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Looking for a good reliable source of grass in the Slidell, Lacombe area.  Look no further than Sunny Sod located on Hwy. 190 in Lacombe.  They sell many types of grass that are suitable for Southeast Louisiana climate.  I personally like St. Augustine at my home.  It grows fast and thick to keep...
Know what flood zone you are buying or building in.  At Louisiana mapping you can look at any address in Slidell or Southeast Louisiana.  The money saving could be huge not to mention the psychological and sale ability of your home down the road.  Don't let this happen to you.
The first time home buyers tax credit ends in eight days.  I can't help but wonder if the housing market can grow legs or will it need another government crutch.  The banks seem to be moving foreclosures to the fore front instead of stalling on them.  Will contracts dry up after the end of the mo...
Just wanted to take the time to say thanks to Activerain and Wayne Hardin out of Seabrook Texas for the referral we closed last Thursday.  Without either it would have never taken place.  An active Army Sargent and his family had recently located to the area and were looking for a home.  I was th...
I have read on activerain about closing gifts and pondered the thought myself many times.  Just today I think I came up with the perfect gift.  Why not give an American Flag?  After all isn't this the American dream to own your own home. Display the flag because we are the last free country in th...
If you love crawfish, music and a good time don't miss the crawfish cookoff tomorrow at  Fritchie Park.  Over 50 teams will compete for the best crawfish.  Advance tickets are $20 and $25 at the gate.  The gates open at 11 a.m. and goes until 6 p.m. Money raised goes to benefit the Hospice Founda...
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I recently installed a new water heater in my home since my old one decided to stop working.  I knew about the tax credit on water heaters but not all the details.  They have to meet certain energy efficiency of course.  The energy factor has to be greater than 0.82 to qualify.  You are eligible ...
Masters Time?
I recently finished my taxes and found myself getting a bigger than usual refund than normal.  I always mail my returns via snail mail.  This year the accountant talked me into filing electronically.  I agreed and said what the heck i will give it a try. I am old school and really don't trust the...

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