wwwjohnwwalterscom: Whats the secret - 07/02/07 12:08 PM
I wish I knew.  I was speaking to my colleague and we were wondering why I had more comments on my blog than he did.  I know it isn't my writing ability.  I graduated from college but English was rather weak subject of mine.  We finally decided that short to the point and simple terms were probably more effective that a big drawn out scenario.  That is exactly how I like to do my real estate transactions.  The simpler the better for everyone especially me. … (0 comments)

wwwjohnwwalterscom: Pearl River Four Plex - 07/02/07 01:30 AM

wwwjohnwwalterscom: fax versus scanner - 07/01/07 02:25 PM
I have been preaching about everyone buying a fax machine.  Well I must eat some crow.  Buy a scanner instead.  The document will not shrink every time you send it.  It will still be a legal document thirty scans later unlike a fax.  I hate to admit it but this is the real way to go.  I invite your reply. … (10 comments)

wwwjohnwwalterscom: Remaining Positive - 07/01/07 12:33 AM
The real estate company I am an agent with decided to have a meeting Saturday.  The broker brought with her a recent article from our local newspaper.  The headlines showed how real estate sales were in the tank.  Well upon further reading into the statistics the truth could be had.  True there were more houses for sale, but guess what, the houses sold at current pace would more than double last years.  Furthermore the sales price are trending up not down.  I guess it's the old glass half empty, glass half full scenario.  Bottom line is keeping a good can do … (6 comments)

wwwjohnwwalterscom: Finding the right agent - 06/30/07 12:20 AM
As I ride around my home town of Slidell I am still amazed at the number of for sale signs I see.  When I go to the listing agents website half the time there are zero pictures or references about the house I am looking for.  You work hard enough to get a listing and you just ignore one of the easiest marketing tools available.  Which brings me to my, it the houses just selling themselves or the agents.  I think most agents need to take a step back and re-evaluate how they are trying to sell properties.

wwwjohnwwalterscom: Fax Machines - 06/29/07 02:34 PM
I read a blog on fax machines a while back.  I submitted an contract to the listing agent who actually lives about 5 miles away from my house.  The house is in Covington Louisiana and his office is in Mandeville Louisiana.  Both of us live in Slidell Louisiana.  Because he doesn't have a fax machine at his house he had to drive to the Mandeville office about 35 miles away.  He told me I would get the contract by nine o'clock today.  I called him and of course got the voice mail.  So I called his office and he called right … (7 comments)

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