madisonville homes for sale: Positive Waves - 10/26/07 08:43 AM
I don't know how many of you are familiar with the movie Kelly's Heroes?  It happens to be one of my all time favorite movies of all time.  I can't stop chuckling at the continuous contrast of personalities of Oddball, the tank commander and his mechanic.  The mechanic always gripped about something, never positive, never happy.  On the other hand the Commander was always optimistic and forward looking.  I think we can relate to this with the current real estate market.  I believe those who are positive and forward looking will come out stronger than they were before all this started.  … (2 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: 110 Lakelawn Dr Slidell LA 70458 Eden Isles - 10/25/07 09:36 AM
Just wanted to show the best priced house in the neighborhood.  This home was completely redone after Katrina.  Features an excellent view of the Oak Harbor Golf Course 7th green.  The home also overlooks the lagoon on the golf course.
Home features a split level floor plan, bulkhead and wrought iron fence yard along with security system.  Motivated owner wants to sell.

madisonville homes for sale: Best Buyers Market in Years - 10/24/07 11:09 AM
This is undoubtedly the best market for a home buyer in years.  There is an multitude of homes to look at and choose from, both new and existing.  Also the prices aren't sky high like in years past.  However these same buyers may not qualify for loans now.  The newer restrictions placed on borrowers may make them unable to get loans,  Where this will finally end nobody knows. … (3 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: 209 Whispering Lane Madisonville Louisiana 70447 - 10/23/07 08:07 AM
Lovely Acadian in Madisonville Louisiana.  Home is located in The Whispering Timbers Subdivision of only 20 homes.  This house sits on over an acre of land and offers plenty of privacy.   Features include: Chatanooga brick outside and inside.  The kitchen and den are all brick floors with transom over the doorways.  White oak floors in the master with attached office.  Plenty of custom made cypress cabinets in large kitchen, perfect for entertaining.
There is a large two car garage with plenty of storage space.  Also inground sprinkler system and real working cypress shutters.  This home has a lot to offer.
Did I mention the … (0 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: Who's the real culprit - 10/23/07 06:48 AM
I had a closing today on some rental property I was selling.  After we had finished the paperwork we got talking to the closing attorney about business.  Seems he has been very slow also.  I asked him what he thought was the problem  His answer kind of surprised me.  He thinks the credit companies are being to tight with credit all of a sudden.  I thought it was maybe prices etc.  I wonder how long this will last.  The mortgage companies can't grow earnings without making loans. … (7 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: View from a diferent market - 10/22/07 02:10 AM
My family and I were in Tampa Florida this past weekend looking at colleges for my daughter.  we did quite a bit of driving around the area.  I noticed plenty of for sale signs in the area.  I also noticed these houses were very pricey.  I don't believe i could afford a house similar to what i live in now down there.  I also read in the paper where they were cancelling a planned large condominium complex do to the shift in markets.  I just wonder how the agents in the area are faring. … (2 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: PMI - 10/17/07 11:49 PM
How does one rid themselves of PMI with falling home values.
1 You have to be in the home two years.
2 You will need an appraiser to appraise your home.
3 You will need 20% equity.  If you know you don't have this don't get an appraisal yet.
4 Point out any thing you added since you purchased your property.  This could include new appliances, air conditioners, ceramic, wood floors etc.
Good luck with this.  These prices will have a floor, I just don't know where it is.

madisonville homes for sale: The end of hot water heaters - 10/17/07 12:27 PM
My broker has quite a few listings in St. Bernard parish in Louisiana.  This area was devastated by Katrina.  You would never know it by the houses that have been redone.  I believe the only original pieces are the slab and the frame.  All new wall, granite countertops, refridgerators, you name it.  The one new appliance that caught my attention was the hot water heater.  Or should I say lack of one.  Seems these houses have the tankless hot water heaters installed.  They heat the water only when you turn on hot water.  You will never run out of water.  Best … (10 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: 110 Lakelawn Dr Slidell LA 70458 - 10/16/07 01:58 PM
Here is a nice house in the Eden Isles that is gorgeous.  This home has a great view of the 6th green of the Oak Harbor Golf Course.  This home was completely redone after Katrina.  Features an oversize master bedroom located upstairs for complete privacy.  Backyard is bulkheaded and overlooks the golf course lagoon.  Seller will entertain any reasonable offer. … (1 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: Darn - 10/15/07 10:42 AM
I have this listing in Eden Islesin Slidell Louisiana.  I have this house priced very well for the area.  I have had several potential buyers go through the house.  Problem is I keep hearing the same thing.  The clients all prefer the higher ceilings instead of the lower ceilings in this house.  Not much I can do about that is there?  I just hope someone loves the view of the Oak Harbor Golf Course and buys it.

