arabi la homes for sale: Peral River Grows - 03/29/08 12:20 AM
Pearl River Louisiana used to be a little sleepy town just North of Slidell.  Well this all changed after Katrina.  They experienced a large growth in population as people seeked higher ground.  A result of this they now will have a second red light installed this week.  Thats right, Pine Street extension will now be home for Pearl Rivers second traffic light.  Whats next a grocery store and a Mcdonalds.  Oh I forgot they built that last year also.

arabi la homes for sale: Museum Seeks Documents - 03/21/08 01:14 AM
The Pearl River and Honey IslandSwamp Museum and Research Center are seeking to borrow old documents, family journals, diaries, and historical artifacts from the Pearl River area to be copied for display at the museum.  All originals will be returned to the owners.  Call the Pearl River town hall at 863-5800 for further information. … (1 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Slidell Air Show - 03/11/08 02:11 PM
Mark April 5 for the Slidell air show.  Come to the Slidell Municipal airport this April 5, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.  There will be flyovers and aerobatics.  Admission is $7 per person and $3 for children 6 and older.  Park at North Shore square mall and there is a free shuttle to and from the airport.  For more information visit … (1 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Rent vs. Sell - 03/09/08 03:15 AM
I was reading my local newspaper today and found an interesting article.  Seems some sellers have resorted to leasing their homes instead of selling them.  Funny thing is I approached a seller yesterday of one of my listings.  I asked her about the exact same thing.  I have a person willing to lease it for a year, would you be interested?  I know this isn't what the sellers really want, but it will pay the note and actually generate some cash for them.  … (9 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Pay Attention - 02/13/08 02:23 PM
I just received a contract from two of the top producers in my area.  I know this husband and wife team have been doing this a lot longer than I have.  Yet this offer lacks the following, a signature by the buyer and a expiration time.  I guess legally I don't have an offer.  I will do my best to rectify this and get this offer accepted.  I fell good when these guys miss these things.  My broker always tells me to slow down and take your time.  I think he should be their broker. … (5 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Hillary Speak - 02/04/08 08:56 AM
I don't know how many of you heard her say this last week.  She wants to freeze interest rates for five years.  This lady knows nothing about economics.  Perhaps she is just saying things like this to get votes.  It's a shame people actually believe you can do this.  I have no problem proclaiming my distaste for Hillary.  I actually don't like to many of them at all. … (8 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Interest rates. - 01/29/08 06:59 AM
I was hoping to hear from you mortgage guys about interest rates.  I am actually considering refinancing my property this year if interest rates become attractive enough.  Should the Federal Reserve cut rates tomorrow as anticipated, do you think the rates will fall further?  I realize they are not directly tied together but they do tend to mimic one another. … (4 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Slidell Tree Give Away - 01/17/08 10:03 AM
Slidell LA, will be giving away trees this weekend.  They will be celebrating Arbor Day.  The trees will consist of 500 cypress and 500 cherrybark oak trees.  They will start giving them out Saturday at 9 a.m. at Heritage Park, behind the train station.
Slidell is designated as a Tree City USA town.  Since hurricane Katrina we lost many of our trees.  Go and pick one or two up.  What are you waiting for?  They are free.

arabi la homes for sale: Rate Cuts??????????? - 01/16/08 08:35 AM
I think our chances for any further interest rate cuts are looking rather slim.  With the report that inflation is the highest its been in seventeen years.  This should become the Feds first priority.combating inflation.  Its rather hard to drop rates and spark the economy without stoking inflation further.  Historically the current rates are still good.  Gone for now I fear are the four percent rates of the past.

arabi la homes for sale: 209 Whispering Lane Madisonville Louisiana 70447 - 01/15/08 11:16 AM
Three years young is this Madisonville acadian style home.  Over 2400 square feet of living area.  Large two car garage with ample storage room.  Three large bedrooms and three full baths with double vanities.  Large kitchen with plenty of custom cypress cabinets.  Real brick floors in kitchen and den, something different.
Home features working shutters, sprinkler system on over an acre of land in cul de sac.  Whispering Timbers subdivision consists of approximately twenty custom homes.


