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I know there is a housing glut out there.  I have heard it, read about it, and even seen it on television.  But, has anyone stopped long enough to consider maybe it's the JUNK out there for sale as one of the reasons.  I print up the MLS papers and the agents have entered excellent for the condit...
Whats is a house really worth?  Do you ever ponder that question?  I do all the time just like what will the owner really take for this house.  I have a client who really likes a home she found herself on the internet.  We have looked at it twice this week.  I called the listing agent to get some...
I have been working with a client who is actively looking to buy a home fairly soon.  One of the problems is the amount of available properties for sale.  We have looked at about twenty homes over the past month.  I don't mind because I would do the same.  I would want to see as much as I could. ...
I have a client who is coming into town this Sunday to look at some listings that she likes.  I have been spending quite a bit of time with her, helping her.  I have eight houses she wants to see.  So I called six different brokers for appointments and only 3 called back.  I am going to call the ...
Just last night I was showing a nice home that she liked.  Well everything was going well until I noticed a strange looking plastic thing on the wall of the master bedroom.  I have a hard time describing it.  It was a plastic bracket with two pink looking sponges inside the bracket.  Curiosity go...
I recently had to evict one of my tenants in Jefferson parish Louisiana.  For any one not experienced in the procedure I will fill you in on how to go about it.  The best way is to send a notice to the tenants to vacate apartment by such and such a day.  Hand deliver it to them and keep a copy fo...
There is going to be over 500 Million in Go Zone money for the St Tammany area awarded early next year.  The UNO research center and retail ventures to be built.  Seems it is only going to get more crowded over here.  I hope we build some more roads.  I look forward to the increase in home sales....
As many of you know the local Realtors association is retiring the old Supra Display key.  No more cradle to hook up to recharge and reset.  How many of you forgot to reset yours and took off with it?  I did it.  Well no more, I have my new Key here and it looks very easy to use.  Can't wait to g...
I have been watching the housing news like an old dog next to a fire.  This reminds me of quite a few clients I have encountered over the past couple of months.  They all want a house but they have zero money to put down and can't pay more each month than they are already paying.  They also want ...
The beloved LSU Fighting Tigers will be playing in the Louisiana Superdome on January 7, 2008.  Once again I predict the SEC will embarass the Big Ten.  Come on give me your best shot.  You ACC wimps tough luck.  OK just kidding.  I think it will be a blast this year.  I am so glad they mix the b...

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