mandeville homes forsale: Raising the Roof - 03/29/08 12:41 AM
Saints coach Sean Payton bought the first five tickets for Raising the Roof Charity.  Seems he couldn't meet with officials to draw the winning ticket, so he offered to buy the first five tickets.  These tickets cost $100 a piece.  They are only going to sell 2500.  The home is a four bedroom, three baths and double garage in Normandy Oaks Subdivision in Covington.  The money raised will go to numerous charities.  To buy a ticket go to or call 800-715-1387. … (1 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Eggstravaganza - 03/21/08 01:00 AM
Get ready to bring the young ones this Saturday to the Sacred Heart Church in Lacombe from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a hopping fun time.  There will be prizes for best Easter bonnets, first through third this year.  The prize find will be one of the golden eggs that wins the lucky one an Easter basket of candy, gift certificates and other nice things.  You can call the Tammany Trace Trailhead for more information at 867-9090. … (1 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Do you have an agent - 08/20/07 10:20 AM
I received a phone call yesterday on a listing I hold.  I promptly and clearly asked the man if he had an agent.  His response was no he didn't.  So I made arrangements to show the property today to him.  I had the dual agency papers for him to sign.  All of a sudden he has an agent.  That's ok, I just wish he was honest up front.  I was all dressed up with no where to go.  Oh well I hope they make a nice offer.  I am sure many of you have had this happen to you.  … (13 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Wallace Louisiana open house - 08/19/07 12:56 AM
Brand new subdivision one mile west of the Veteran's Memorial River Bridge In Wallace across the river from Lutcher.  Come and see Frank or myself from 3-5 today.  This subdivision is finally got it going.  The new highway will be finished later this year and these properties should appreciate once that is finished.  We have brand new houses and to be built for the 180's and up.  Homeowners and covenants in place.  Follow the signs. … (1 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Your Time - 08/18/07 12:08 PM
I finally learned to turn my phone off after a certain time.  I actually got the idea from someone who commented on a blog I wrote.  I don't remember your name, but thank you.  This is probably the only thing I hate most about the business.  I find it hard to make " your time" your time.  Turning the phone off works.  Anyone who wants me bad enough will leave a message and I will call them back the next day.  My wife and I enjoy the time together more. … (9 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: More waterfront living - 08/16/07 10:43 AM
Yesterday I bloged about the Eden Isles subdivision that offers waterfront living.  Today I am talking about The Moorings.  This is a newer subdivision of larger more expensive homes.  All of these homes are on water also.  The man made canals lead to Lake Pontchartrain.  T00 and up.  A very nice area to reside in.his is a gated neighborhood (see picture), which gives the sense of more security.  The homes in this area start at about 400,000 and up. … (1 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Open House - 08/15/07 07:17 AM
I just rode by a home in my neighborhood that is for sale.  I noticed the agent was having an open house today.  I was wondering, how is the traffic on a weekday?  Did you advertise or just see how it goes?  I would greatly appreciate any advice from other agents who have done this. … (5 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Value for your Money - 08/15/07 01:25 AM
I read a lot of articles recently on giving value for your money.  I recently listed a home in Eden Isles that shows value thru and thru.  This is a large home that was redone after the hurricane.  We priced it to sell.  This house is the least expensive per square foor by far in the area.  To many people think their house is special.  Every house in the area was redone after the storm.  So you have nothing extra there to talk about.  Price your house reasonable and you will probably sell it otherwise, wait in line. … (1 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Waterfront Living - 08/15/07 01:10 AM
I recently listed a house for sale in the Eden Isles subdivision of Slidell.  This is an above average income area with most homes on a navigable watrway.  This waterway leads to Lake Pontchartrain.  Any of you familiar with hurricane Katrina know this name very well.  Tjis is the lake that broke the levees and flooded New Orleans and all of the South shore.  This lake also flooded the Slidell area and Eden Isles neighborhood very severely.  Well that was almost two years ago and Slidell and the area look for the most part better than before the storm.  I believe … (2 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: New listing in EDEN ISLES - 08/13/07 05:51 AM
Just listed.  Value for your money. Oriced to sell, best price in Eden Isles.  Split level floor plan.  Spacious master above garage with a balcony and view of the 7th green of Oak Harbor Golf Course.  This home is located in a cul-de-sac with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  Large den and kitchen also.  Attached two car garage along with security system.  All together over 1900 sq. ft. of living for 235,000.  A must see. 