madisonville homes for sale: Activity - 10/14/07 02:15 AM
I have noticed an increase in activity at one of my listings in Eden Isles in Slidell.  This is a nice waterfront community that suffered heavy damage from hurricane Katrina.  Most of the homes have been repaired and are now inhabited.  This community is about 30 miles north of the city of New Orleans.  Anyway I have seen an up-tick in traffic lately and I hope it continues. … (3 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: Is it the Agent or the Price - 10/10/07 05:56 AM
I see many homes in my area for sale.  I recognize some of the names as big area producers and others I have never heard of before today.  This brought me to wonder.  What really sells a house, price or the agent.  I truly believe it is the price more than anything.  I know some of you disagree.  But listen to me.  We all have the same add formats, MLS and whatever.  We all dress well enough.  I realize some of us talk a better game than others.  But if a home is overpriced it has little chance of ever selling. … (7 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: Jury Duty - 10/08/07 11:05 AM
Yep thats right, jury duty.  I love how they tell you it's your civic duty to serve jury duty.  Yea right.  First thing I did was fill out an index card why I shouldn't be there.  I guess the judge read it, no dice.  Darn what can I do now?  What the heck, time to talk real estate and pass out my cards.  I think I spoke to about ten people.  Seems even though sales are slow people will talk real estate anywhere, anytime.  I was able to generate some leads maybe it was meant to be.
Good news is I don't … (6 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: Commissions - 10/07/07 03:12 AM
I am one for some time have really thought you are hurting yourself in the long run by cutting your commissions.  Do you see the owners cutting their prices.  I bet not much.  How are you going to pay for advertising if you don't have a cushion to absorb the costs.  You are never ever going to be able to sell everything you list.  Especially in this market.  When I have a buyer interested in a house I do look at what I can make.  I really think 99% of all Realtors do also.  My point is don't cut your throat … (5 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: The Housing Market - 10/04/07 04:01 AM
Just wondering is your phone as quiet as mine.  Lately I don't even need a phone to use.  I don't have sellers or buyers calling.  I know this can't and will not last forever.  i just wish I had a crystal ball that I could look into.  Luckily my broker found quite a few listings in Chalmette Louisiana.  This area was devastated by hurricane Katrina.  These houses have been completely redone and the prices are terrific.  People with spotty credit etc. can find deals.  Come and see our open houses this weekend.  Forget about the saints, they aren't the same team … (6 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: Investment Property - 10/04/07 01:41 AM
I just wanted to give some of my thoughts on investment property.  I have only been in this business for a few months.  I recently bought a fourplex.  What have I learned?
1.) Don't be in a hurry to fill vacancies.  Evaluate every potential tenant.  Background checks etc. You gut feeling.
2.) Remember you are renting the property.  Don't try to make it look like your house.  It just has to be clean and functional.
3.) Don't be afraid to raise rents 5% or so on existing tenants.  Moving is a hassle and costs them money.
4.) I really believe you have to live close … (2 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: BLAH BLAH BLAH - 10/02/07 08:40 AM
Exsiting homes inventory are the highest ever.  Foreclosure rates also highest ever.  Interest rates rising.  Gee how can anyone survive all this positive news from the press.  I may as well drive my truck off a nearby cliff.  Oh forgot, since I live in South Louisiana I might have to drive off a bridge.  I will remain positive.  Yea times are challenging but this bump in the road will pass eventually.  This is why you need to build a cash reserve when times are tough. … (1 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: Quality Time - 09/30/07 03:06 AM
Her I am blogging in my hotel room in Lafayette Louisiana. I am over here with my daughter who plays soccer.  I wish I was at our open houses in Chalmette working with my colleagues.  I really feel hey will sell some houses today.  Well I know I would rather spend time with my daughter while she wants me around.  There will always be next weekend.  I will get my sales next week.  the saints don't look to good this year.  I guess that means I can do an open house while they are plying.  Remember, spend as much quality time … (1 comments)

madisonville homes for sale: Thanks - 09/27/07 01:39 AM
I want to thank all of you who answered my question about the military and landlords.  I forwarded the information to my neighbor as fast as it came to me.  Seems the landlord gave in once told of certain laws designed to protect the military families.  I guess he figured he was beat no matter what he did.
On a lighter note.  My first meeting with a Chinese client went very well.  I gave him something for health, vitamins etc.  I didn't get a listing but I did get second visit for next week it seems.  This one will be interesting.

madisonville homes for sale: Question - 09/24/07 12:33 PM
I need some input from my fellow Realtors.  I know i can get the needed information from you.  I have a neighbor  whose son-in-law has been activated for the Army.  They are currently leasing an apartment that doesn't want to let them out of their lease.  Does anyone know of a law that will exempt them.  After all this guy is going to Iraq, I think we should thank him and give him all the support we can.  I will be glad to read your suggestions.  Thanks. … (8 comments)

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