big mountain: Flathead Valley: Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Bigfork, Kalispell - 03/29/14 12:19 AM
I love the diversity in our valley:
Columbia Falls: still a timber town with Plum Creek, RBM lumber, also the gateway to Glacier National Park. Flathead River runs through it.
Whitefish: the home of Big Mountain (Whitefish Mountain Resort) for winter and summer fun, old west downtown, situated on Whitefish Lake with bike trails and the Whitefish River running through it. From ski-bums to high end 2nd or 3rd homes, much diversity. Home of Alpine Theater Project and the Whitefish Theater with 2 venues to perform in.
Bigfork: On Flathead Lake and you can boat to the town. Artist and restaurant … (0 comments)

big mountain: Glacier National Park on a February Saturday - 02/16/14 01:33 AM
It was a warmish, sunny day so we drove up to "the Park" yesterday. Stopped at Montana Coffee Traders in Columbia Falls on the way. It was Cabin Fever Days in Martin City - just west of the park so saw some action in that "town". We drove along Lake McDonald observing the beauty that was snow covered. The lake had some ice but was not solid. Went back to Apgar, walked through the art store then took a walk through the trees. The walk had been packed down with snow shoes and cross country skis so it was an easy … (2 comments)

big mountain: Big Mountain Inspiration Run is in CNN top 20 in the World - 01/15/14 01:05 AM
The Flathead Beacon report has "my ski hill" and one of my favorite runs, highlighted from a CNN report naming the top 100 ski runs around the world. The views on a clear day of the Rockies into Canada are overwhelming. Amazing how Whitefish Mountain Resort is getting noticed by the media the last few years.  Snow is great, better than most areas of the country, this year. Sunny all this week and awesome conditions. Plan a trip on Amtrak or fly into Glacier National Airport and visit NW Montana.


big mountain: Big Mountain has EPIC Snow! - 12/20/13 11:16 PM
The valley got about 6" in the last 24 hrs but the ski hill got dumped on. I skiied 2x this week and there is so much powder and no people, probably today will be a busy day though.

Today's Deep Thoughts:
8:00am- The anticipation is overwhelming. Visibility is still good at the summit but some low clouds are starting to move in and out on … (0 comments)

big mountain: December 7th is the Day! Ski Whitefish Montana! - 12/06/13 03:32 AM
Whitefish Mountain Resort is opening the entire ski hill for opening day tomorrow! We had a big dump on Monday and even Hellroaring basin will be open which we usually have to wait a few weeks for. So you can ski from top to bottom opening day. The downside is that we are in a record breaking cold spell, so coverup any exposed skin and put on the woolies!
Photo from the summit today: for snow reports


big mountain: Whitefish Montana Makes CNN's List - 11/21/13 09:56 PM
Of World's most cozy winter destinations. 
Big Mountain, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana, United States
One of the most popular spots at Whitefish Mountain Resort is the summit, which lies 7,000 feet (2,133 meters) above sea level. From here, the views of the jagged peaks of Glacier National Park are breathtaking.
But it's the snow-covered trees -- known locally as snow ghosts -- that really stand out.
When the weather's right, what's known as a cloud inversion can take place. The clouds below become locked within the valley and visitors on the summit can look down upon a sea of white.
"Winter … (1 comments)

big mountain: Snow Alert! - 02/23/13 09:50 PM
Big Mountain has received 2 FEET of snow in the last 2 days, wow! The sky is clear and the moon is out early this morning, should be a good ski day. Heading to church and then to get an offer signed, hopefully still sunny for skiing this afternoon. for the web cams and snow report
Today's Deep Thoughts:
6:00am Since Friday we have received two feet of new snow!! We have now officially reached the settled-base century mark!
Over 100" settled base at the Summit! And the skiing has been unreal!
With over 200" of snowfall this season so far, … (1 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Update: February 22, 2013 - 02/21/13 10:12 PM
Some snow has finally fallen this week on the Big Mountain in Whitefish. The valley still has the remnants of the USA and Canadian holiday weekend. I was surprised how many families on vacation were on the mountain yesterday when I was skiing. Like said this week, "2 weeks of lines and 15 weeks of no lines". Christmas week and Presidents weekend week are the busy 2. It is all relative though. Compared to other areas, our lines are nothing.
High school basketball playoffs are picking up steam. We may go watch the Glacier High Wolfpack play Helena tonight. Always … (0 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Update: January 20, 2013 - 01/19/13 05:37 AM
Sun, and more sun!! While the valley has had a smattering of fog and clouds, Big Mountain has been in the sun. It is great to head up to ski and watch the car thermometer rise as we drive up higher in elevation. The valley can be 10 degrees and the summit of Whitefish Resort will be 23 degrees. Nice to sit on a high speed chair and get warmer instead of colder as you climb the hill.
See the video below of the happenings from today on the mountain. Those telemark skiers skinning up the mountain are incredible athletes in … (1 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Real Estate Update January 3, 2013 - 01/03/13 04:10 AM
It is all about skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort on a day like today. The photos below say it all. Music playing when we loaded on the first lift was "I can see for miles and miles and miles" - so appropriate. The visibility sign at the chair said "awesome". We rode up with a guy from New Zealand and who was taking photos the whole way. He moved to the Flathead Valley 6 years ago after searching all over the Northwest for a place to call home. He said where else can you find a ski hill, a national park, … (1 comments)