mandeville homes forsale: Used car salesman - 07/24/07 01:02 PM
That's right, thats what a client (I am being polite), called the listing agent and myself recently.  Just so happens this guy is an insurance adjuster for a living.  We went round and round on a deal that was falling apart bad.  The listing agent asked for permission to talk to my client which I granted.  The buyer went into his tirade about us etc.  Finally the listing agent told him he wouldn't comment about insurance adjusters if he stopped calling us used car salesmen.  Both of us live in Slidell Louisiana.  Hurricane Katrina passed right over us and clobbered his … (8 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Third party influence - 07/23/07 01:39 PM
I thought I had an ironclad deal that I have worked for the past two months.  Yea I have a lot of time involved in the thing.  Come to find out my buyer has been talking to homebuilders also.  Seems they are promising him the world.  Unless he is not telling me the whole story.  Seems they said they can build cheaper than he can buy an older one for.  Yea right they love you and will give you a great deal.  We still have a deal on the table right now I will let you guys know how it goes.  … (3 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: KO'd by a refridgerator - 07/19/07 12:06 PM
I was supposed to be at a closing next week for a deal I worked long and hard for.  The appraisal came back and blew the deal up.  Seems the appraiser thought less of the house than the buyers and sellers did, and us the agents for that matter.  The contract was accepted back in June.  My buyer kept asking for more and more.  The seller actually gave everything he had asked for.  This was a nice little house in Covington located close to The Tammany Trace.  My buyer wanted the refrigerator included in the contract.  Turns out this was an … (10 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Kitchens and Master baths - 07/18/07 03:20 PM
I just wanted to show you Guys and Ladies this floor in the kitchen of a house I listed in Madisonville Louisiana.  This is a full brick of antique Chattanooga red.  The slab was recessed enough to set the brick.  The den and family room also have the same floor.  My wife went ape over it,  I must admit I like it also.  Those cabinets are cypress,  there must be twenty of them  Forgive me I am still working on the picture alignment. … (3 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Appraisal - 07/18/07 02:46 PM
What a week.  I long for the days years ago when I could just relax, drink my beer and watch television.  But no, I had to get into the real estate business.  Gives me something to do.  Keeps me out of trouble, you know what I mean.
I told my wife I was going to take the day off and just relax.  We were going to eat lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Slidell and have a good time.  Well about ten minutes before lunch the phone rings.  Like a fool I answer it.  A client of mine calls to … (9 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Bond Money - 07/17/07 01:21 PM
After reading colleagues other posts on the blog site about bond money I decided to check it out.  The money is approved for the whole state and there is quite a bit of it to go around.  The interest rate is 6.34% for 30 years.  You don't have to be a first time home-buyer to qualify.  If you lost your house to Rita or Katrina you can qualify.  The limit is 289,000, WOW nice house.
Those of you in St Tammany which of course includes Slidell, Covington, Mandeville and Lacombe can qualify.  You will have to qualify financially and have decent credit.  They … (0 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Loan Officers - 07/16/07 08:40 AM
I was supposed to be at a closing today in Slidell Louisiana, instead I am driving over to the client to get her to sign an extension.  I found out from the buying agent the loan officer just came back from vacation.  She said he wasn't very motivated and didn't return phone calls promptly.  I guess he has enough money and heck with everyone else. 
I used to work in the health-care field, he better pray he doesn't get someone with his attitude to take care of him when he needs it most.

mandeville homes forsale: Sellers vs buyers - 07/15/07 10:13 AM
After a lot of thinking about it I have decided sellers are harder to work with than buyers.  Too many sellers have an attitude their house is worth a million dollars or so.  If it were that easy to become a millionaire we would all be one.  One deal a million dollars hah.  I also love the ones that say priced below appraisal.  Well guess what guys it is only worth what someone is willing to pay you. … (33 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Open House - 07/14/07 01:31 PM
I scheduled an open house for the weekend but I am having second thoughts.  The rain has been rather constant.  The whole Northshore, Slidell,Lacombe,Mandeville ,Covington and Madisonville.  The whole area is socked in.  Experience has showed to me that potential buyers just don't come out when it rains.  Not to mention tracking mud etc. in the house.  I also rather stay home and score brownie points. … (3 comments)

mandeville homes forsale: Why Blog - 07/13/07 11:46 AM
I have noticed that a few people blog like there is no tomorrow and then quit after a while.  I have finally noticed myself showing up on google under Slidell, Mandeville, Covington andLacombe in Louisiana.  I have received one call so far.  I don't believe I have received any calls from my TV add.  If you start you need to stick with it to get noticed. … (7 comments)

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