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I woke up this morning and found out my house was for sale.  Not by me, but five realtors from different companies and even a FSBO.  Naturally I wanted to find out the details.  How much was I asking for my house? I think I needed to know this.  How come I had five realtors hired to sell my hose?...
Looks as if some Yankee air has finally made it's way down to the deep South.  About time, I am tired of hearing about global warming.  Maybe a couple of weeks in the deep freeze will take their minds off the subject for awhile.  Yea I know, I doubt it.  Any way those of you down South make sure ...
I can't wait my sister nabbed six tickets on the 13th row for the game between Hawaii and Georgia.  I really don't care who wins this game.  I just want to have a good time.  I don't think you will ever see this match up ever again in our lifetime.  I gave two tickets to my broker, Frank Rubi.  H...
Property taxes, one of my pet peeves.  How often do you see some local politician or other groups trying to get voters to approve a tax increase.  It's only 3 mills, only going to raise your tax bill ten dollars a year.  Well for one thing have you ever seen a temporary tax?  You will pay this ta...
It's nice to see the activity finally pick back up.  I hope your Christmas was as good as mine.  Sure was nice to see family from out of town.  I just wish I could remember everybody's name.  I am getting older and the mind is not as good as it once was.  I also had a bit of the flu bug this year...
Do you think the government is really worried about the homeowners who may loose their home? Are or the politicians worried about getting votes.  I think they are just worried about the investors and the big bucks they may lose either thru campaign contributions or dividends.  I want the governme...
The associated press released an article to day showing Louisiana grew about 50,000 in the last year.  Forgot to say we lost 200,000 after Katrina.  Florida grew some, but the growth had slowed considerably.  Nevada was still the fastest growing state.  Seems the hurricanes have changed peoples m...
Woke up this morning to the Southern Louisiana version of a white Christmas, rain.  Yea active rain, but not the kind I blog on.  Hopefully the sun will come out so the children can try out the new toys they received.  How many of you received wii,s this Christmas.  I can't wait to show my teenag...
Dear Santa:The New Orleans Saints would like for Christmas the following.1) A bruiser of a running back.2) A safety or conerback who can make plays.3) A brute of a linebacker who also can make plays.4) For head coach Sean Payton to stop some of those bonehead offenseve plays5) Super bowl trip in ...
Just saw a story about IRA's and foreclosures.  You can actually use your IRA to buy a foreclosure and do a lease purchase back to the renter/buyer.  The money is still in an IRA so you can't write off any loses.  You also can't do this for a immediate family member.  The man in the story had bou...

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