st tammany homes for sale: Not Even Close to a Normal Market | Slidell Real Estate for Sale - 03/01/10 12:21 PM
Any agent who has been in this business  
for any amount of time knows this isn't anything close to a normal real estate market.  With the Federal Tax Credit for first time and repeat buyers buoying the market.  With many agents making a living on short sales and foreclosures and a much smaller percentage of the usual arm lenght transactions taking place. 
With the coming arrival of Spring and the tax credit deadline buyers are flocking to buy homes.  I wonder how much demand is being pulled forward by the rapidly approaching deadline.  What will fill the vacuum once it pasts?  … (5 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Krewe Of Selene | Slidell Real Estate for sale - 02/12/10 03:48 AM
Slidell's largest crew parades tonight.  The Krewe of Selene is an all women's crew of over 600 members riding on 25 Blaine Kern floats.  They start at 6:30 at Salmen High School and follow the traditional Slidell parade route.
The theme this year is Selene Goes on Vacation.  The coveted throws will be the lighted Selene medallion and the fleur de lis medallions.
Selene is the Roman goddess of the moon. 

st tammany homes for sale: Are You A Hero or Villain | Slidell Real Estate for Sale - 02/12/10 03:25 AM
I have turned into a huge survivor fan over the years and try to
watch it every Thursday Night.  This season's episode theme is Heroes versus Villains.  Which brings up my point are you a hero or a villain to your client?
I believe if we sell a sellers house for a nice price easily and painlessly or find a good deal for a buyer we are a hero.
If we can't sell a sellers house or find a house suitable for a buyer we are a villain.  They tend to turn to another agent.
When I go on a listing appointment … (1 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Too Smart for Your Own Good? - 08/24/09 06:00 AM
Is this possible?  Too smart for your own good?  I recently had a potential buyer view my own house.  I wasn't available so my wife let them take a look.  The buyer contacted me and wanted to make an offer.  I had told her I already had an offer but she was welcome to look.  She was offering $15,000 less than what I had already accepted.
I asked her why she didn't have an agent.  Her reply was as a buyer she felt she could get a better price without one.  HUH, is that what most of the public thinks of … (3 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: It's August - 08/01/09 04:37 AM
I am enjoying a quiet weekend today.  Seems most potential buyers are either shopping for school supplies or at the beach.  I wish I were at the beach.  More fun than cutting my grass.
Well at least training camps are open for the football teams.  Like a kid, I am hopeful for the New Orleans Saints this year.  We should know by the end of September how good they will be this year.  Be safe and watch out for the school zones this coming week.  School starts in St Tammany parish this coming Friday.

st tammany homes for sale: Economy my A#@ - 07/16/09 05:04 AM
I think I have finally had it with this excuse by state and local governments faced with budget shortfalls.  As one who voted for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, to say I am disappointed is a understatement.
Unchecked growth in government at all levels has left more and more people dependant on some form of support these days.  In 1996 Louisiana's budget was 11.9 Billion dollars.  This year it was over 28 Billion.  An increase of one hundred and forty four percent (144%).  All while Louisiana's population has declined over one (1%) percent.
The parish of St. Tammany had a budget of 66 … (3 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Property Taxes St Tammany - 12/05/08 05:44 AM
There are 64 parishes in Louisiana.  St. Tammany pays the second highest property taxes in the state.  We pay around 170 mils.  I personally in Eagle Point pay 170 mills and 31 mills to the city of Slidell.  People and residents of Slidell and St. Tammany I urge you to vote against all property taxes even re-newels in the future.  This is the only way we are going to gain control of your money.  I know we need fire houses and other crucial services.  BUt if you don't gain control the value of your house will decline when you can't sell it … (1 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Raising the Roof - 03/29/08 12:41 AM
Saints coach Sean Payton bought the first five tickets for Raising the Roof Charity.  Seems he couldn't meet with officials to draw the winning ticket, so he offered to buy the first five tickets.  These tickets cost $100 a piece.  They are only going to sell 2500.  The home is a four bedroom, three baths and double garage in Normandy Oaks Subdivision in Covington.  The money raised will go to numerous charities.  To buy a ticket go to or call 800-715-1387. … (1 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Local Scholaships - 03/21/08 01:04 AM
The Lacombe Chamber of Commerce is looking to help a local student attend college.  To qualify for the second annual award a graduating senior must reside in the 70445 zip code.  They also have to plan to attend a Louisiana college and have a 2.5 grade point average or higher.  Family income is not a factor.  The deadline is April 11.  You can call the chamber at 882-7442 for an application or check area high schools. … (1 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Eggstravaganza - 03/21/08 01:00 AM
Get ready to bring the young ones this Saturday to the Sacred Heart Church in Lacombe from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a hopping fun time.  There will be prizes for best Easter bonnets, first through third this year.  The prize find will be one of the golden eggs that wins the lucky one an Easter basket of candy, gift certificates and other nice things.  You can call the Tammany Trace Trailhead for more information at 867-9090. … (1 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Escape Clause - 12/12/07 08:01 AM
For lack of a better name.  Thats what I am calling it.  I hate to do back up offers, tying my client up, and along comes a house she likes.  I finally wised up and now include this in any back up offers.  This allows us flexibility to move on on our terms.  Call it a reverse predication also I guess. … (3 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: What do you know? - 09/23/07 11:54 AM
If anyone remembers my blog from a couple of days ago, I said I was going to try something new.  I put my canopy right in front of my open house.  What do you know we had two visitors and wrote one offer.  Considering we didn't advertise because of possible inclement weather not bad.  These houses are a screaming buy.  I will post some pictures for people to take a look.

