to my thermostat and turn it down another notch.  I think the record high today in Slidell is 98, I hope we don't test that.Another thing that is hot is property.  We really haven't slowed down that much.  as long as the houses...
Has anyone seen the web site  I wonder if we have all lost our mind.  I am even to go out and venture and convert a fourplex I am buying to condos.  I wonder how long the trend will last.  I have no idea.  Seems it is a good way for people to afford a place of their own with ma...
After hurricane Katrina flooded our home here In Slidell Louisiana I lived in Houston for a few weeks.  My cousin recently sold his home to take another job in Ohio.  I was surprised to hear what he got for it.  This home was bought new by him in 1993 for about 95000.  He sold it for 130000 14 ye...
My very first listing and they came out of the woodwork for me.  I listed a house of a friend I had worked with years ago.  She had tried to sell this house for over a year by herself with no luck.  So I gladly took the listing and put up a sign.First nut.  This lady calls me about the price and ...
Realtors in St. Tammany Parish and outside the city limits of Slidell and Covington have to call the engineering department for changes to driveways etc.  I think I was transferred 10 times before I got the right person on the phone.  I now have an idea who to talk to now.  The client wanted to w...

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