slidell louisiana real estate: Contact numbers for the city of Slidell Louisiana - 05/08/09 07:17 AM
Mayors Office  646-4333
City Council Office  646-4307
Chief of Staff's Office  646-4330
City Hall  646-4300
Police  643-3131
City Attorney  646-4396
Airport  641-7590
Animal Control  646-4267
Civil Service Personnel  646-4377
Cultural and Public Affairs  646-4375
Engineering  646-4270
Finance  646-4316
Parks and Recreation  646-4371
Permits  646-4323
Planning  646-4320
Public Operations  643-6140
Water Billing  646-4309
Contractor's License  646-4324
Occupational License  646-4310
City ofSlidell Website:

slidell louisiana real estate: Louisiana to Raise Homestead Exemption? - 05/05/09 02:30 PM
This is one of the bills that our state legislature is considering.  The current exemption is $75,000 and they want to raise it to $150,000.  This would be the approximate amount if the exemption had been indexed to inflation over the years.  The $75,000 has been in place since 1982, while home values have risen dramatically.  Even after the past two years, home values are much higher.
Of course this means millions of dollars to our state and local governments.  You know there is plenty of opposition to this bill.  I think there is plenty of fat to cut from local … (4 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Staying Positive - 05/03/08 11:09 AM
I always consider myself to be a positive, forward looking person.  That said, I was dumbstruct today when I puuled up some MLS numbers.  I just pulled up my area 115 of the Gulf South Realtors Association.  The area has a wide variation of prices.  There are 202 listing with agents and only four under contract.  I was shocked.  I guess I should have looked at this before today.  I really think we will be in for a rough ride for years to come.  The only solution in my opinion would be for the Federal Government to stay out of it … (1 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Every Vote Counts - 05/03/08 09:17 AM
I voted in my precinct today in Slidell Louisiana.  Today is the runoff between the Democrat and Republican candidates.  I voted at four o'clock this afternoon.  I was the 74th person to vote out of over 1600 registered voters.  It's amazing how everyone has an opinion and very few of them will take the time to vote.  Don't complain about things if you don't even bother to show up to vote. … (8 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Fort Pike to Reopen - 05/01/08 12:16 PM
The Office of State Parks of Louisiana is reopening Fort Pike tomorrow at 9 a.m.  Fort Pike was completed in 1826.  It is located on the Rigolets Pass between Slidell and Lake Catherine.  The fort suffered heavy damage from hurricane Katrina.  The eye of the storm passed directly over this area.  The new hours of operation will be Thursday thru Monday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Fort admission is $2 per adult, free for senior citizens and children under eight.  I have visited this fort myself.  You will be amazed how rough life was back in those days.  Take the family … (1 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Only in Louisiana - 04/29/08 10:07 AM
BATON ROUGE, La. -- Louisiana State Police have Interstate 10 closed in both directions in Baton Rouge after a vehicle explosion.
State police spokesman Markus Smith says early reports indicate a vehicle travelling down the interstate contained a methamphetamine lab that exploded.
Two people in the vehicle are being treated for chemical burns.
Another state police spokesman, Johnnie Brown, says a hazardous material, believed to be ammonia, is "being emitted from a passenger car."

slidell louisiana real estate: Don't Drill For Oil By Me - 04/26/08 05:06 AM
I had to laugh at the vening news last night with all the complaining about high gas prices.  Especially when some commuters live a hundred miles away and drive SUV's or large trucks.  You think we are spoiled?  We lived where ever we wanted and didn't give a second thought about gas prices.
Our politicians and enviromentalists ahve sold us down the street with drilling.  Don't drill in California or Florida because you might ruin our vies or nice beaches.  Well guess what Florida.  China is drilling 60 miles off your cost with Cuba.  Guess where that oil will go if there … (19 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Slidells Heritage Park - 04/24/08 12:32 PM
Get ready for May 3 when the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra will perform at Slidell's Heritage Park.  This event is free and draws 5,000 to 10,000 people every year.  The show begins at 7p.m.  But as usual there is much more to see.  Arrive early and enjoy the pre concert festivities.  There will be an Enchanted Art Walk and complimentary face painting for the children.  Who says the burbs have no culture. … (0 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Government Strikes Again - 04/19/08 08:15 AM
My broker and I have been working a commercial deal for about three months now.  Everything was going really smooth.  You know too smooth.  We expected to sign the lease this coming week.  Well you guessed it something happened.  Seems the EPA has concerns about the level of mercury at the site.  The mercury level may be to high to proceed.  I had to laugh because I used to play with this stuff as a kid.  Any of you have those squirrely incadescent light bulbs in their homes?  Did you know they have mercury in them.  That's right if you break … (0 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Open Houses and Ballons - 04/19/08 08:09 AM
I know most of us have done this.  I am talking about putting ballons on open houses signs so people can see them easier.  Well did you know we are actually running out of helium?  Thats right the second most abundant molecule in the universe is relatively scarce on earth.  While we use it for baloon it has a much more serious use for all of us.  In liquified state it is used to cool the super magnets of MRI machines.  It also is an inert gas that can be used for numerous lab machines and tests.
Where does helium come from.  … (7 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Horse Riding - 04/19/08 07:56 AM
Any one wanting to treat a child to riding a horse need to look no further.  Lionel Wolfshohl at Horse Traing Center has over twenty horses at his stable.  He trains them for owners but also has some for others to ride.  The stables are located next to Magnolia Forest Subdivision located at the end of Crowes Landing road.  Magnoli Forest is lacated between Pearl River and Slidell.  For more info call 985-863-6040.  1-1-10 stables have relocated to pine Street Extension still in Pearl River, Louisiana.