st tammany homes for sale: Desperate Times - 09/21/07 01:15 AM
I have some listings that just aren't generating much activity.  So I am pondering doing something radical, at least for me.  Gone for now are the days when sticking a sign in the front yard will get results.  Starting this weekend I will start camping out on the front lawn with my canopy, table and chair.  I will have to chase anyone down who even slows down.  What can I say desperate times call for desperate ways. … (8 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Frame of Mind - 09/19/07 12:56 AM
I caught a lot of grief with my last blog.  I wrote about the interest rate cut and maybe it would help mortgage loans a bit.  Just look at the response the market had to the rate cut announcement.  You can't tell me when the market goes up, the wealth effect from it helps one frame of mind.  Even if it doesn't go up a bunch you still feel wealthier than when it declines.  At least it makes me feel better. … (4 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Fed Watch - 09/17/07 01:15 PM
I like other Realtors and economists etc., are eagerly awaiting their decision tomorrow.  Most economists expect a quarter point drop.  I don't think this will ignite a fire under home buyers but it is a move in the right direction.  I think it will still have to go lower and then people might get the confidence to dip their big toe in the water.  I just wish I had a crystal ball to know what twelve months down the road holds for us. … (7 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Who's to Blame - 09/16/07 12:00 PM
I heard Alan Greenspan on Sixty Minutes tonight.  You remember him right?  The former Federal Reserve Chief.  The one who set the interest rates for the economy.  After the terrorist attacks he lowered the rates to one percent or so.  Well the mortgage companies were still charging 4-5 percent.  This was a huge spread for these companies.  They were making a fortune.  This also led to increasing home prices.  People were using their homes as ATM's.  The good times would last forever.  Well guess what, they didn't.  People's income didn't keep pace with rising home prices.  I believe everyone is to … (4 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Staying Active - 09/13/07 01:12 PM
Even though the market is a bit slow, I have been keeping fairly busy myself.  I dig up old contacts and keep my name in front of them.  This isn't insurance people love to talk about real estate and how it pertains to them.  I also realize more than a few people don't have the first clue of how to buy or sell a home.  Boy do I love those guys.  I am always glad to be of assistance. 
Give it a try people talk to two or three people a day and you will be surprised what happens.  These people … (2 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Why So Much - 09/12/07 10:30 AM
I recently put a for rent sign on my rental property.  New to this business, this was the first time around for me.  A lady passing by asked about the rent.  I promptly told her and I could tell by her face she thought it was to high.  I then told her I had spent a lot of money to get it in good shape.  They were like new inside.  I told her to come and take a look which she turned down.  Anyway my point was to show her what her money was going to get.  She could find something … (7 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Reasonable People Update - 09/11/07 09:40 AM
I just wanted to give an update to everyone who read my post last week.  The listing broker finally persuaded his agent to sign over his share of the escrow money.  I just wondered what took so long?  Any way I found out from him that the next door neighbors house is going up for sale.  Guess what?  They want to use the same listing agent I just dealt with.  I believe I am going to take a drive and visit these unsuspecting people.  Maybe I can be of use.  I will let you know. … (2 comments)

st tammany homes for sale: Reasonable people - 09/09/07 03:13 AM
I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I can't wait for some fall weather to move in.  I recently closed a rather difficult deal on a modestly priced house.  In the end the listing agent never fully read the purchase agreement to the seller.  Seems the seller removed items that were in the agreement.  When this was brought up before the closing the agent hadn't even realized this.  To make a long story short, the agents (myself and you know who) agreed to escrow some funds.  The seller was to return the items and the money would be released to us … (8 comments)

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