slidel homes for sale: Are You A Hero or Villain | Slidell Real Estate for Sale - 02/12/10 03:25 AM
I have turned into a huge survivor fan over the years and try to
watch it every Thursday Night.  This season's episode theme is Heroes versus Villains.  Which brings up my point are you a hero or a villain to your client?
I believe if we sell a sellers house for a nice price easily and painlessly or find a good deal for a buyer we are a hero.
If we can't sell a sellers house or find a house suitable for a buyer we are a villain.  They tend to turn to another agent.
When I go on a listing appointment … (1 comments)

slidel homes for sale: Technology Isn't my Friend Today - 12/16/09 05:57 AM
Technology really sucks today.  I tried emailing a document to the buying agent no luck, email down.  I tried faxing it to her, no luck, won't go through.  AHH a bad technology day.  Gotta do it the old fashioned way and drive it over to her office.  Good thing they are only three miles away. 
When technolgy works it's great.  When it doesn't it will make you pull your hair out.

slidel homes for sale: Town Hall Meeting - 03/16/09 01:13 PM
United States Senator David Vitter R-Louisiana will be holding a town hall meeting this coming Friday, March 20 at the Mandeville City Hall from 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Topics will include our economy, healthcare and other important items of interest to our nation and Louisiana.  I believe our country is at a crucial crossroad for our future.  If you agree you need to find the time to attend.

slidel homes for sale: Penny Pinchers - 01/10/09 12:41 PM
These days we have to stretch our money as much as we can.  This includes everything from food to luxury purchases.  I have found three different sites where we can possibly save some money.
The first one is a coupon site for things like groceries.  We all have to eat.  My wife uses this ones quite regularly.  Check it out.  You might like it.
The second one is for the hard working moms.  Husbands our wives like being taken to dinner more than we know.  This is a site for restaurant coupons.  Our spouses don't care if we use coupons when … (11 comments)

slidel homes for sale: Hurricane Gustav - 08/29/08 10:58 AM
I did a little research on this name of our latest threat to my home and Southeast Louisiana.  I found out King Gustav had three wives and one was named Katarina.  That sure is awfully close to Katrina, don't you think?  I wonder if this is coincidence or fate.  I am getting to old for all of these evacuations.  This is the fourth time in ten years.  I think I am going to start looking elsewhere real soon.

slidel homes for sale: My house just got bigger - 08/23/08 08:17 AM
That's right my house is bigger today.  My home didn't ignore the laws of physics or anything like that.  The reason why is my daughter left to go to college.  I have another room to watch football in now.  I can park in the middle of the driveway.  I can watch any television or use any computer.  I bet my electricity bill even goes down.  One thing I know for sure is we will miss her more than she misses us.  She is at that age where she is trying to exert her independence.  I am sure she will let us … (5 comments)

slidel homes for sale: Louisiana's Governor dedicates 300 Million to Coastal Erosion. - 08/15/08 06:38 AM
Almost three years to the date of Katrina finally we have some real action on coastal erosion.  For the past three years it was all talk and nothing else.  I know this is a drop in the bucket of what is needed but we will start from here and go forward. 

Realize that most of the nations seafood comes from the Louisiana coastal areas.  We produce far more than any other state.  This marsh also reduces the storm surge that comes with the storms.  The estimate for total repairs is up to … (1 comments)

slidel homes for sale: Nuclear Power Anyone - 08/03/08 04:46 AM
I for one am for Nuclear Power NOW.  Over seventy-five percent of France's power comes from this form of energy.  We have a presumptive presidential nominee that's won't even consider this idea.  I guess he has sold us out to the Sierra Club.  This is the only viable option we have.  Nuclear produces zero greenhouse gas and can power us well into the future.  We do get some low grade radioactive waste that can be disposed of safely. 
Whether we do this or not the rest of the world is moving on.  We can either lead or be left at the … (8 comments)

slidel homes for sale: Market Forces - 07/16/08 04:37 AM
This is what happens when Congress stays out of free markets.  It takes time.  It doesn't happen over night.  The tipping point for gas was four dollars.  I think this is the same for home prices.  They escalated to fast to soon.  People can only buy what they can afford.  We will recover and be as strong as ever.  May be a couple of more years but be ready when it does.

slidel homes for sale: Market Update - 07/14/08 04:29 AM
Here is a six month update for Cross Gates Subdivision in Slidell Louisiana.
As of July 13 there were 23 active listings.
There are 2 under contract.
17 have sold for the first six months.
Average selling price has been $226,200 per home for a $98.32 per sqaure foot of living area.