slidell louisiana real estate: Slidell Hospice Cook Off - 04/12/08 01:40 PM
Just to remind any of you procrastinators.  The Slidell Hospice crawfish cook off will be held next Saturday April 19 at Fritchie Park.  The time is from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  There will be live music and plenty of good tasting crawfish for everyone.  There will be awards to the best crawfish recipe.  This event will benefit the Slidell area Hospices.  Fritchie Park is located near Eagle Ponit Subdivision. … (0 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Six Dollar A Gallon Gas in Slidell - 04/07/08 01:33 PM
Thats right six dollars.  This is my prediction if a major hurricane gets into the northern gulf of Mexico this year.  Not only does Louisiana and Texas produce a large quantity of oil for us.  The Louisiana offshore oil port is located about twenty miles off the Louisiana coast.  Here the super tankers to big to come to port unload their oil.  Over twelve percent of the oil comes into the country this way.  Problem is it goes through pipelines to Port Fourchon (foo-shaun).  This port is about 500 yards inland from the gulf.  Had hurricane Katrina been forth miles further … (12 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Twins Spans - 03/29/08 12:35 AM
Many a people are working to see the old I-10 twin spans become a fishing pier once they are no longer needed.  I think this would be great for Slidell.  I remember as a child my dad and I would go out on the bridge when they weren't opened yet.  we would catch crabs and an occasional fish.  We were after the crabs more than the fish.  It would be a shame to destroy this whole bridge, when plenty of people could put it to use. … (0 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Safe-Deposit box anyone?? - 03/29/08 12:31 AM
Seems almost three years after hurricane Katrina there are over 1000 unclaimed boxes just from Regions bank alone.  The owners have until April 11 to claim the contents are the bank is going to donate the items to Brad Pitts Make It Rught Foundation.  The items will be sold for cash.  I know a lot of these residents have been displaced but they should be in touch with their financial institution by now.  I guess these guys don't sell houses for a living and don't need the money.  … (3 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Crawfish Cook-Off - 03/22/08 03:35 AM
The Hospice Foundation of the South's annual crawfish cook-off will be held April 19, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Fritchies park in Slidell.  Tickets are on sale now for $20 in advance and $25 at the gate.  Tickets are available in advance at Whitney Bank branches.  Entertainment will be by the Top Cats, 4 Unplugged and the Lost Bayou Ramblers.  There will be thousands of pounds of crawfish to be eaten. … (1 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Help Wanted - 03/21/08 01:20 AM
Lakeside Swim Association at 497 Cumberland St. in the Westchester Estates subdivision is in need of lifeguards to work this summer.  You must be certified and can submit a resume to P.O. Box 39, Slidell LA 70459.
This is a great chance to earn some spending cash and work on your tan.  Imagine getting paid to work on your tan.  My daughter used to swim here and the people are some of the nicest you will ever meet in your life.

slidell louisiana real estate: Crescent City Classic - 03/21/08 12:53 AM
New Orleans known for its Mardi Gras is also known for something actually more healthier.  The Crescent City Classic is 10K race that winds through the heart of the city.  This is the 30th edition.  It starts at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning at the Jax brewery.  It ends at Tad Gormley stadium in City Park.  The party after the race is really a fun time.
The first 500 fastest runners will get one of the prized posters that are given away only to those who make the cut.  The rest like me just go for the party afterwards.  For further information call … (1 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: New Orleans off Decling Market List - 03/20/08 03:29 PM
Fannie Mae made the decision to take most of the New Orleans area zip codes off the declining market list today.  This means buyers can now buy for three percent down instead of five.  This amount to a few thousand dollars less than was necessary before.  It's good to see that my area is making a good come back after Katrina. … (3 comments)

slidell louisiana real estate: Home Warranty Company Goes Bankrupt - 03/17/08 01:05 PM
U. A. Durr has or will file for bankruptcy in the near future.  There will be many people who bought this company's warranty.  They will be stuck holding the bag for repairs they thought would be covered.  The company was based out of Metairie Louisiana and the owner said the company had fallen on hard times since hurricane Katrina.  I have placed the last three I sold in Slidell and Lacombe with American Shield.  I wonder how they are financially? … (15 comments)

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