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One of my clients introduced me to a great website that allows both tenants and landlords to get extremely localized data on the going rental rates in their area. The site is It collects data directly from real landlords and tenants and plots the results on a map allowi...
The results are in from this weekend's auction of 42 condo units at Center City's Murano building. And the results speak for themselves, all forty units put up for auction sold, plus two others (not sure about the circumstances behind the sale of the additional two units) at prices averaging only...
According to the Philadelphia Business Journal Pennsylvania's unemployment rate climbed from 7.8% in April to 8.2% in May - an uncomfortably high number to be sure, but significantly below the national average unemployment rate of 9.4%. Another way to look at it is in the year from May 2008 to Ma...
For those of you who need a break from reading about real estate: a good friend of mine just started writing for a sports blog so if you like reading rants from the wide world of sports you should check it out at  
This article from the NYTimes discusses the phenomenon of distressed triple-decker properties in New England (see below for photo) - a form of architecture that I've always found very charming on my trips to Boston and Providence. In Boston they make up 21% of foreclosures even though they're onl...
I came across a website today that seems to offer a lot of good information for prospective home-buyers and sellers. The site is and it pools together information on all aspects of the home-ownership process from shopping for a first home to getting your money's worth when remo...

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