lacombe la homes for sale: President Accepts Blame for Oil Response | Homes For Sale Slidell Louisiana - 05/27/10 08:19 AM
President Obama accepts blame for the Federal Response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill today.  While I am not a supporter of Obama, he is way to far left for me, I don't blame him.  I for one have very little faith in the government from doing just about anything except spending money.  They spend money better than anyone, just not well spent. 
I once heard a quote that the Government spends money like a drunken sailor.  Well one drunken sailor took offense, eventually ran out of money and had to go home.  Sorry, I digress.
Maybe I blame him and short … (2 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Sign Check, MLS NOPE | Homes For Sale Slidell Louisiana - 05/26/10 07:12 AM
Don't you just love it when you see a real estate sign in front of a house and you go to the MLS and nothing, nada, nunca.  Drives me nuts.
The vacant lot next to my dads house in Northshore Beach Subdivision on Carr Drive in Slidell is for sale.  or at least the sign says it is.  Of course my mom and dad's curiosity got the best of them.  They keep asking me what are they asking for the lot next door.  I go and look for two days now and still can't tell them.  To make it better it … (4 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Living in A Flood Zone | Slidell Homes for Sale - 04/23/10 01:30 AM
Know what flood zone you are buying or building in.  At Louisiana mapping you can look at any address in Slidell or Southeast Louisiana.  The money saving could be huge not to mention the psychological and sale ability of your home down the road.  Don't let this happen to you.


lacombe la homes for sale: Brier Lake Estates Market Report | Lacombe Louisiana Real Estate for Sale - 01/22/10 06:50 AM
Brier Lake Estates Market Report located in Lacombe Louisiana.

Brier Lake is located in Lacombe Louisiana about midway between Mandeville and Slidell just off US-190.  Homes sit on approximately one acre each and allow one to live in a neighborhood with elbow room.  Homeowners is mandatory in Brier Lake.
Homes Sold 2008: 6
Average Selling Price: $264,167  sq. ft. $100
Homes Sold 2009: 6
Average Selling Price: $258254 sq. ft. $103
Homes Sold 2010: 1
Selling Price: $345,000  sq. ft.  $115
One Under Escrow Asking Price: $264,900  sq. ft. $91
Homes Currently for Sale: 7
Average Asking Price: $273,057 sq. … (4 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Northshore Beach Slidell LA | Slidell Real Estate for Sale - 01/20/10 05:53 AM

lacombe la homes for sale: Property Taxes St Tammany - 12/05/08 05:44 AM
There are 64 parishes in Louisiana.  St. Tammany pays the second highest property taxes in the state.  We pay around 170 mils.  I personally in Eagle Point pay 170 mills and 31 mills to the city of Slidell.  People and residents of Slidell and St. Tammany I urge you to vote against all property taxes even re-newels in the future.  This is the only way we are going to gain control of your money.  I know we need fire houses and other crucial services.  BUt if you don't gain control the value of your house will decline when you can't sell it … (1 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Two nonsellers - 08/23/08 08:22 AM
Considering the market having only two listings not sold isn't to shabby.  I really blame myself.  I let the sellers set the price higher than I thought it should be.  You know how many sellers think their home is the one.  I let them do it because they were only a small amount above what I thought was a good price.  But what happened in the next two or three months the prices fell 5-10% and they were then way to high.  Finally they lowered the price but they were in a catch up mode the rest of the Summer.  Now … (5 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Change - 08/07/08 11:57 AM
No not that kind (Obama).  I mean real change that is upon us now.  Whether you like it or not it's here.  We get comfortable and lazy.  We are creatures of comfort right?  What am I trying to say?  Good question.  As Jim Crawford has said these are not normal times.  What worked in the past usually doesn't work now.  We have to talk to as many people as we can.  Let them know what you do for a living.  Times are a changing and you had better accept it.

lacombe la homes for sale: Gas Usage - 07/26/08 06:30 AM
I heard over the radio this week that California alone uses more gas than any country in the world.  What a shame they won't help out and let oil companies drill there.  They pay the more for fuel than any state.  They have the highest tax rates in the country, and they are running a fifteen billion dollar state budget deficit.  I guess you have gotten what you asked for.

lacombe la homes for sale: Job Perks - 07/09/08 01:40 PM
One of the best things I like about being a Realtor are the vast group of people I meet. 
The DEA agent living in Bolivia who bought a house in Clipper Estates in Slidell.
The marine biologist who bought her dream home in Lacombe, Louisiana.
Sandy from Indiana who sold her brothers house here in Carolyn Park Subdivision in Slidell.
Now I am working with Connie who lives in Virginia and wishes to sell some property in Quail Ridge in Slidell.  She works in the pentagon in intelligence.  This lady is sharp.  I better be on my toes.
What do all … (3 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Civics Test - 06/29/08 02:21 AM
OK Active Rain members time to have some fun.  Here is a test on our government just in time for the Fourth of July.  Passing is a 23 and thats exactly what I got.  I passed by the skin of my teeth as I used to tell my mom.   Here is the link.  Now no cheating.  Enjoy and let me know how you did.  It only takes about two minutes.

