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This may seem a no brainer to most of us.  But, I just wanted to bring up this point.  There once was a buyer with an inexperienced agent trying to buy some land in Southeast Louisiana.  The buyers agent didn't know to ask for a wetlands study.  The sellers agent mentioned this to the buyers agen...
OK Active Rain members time to have some fun.  Here is a test on our government just in time for the Fourth of July.  Passing is a 23 and thats exactly what I got.  I passed by the skin of my teeth as I used to tell my mom.   Here is the link.  Now no cheating...
In our day of high tech gadgets and devices one forgets the basic way of doing business.  The telephone.  This includes returning calls in a reasonable amount of time.  I left a message for an agent last Wednesday to see one of her listings.  Guess when she called back.  Today, Friday to say it w...
Some relief for us self employed today from the IRS about high fuel prices.  The IRS has raised the deduction per mile from 50.5 cents to 58.5 cents.  The way I understand it this will start in July  for the rest of the year and so on.  I know it won't cure all of our ills, but it will help us so...
Located at the end of Crowe's Landing is the Magnolia stables.  This is right next to Magnolia Forest Subdivision.   If you have a child who wants to learn to ride horses this is the place.  The owner is Lionel Wolfshohl and is very friendley.  The phone number is 985-863-6040.  My wife has been ...
Finally sold my listing in Eden Isles LA today after a nine month listing.  Perserverence finally paid off I guess.  The buyers agent is a big producer in Slidell.  I was talking to him about his listings.  He told me he had 83 listings.  How in the world does one give good service to this many c...
Finally a break in sight for high gas prices?  China announced today it will stop paying a portion of it's citizens fuel bill.  The Chinese will now bear the brunt of increased fuel costs like we have been doing in the states.  India is also guilty of this and hopefully they will do the same soon...
I received a call about a month ago from Sandy H. in Indiana.  Seems she found me online but didn't remember how.  Doesn't really matter does it?  We listed her brothers house and in two weeks we had a contract.  Today we closed on the home and everyone was happy.  Thanks to the rain once again.
I now know what I want to be when I grow up.  A politician.  They consider themselves an expert on everything.  They get great retirement and health care.  they even get great perks, whether legal or not.  I read Eric Bouler blog today about the two senators and other big wigs with SWEET deals fr...
I met today with an older couple who want to sell their home.  They have been living in this home since 1978 in Slidell.  It really is a nice home that was redone by the husband after hurricane Katrina.  The home had about 2 or 3 inches of water, minimal but still flooded.  I had a really hard ti...

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