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I recently put a for rent sign on my rental property.  New to this business, this was the first time around for me.  A lady passing by asked about the rent.  I promptly told her and I could tell by her face she thought it was to high.  I then told her I had spent a lot of money to get it in good ...
I just wanted to give an update to everyone who read my post last week.  The listing broker finally persuaded his agent to sign over his share of the escrow money.  I just wondered what took so long?  Any way I found out from him that the next door neighbors house is going up for sale.  Guess wha...
I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I can't wait for some fall weather to move in.  I recently closed a rather difficult deal on a modestly priced house.  In the end the listing agent never fully read the purchase agreement to the seller.  Seems the seller removed items that were in the ag...
I just read that they expect more foreclosures than new homes built.  WHAT are you kidding me?  I can't believe things have gotten this far out of control.  I believe the loan officers and mortgage companies lowered there standards to much for profits.  Well one thing I am sure of is there will b...
Hey Eric look what I was catching this weekend.  Caught this beauty in Black Bay in St Bernard Parish.  This parish was destroyed by hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Sad to see when I drove by the neighborhoods still aren't very populated.  Anyway I know you are jealous.  This one was the only redfish...
Don't worry everything is going to be swell.  The feds are going to bail all of those who got in over their heads.  You remember, no money down loans, 50 year amortizations.  No problem we will take care of you.  How about for once letting the free market work off the excess.  The housing industr...
Yep that is where I am.  The phones aren't ringing much, the e-mail has all but stopped, not even the wind is blowing.  Whats a Realtor to do?  I decided to get off my duff and beat the bushes.  First I called and spoke to as many of my old clients that I could find.  Second I started some advert...

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