motivational: Fishing for Listings: Casting a Post Line - 06/23/08 04:30 PM
Reading here on the blogs created by users on this particular site, I've noticed several key things.
First, that people are really willing to go the extra mile to devote the time and effort to reach out through the international Internet community, and we are all casting our nets wide to the web (as far as we can dream, our connections and articles can go).
Second, I've noticed that attitude (a willingness to embrace the process of creating discussions and sharing our ideas on life, business, and marketing) plays the biggest part in how well advertising things online is going to … (1 comments)

motivational: Moving Up The Line: Watching Your Rank Here At Active Rain in Your Target Community - 06/20/08 07:53 PM
Have you been checking your points and place rack here at activerain recently?
In the Real Estate and Community Service game, making sure your profile is public and known is critical. In large communities, having people recognize your name and face can be difficult; targeting a neighborhood close to home, it is easier to be known.
I'm a little fish in a little pond, fishing in the great big real estate waters of the DC Metro in Northern Virginia. Though I am well known in certain circles around the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions in my other professional groups, there are very … (4 comments)

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Blogging is not for everyone -- but is is something everyone in business ought to be doing. Whether you elect to write more casual and personal posts, to share stories, or to review new business ideas and share your expertise with your industry, blogging -- like good old fashioned editorials and journaling -- gives your target audience a chance to get to know you. Here on Active Rain you'll find posts written by a former Realtor raised providing real estate marketing services to pros in the industry. What post style appeals to you? Feel free to use the examples provided as springboards to help give an inspirational lift to your next blog post or two.



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