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Earlier this month the homeowners of St Tammany Parish received their new home tax valuations.  Some of these values appreciated 200% in four years.  Four years?  Yes, four years.  Mine personally went up quite a bit.  I still believe mine are fair.  I just hope and pray the local taxing boards d...
I just returned from four days in Tampa Florida visiting my daughter in college and watching her soccer team play a couple of matches.  I really enjoyed my time there.  I had to borrow a long sleeve shirt from my brother since the weather really cooled down. I saw one presidential add after anoth...
I hope everyone who wants to contest their property taxes has filed their appeals.  I don't think the assessor is going to roll over and go easy.  I have included a link to wwl radio where assessor Core and parish president debate this assessment.  I can still give you information on homes sold i...
Just a reminder for residents of St Tammany Parish that this coming Thursday is the deadline to appeal your new property assessment.  I have already written two letters to residents to give them a fair market value of their home.  The assessments were raised since four years ago.  As you know in ...
Time to get your Flu shots.  That time of the year when sickness starts rearing it's ugly head.   Don't be afraid I already have mine.  I didn't take it last year and got thru the season unscathed.  I got lucky.     Ask anyone who has gotten the real flu.  I am not talking about just feeling bad....
I think this is now obvious to most of us now.  We were  all living high on the hog with credit flowing freer than a politicians handshake at a fund raiser.  Us being real estate agents were in the thick of it enjoying the roaring twenty's again.  A buyer wanted a home eight times his or her inco...
I wonder how many residents of Louisiana even know this office exits?  Have you ever been to the web site?  There is a wealth of information to be found.  You can get info ranging from the state of your banks to consumer fraud.  I urge Louisiana residents or any one else to pay a visit to this si...
I found this on MSN today.  I just wanted others to see it also.  This is a video from NBCnews showing the national debt clock in New York.  We have run up so much debt they are having to add more digits to the clock.  This (Our Politicians)  and our citizens using credit to splurge on life is fi...
Later this month my family and I are flying to Tampa Florida to visit my daughter who is in college down there.  I always fly Southwest airlines.  I just found out that 71% of all airline repairs are now done overseas because it's cheaper.  Two problems come to mind.  The FAA has a hard time docu...
If you haven't received your letter from the St Tammany Parish assessor you will shortly.  Bad news our taxes have jumped considerably.  I urge everyone to visit the websiteand view their new valuations.  I also urge everyone to attend the public meeting to voice your opinion to these boards to r...

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