arabi la homes for sale: Thanks Active Rain - 01/14/08 08:41 AM
My first confirmed lead from active rain closed today.  The Riveras were living in Bolivia for the past two years.  They found me on a localism add that I had placed.  They didn't buy the one I advertised.  Instead they are now the proud owners of a beautiful waterfront home in Clipper Estates, Slidell. … (38 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Another rough year 2008 - 01/13/08 01:40 AM
Looks like the economy will be in the trough for this year.  Real estate along with it.  Some of us will do very well, while most will just hang on.  We will have to work harder than before to make a living.  I for one am ready.  I have my game plan written down and am moving forward.  Don't worry it's an election year.  The politicians will fix everything.  YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arabi la homes for sale: Hobby Realtors - 01/11/08 01:36 PM
Just to add on to what my broker Frank Rubi ranted about in his blog today.  I just wonder how many out there are doing this for something to do.  Occasionally you will make some spending money I guess.  I think a lot of so-called Realtors need to read his post.  Remember someone else is depending on you to sell his or hers property.

arabi la homes for sale: Delinquent Loans - 01/09/08 05:11 AM
I know everyone is aware of Countrywides problems.  Seems they are getting worse.  The delinquent loans increased last quarter to 6.9%  This is up from 4.6%.  This is a huge number.  What were the credit history's of the people they loaned money.  Now I know why the stock price is just above junk. … (2 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Inspections - 01/08/08 04:55 AM
One thing I have noticed in the last year from sellers.  It seems they are more willing to fix things that are found in inspections.  Maybe the news about the soft market has them in this mindset.  My last three requests were complied with one hundred percent.  Has any one else noticed this? … (2 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Tigers Rule - 01/07/08 03:16 PM
Once again the SEC had to show who really is the best.  I never had a doubt.  I hate to call my cousin in Ohio to rub it in, but what can I do.  We kicked their ^&%#&.  No doubt.  When are these guys going to understand we don't loose.  Give up you guy's we rule. … (4 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Palm Trees Ouch - 01/07/08 05:26 AM
Be careful what you volunteer for when working with clients.  I have a listing that I have been trying to sell for some time.  The owner is a single lady and lives with her mother.  I have known this lady for over twenty five years now.  I have been trying to get her to prune this palm that blocked the front of the house.  She would only do a little bit.  Finally after my insistence she said I could do it if I thought it would help sell the house.  So I accepted the deed.
I had my chainsaw, long-sleeve shirt and … (2 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Remember Stagflation - 01/06/08 02:54 AM
Thats right stagflation.  I remember this word from the 1970's when Carter was president.  We had run away inflation and zero or negative economic growth.  The problem here for the Federal Reserve is they can't cut interest rates to spark growth because inflation would jump even higher.  Nothing robs spending power like inflation.  We have to back the Fed to fight inflation at all costs.  Eventually growth will take over again, and home sales will be brisk. … (3 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: BCS Championship - 01/05/08 09:50 AM
I was driving around New Orleans this afternoon and couldn't miss the large number of LSU and Ohio State fans.  Looks like everybody is having a good time.  The weather cooperated for this event.  It must have been seventy degrees today.  I believe tomorrow will be just as good.  I hope the Ohio State fans enjoy the weather, because they sure won't enjoy the game.  GO TIGERS. … (8 comments)

arabi la homes for sale: Bobby Jindal - 01/04/08 12:58 PM
I wrote yesterday about Louisiana governor elect.  He gets inaugurated later this month.  Someone asked me what I would like to see from him.  Well I have thought about it.
1.Slow the growth in state spending.  Louisiana budget this year is over 29 Billion dollars.
2.Reduce the rate of single mothers.  Stop rewarding irresponsibility.
3.Crack down on the corruption in New Orleans and statewide.
4.Rebuild the coastline.
5.Improve the public education system, especially in New Orleans.
6.Reduce taxes for business to come here in the first place.
7.Induce more insurers to come into the state.
This is a short list, I will have more later on.  All of these … (3 comments)

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