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I have given this some thought, not much but some.  What will happen next year?  Good question. Interest rates will fall further. Housing prices will fall further in most areas. Stock market will rally at first and then retest lows of 2008. One of the Big Three automakers will go bankrupt. Our ne...
Good news to taxpayers.  The Northshore Harbor Center located near East Lakeshore Subdivision has reduced their tax mills from 7 mills to 6.15 mills.  This will reduce a $100,000 home taxes by $10.62 and a $300,000 home by about $19.12.  Doesn't sound like much but it all adds up. Bon Village Sub...
That's what I say about this year.  While it wasn't so bad for me it could have been a lot better.  I sure hope 2009 isn't a repeat performance.  I have to laugh at the cover of Barron's magazine.  C.W. Barron is holding a glass of champagne I guess?  The quote is something to this,"whether half ...
Fannie Mae may do re-financings without requiring appraisal's.  I do believe this would help a lot of distressed properties from going to foreclosure.  I know this isn't fair to those of us who have paid along the way.  I honestly don't have an answer for what would be better.  I do hope they kee...
I remember when I was a kid.  Yea a long time ago.  I couldn't wait until I had cable.  Now I wonder if it is more of a curse than a blessing.  We are continuously bombarded with news.  Have you noticed most of it negative.  There is CNBC in malls today saying Americans aren't spending enough.  T...
Here are some pictures from Slidell Louisiana shot on December 11, 2008. This was South Louisiana earliest snowfall ever recorded. As I write this their is a chance for more this Sunday??? I love the snow falling on the sago palms at the end. Kind of Ironic. Merry Christmas everybody. Two snowfa...
For the past three days I think I live in London.  The fog is as thick as pea soup.  I even had to cancel my fishing trip earlier in the week because we deemed it too dangerous to venture out.  Last Thursday it was freezing and snowing.  Over eight (8) inches of snow in the area.  That's a blizza...
Fortune magazine forecasts the New Orleans area will actually see an increase in property values next year.  The only other area forecast to improve was Allen-Mission, Texas.  These are the only two out of the top 100 markets in the country with positive forecasts.  California and Florida have pl...
Congratulations to Joseph Cao (R) the first Vietnamese-American elected to the Unites States Congress ever.  Now Louisiana boasts not only the first Indian heritage governor (Bobby Jindal) but also Joseph Cao.  He defeated nine term congressman William Jefferson (D) yesterday.  The turnout was lo...
Earlier this month I posted a blog on gift cards and companies going out of business.  This is for all of us who have a little amount remaining on gift cards.  Now you can donate any unused portion to the Salvation Army.  Many companies have agreed to pay cash to them for the remaining unused amo...

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