slidel homes for sale: Hurricane Season - 07/05/08 01:04 PM
This August marks three years since hurricane Katrina struck the coastline.  Here is a satellite loop of the storm.  Started in the Atlantic and hit Miami as a cat 1.  Look how it explodes over the central Gulf of Mexico.  I live in Slidell Louisiana about five miles West of the state line.  The eye hit the line dead center.  Just wanted to share this with anyone who is interested.
Anyone looking to buy a home in St. Tammany and looking for elevation give me a call.  We have numerous listings.  They aren't as expensive as you might think.

slidel homes for sale: Timely Manner - 06/27/08 07:33 AM
In our day of high tech gadgets and devices one forgets the basic way of doing business.  The telephone.  This includes returning calls in a reasonable amount of time.  I left a message for an agent last Wednesday to see one of her listings.  Guess when she called back.  Today, Friday to say it was vacant go ahead.  Guess what my buyer no longer was interested.  He moved on to other ones.  How does this agent ever expect to make any money?

slidel homes for sale: IRS Raises Mileage Deduction - 06/23/08 01:49 PM
Some relief for us self employed today from the IRS about high fuel prices.  The IRS has raised the deduction per mile from 50.5 cents to 58.5 cents.  The way I understand it this will start in July  for the rest of the year and so on.  I know it won't cure all of our ills, but it will help us some.  Lets hope they keep the tax rate the same also.

slidel homes for sale: China to Stop Oil Subsidies - 06/19/08 08:16 AM
Finally a break in sight for high gas prices?  China announced today it will stop paying a portion of it's citizens fuel bill.  The Chinese will now bear the brunt of increased fuel costs like we have been doing in the states.  India is also guilty of this and hopefully they will do the same soon.  The increased cost id killing the governments financially.  I always preach free markets work best.  This means heeping governments out.  The oil futures took a big drop today.  I am very curious to see what happens the next few months.

slidel homes for sale: Fat Cats Still Happy and Fat - 06/16/08 05:39 AM
I now know what I want to be when I grow up.  A politician.  They consider themselves an expert on everything.  They get great retirement and health care.  they even get great perks, whether legal or not.  I read Eric Bouler blog today about the two senators and other big wigs with SWEET deals from Countrywide.  Just to put icing on the cake.  Our own Louisiana legislators are voting themselves a nice pay raise of over 100%.  T%he mayor of New Orleans eats out on the taxpayers dime every chance he gets.  Not anything cheap either.  Four hundred for his wife anf … (4 comments)

slidel homes for sale: Asking Prices - 06/12/08 12:49 PM
I met today with an older couple who want to sell their home.  They have been living in this home since 1978 in Slidell.  It really is a nice home that was redone by the husband after hurricane Katrina.  The home had about 2 or 3 inches of water, minimal but still flooded.  I had a really hard time coming up with comps.  Nothing has sold in their neighborhood in over a year.  I searched nearby areas and still had a hard time finding comparables.  I decided to use the ones for sale in their area and go from there.  Anyway … (10 comments)

slidel homes for sale: Hurricane Prepardness - 06/02/08 02:16 PM
Those of you living in Southern Louisiana know what a hurricane can do to our homes and lifestyles.  The state of Louisiana has a web site to help make leaving a little easier.  Go to for more information.  The season started just yesterday, and we have a way to go before the all clear is sounded this year.  I hope and pray that it is another quiet year for us.

slidel homes for sale: Slidell Little Theatre - 05/30/08 04:48 AM
Slidell's Little Theatre is big news in these parts.  My daughter participated in one of their plays years ago.  While it wasn't her thing I realized that this was something special for any one who likes this particular activity. 
There will be a drama-fest slated for Friday at 8 p.m.  This is a free event.  For more information.
There will also be a young actors theatre Summer workshop.  The workshop will end with performances on July 3-6 for the juniors and July 10-13 for seniors. 

slidel homes for sale: Cystic Fibrosis Walk - 05/30/08 04:40 AM
This October 25, 2008 there will be a walk to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  As a former Respiratory Therapist I have seen this disease first hand.  I see the sick children who should be out doing things that all kids can do.  Playing baseball, riding bikes etc.  This disease is the most commonly inherited disease in the world.  The average lifespan is now 37 years of age.  That is quite an improvement from years ago.  Walks and fundraiser have been a large reason for the increased life expectancy.  For more information you can call 1-800-257-4166. Visit the website.

slidel homes for sale: Deadliest Catch - 05/26/08 03:58 AM
I am staying home today and relaxing.  I have been watching Discovery's Channel Deadliest Catch marathon they have on today.  I guess this rough bunch is the closest thing we have to our old pioneers from long long ago.  Can you imagine having one of these guys as a client.  I don't think they would have trouble speaking their mind.

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