lacombe la homes for sale: Another Active Rain Success Story - 06/18/08 07:41 AM
I received a call about a month ago from Sandy H. in Indiana.  Seems she found me online but didn't remember how.  Doesn't really matter does it?  We listed her brothers house and in two weeks we had a contract.  Today we closed on the home and everyone was happy.  Thanks to the rain once again.

lacombe la homes for sale: Asking Prices - 06/12/08 12:49 PM
I met today with an older couple who want to sell their home.  They have been living in this home since 1978 in Slidell.  It really is a nice home that was redone by the husband after hurricane Katrina.  The home had about 2 or 3 inches of water, minimal but still flooded.  I had a really hard time coming up with comps.  Nothing has sold in their neighborhood in over a year.  I searched nearby areas and still had a hard time finding comparables.  I decided to use the ones for sale in their area and go from there.  Anyway … (10 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: New Price - 06/09/08 12:44 PM
Saturday I had the pleasure of showing some houses to buyer clients of mine.  These are the buyers you dream of when you think of buyers.  They moved to the area last year with a new job.  They have been renting for a year and now are ready to make a purchase.  We looked at five houses in the Slidell Louisiana area.  What has suprised me most is the listing agents calling me to day to see how it went.  Three called and two have said the listing are going to be reduced.  I guess this shows how desperate sellers are … (6 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Are We There Yet? - 06/06/08 11:30 AM
I have seen many blogs on the approaching bottom of prices in the real estate market.  Just from my perspective the answer is NO and I don't think we are close yet.  Judging by the actions of the stock markets and bond markets the answer is also NO.  I still think our biggest threat to our way of life right now is the cost of energy.  Our Congress and environmentalist have blocked any drilling in new areas.  Blocked any new refineries.  Blocked nuclear power plants.  I heard they even protested the windmills because birds were getting killed flying into them.  Well … (9 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Hurricane Prepardness - 06/02/08 02:16 PM
Those of you living in Southern Louisiana know what a hurricane can do to our homes and lifestyles.  The state of Louisiana has a web site to help make leaving a little easier.  Go to for more information.  The season started just yesterday, and we have a way to go before the all clear is sounded this year.  I hope and pray that it is another quiet year for us.

lacombe la homes for sale: Slidell Little Theatre - 05/30/08 04:48 AM
Slidell's Little Theatre is big news in these parts.  My daughter participated in one of their plays years ago.  While it wasn't her thing I realized that this was something special for any one who likes this particular activity. 
There will be a drama-fest slated for Friday at 8 p.m.  This is a free event.  For more information.
There will also be a young actors theatre Summer workshop.  The workshop will end with performances on July 3-6 for the juniors and July 10-13 for seniors. 

lacombe la homes for sale: Our Biggest Threat - 05/21/08 05:27 AM
Up until six months ago I would have said terrorism.  I still think this will show it's ugly head sometime in the near future.  But our biggest threat right now is energy costs.  Capitalism runs on oil folks. We need it and we need it cheap.  Unless we can come up with good permanent solution to this problem we are in trouble big time.  Our way of lives and standard of living is going to go down.  We need oil to at least stop going up for now.  But we can't seem to get this to happen.  Good luck to everyone.

lacombe la homes for sale: Why Blog. - 05/21/08 05:22 AM
I read two or three blogs with this title yesterday.  Well I have three reasons this year alone.  On January 20th we closed on a 350,000 home in Clipper Estates in Slidell Louisiana.  No big deal right?  Well the couple was living in Bolivia South America and found my listing in Eden Isles of Slidell.  They originally lived in Metairie Louisiana and were being transferred back to the states.  This was truly a case of the world wide web.
Second a lady from Indiana found me the same way, an Internet search engine.  We listed her brothers home two weeks ago … (7 comments)

lacombe la homes for sale: Louisiana Votes to Cut State Income Taxes - 05/15/08 02:43 AM
How about that ladies and gentlemen.  Louisiana voted yesterday to cut Louisiana citizens income tax starting next year.  Something tells me we are the only state cutting taxes right now.  Where is this money coming from?  Two things for sure.  The insurance and Federal money for the damaged homes is showing up in sales tax receipts.  Second Louisiana produces a lot of oil and natural gas.  You can just guess what higher prices have done to these royalty numbers.  Yep the Louisiana treasury is awash in green right now.  I am glad they are giving some of it back and not … (3 comments)

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