big mountain: Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort: 100" as of Dec. 22, 2012 - 12/22/12 06:03 AM


big mountain: Whitefish Mountain Resort #11 - 10/16/12 05:18 AM
Out of the top 30 ski resorts in Ski Magazine, Whitefish is #11, AND has the lowest priced lift tickets in the group.  Skiers are polled for this ranking. Big Mountain went up 11 spots from last year. Pretty cool. This has been my home mountain for over 25 years. Long before we moved to the Flathead Valley 17 years ago, we would drive or take the train yearly from Seattle to ski in Whitefish. Our kids learned to ski on this hill. I always feel like I am on vacation when I am sitting on the chair riding up to … (0 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley News and Notes June 7, 2012 - 06/07/12 12:33 AM
Yep, in my gmail box this a.m. was a snow report! Big Mountain got 22" in the last 24 hours. Of course ski season is over but I bet there were a few hiking up and skiing what they could yesterday. The Flathead Valley received 1.5" of rain as of noon on Wed. in a 24 hr period. No small feat when you consider the annual rainfall is just 16". Full day of sun today after the storm.
​Glad the primaries are over. Biggest contests in the valley were for Republican runners for 2 Flathead County Commissioner races. 7 ran for … (0 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Weekly Update: April 26, 2011 - 04/26/12 03:32 AM
​We experienced 2 days of 80+ degrees early this week! Those warm days followed an exceptionally nice weekend to get all the outdoor chores started for the spring. Today it is cooler and a little wetter but it sure is nice and green around here. Trees are leafing out, Flathead lake is slowly rising to full pool and valley residents can be seen making every effort to get outside and enjoy our activities.

Here is a photo that was posted by Glacier National Park of the plowing in Two Medicine camp ground. Just a "little" snow!! Speaking of snow, Whitefish Resort … (0 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Weekly Update: December 30, 2011 - 12/30/11 12:34 AM
Weather: for some reason this is the first thing that comes to mind this week. After many sunny and warm (for winter) days, it is snowing this morning. Still warm and may end up raining in the valley but the ski hills should benefit. It has been a slow start to skiing this year. Big Mtn received 7" the other night which led to avalanche control measures. This weekend should see the start to more stable snow fall and better conditions. Blacktail faces north and has had a better base thus far. Big winds and rain off and on the last … (0 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Weekly Update: December 10, 2011 - 12/10/11 12:16 AM
A beautiful sight yesterday afternoon: full moon rising over Glacier National Park! Blue sky, snow on the Swan Range of the Rockies, incredible. I never tire of looking at the view that surrounds me in the Flathead Valley.
It was a week of sunny days which did not help either Blacktail or Whitefish Mountain Resort to add to their snow base for skiing. Never the less, both areas are opening today. Big Mountain will have reduced lift tickets and limited terrain open for skiing. They have been making snow on the mountain to add to the snow nature has been rather … (1 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Weekly Update: November 1, 2011 - 11/01/11 12:22 AM
November! Snow is on Big Mtn, some valley snow possible the end of the week. Unlike the NE part of the country, we had no snow in October in the Flathead Valley.
Kalispell restaurant update:
1) Applebees in front of Costco will be opening soon to add to the choices at the north end of Kalispell
2) Doug and Vonnie Day are changing their restaurant format over to more casual pub type of eatery on Main Street called Hops Restaurant and Grill. Always on the lookout for a great burger, I'll let you know how it is.,
3) We have had … (0 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Weekly Update: October 6, 2011 - 10/06/11 01:27 AM
The trees - Aspen and Birch - are changing colors. It is getting dark earlier and we had a heavy rain last night. Sometimes fall is a welcome relief from all the things to do in the Flathead Valley in the summer. It is okay to stay inside at night and relax, without packing the long daylight hours in the summer full of fun and necessary things to do.
Saturday and Sunday the 8-9th, the Kalispell Ski Club does their ski swap at the Flathead County Fairgrounds. Time to buy and sell used and new ski equipment and pick up that … (0 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Weekly Update: March 10, 2011 - 03/10/11 12:34 AM
After a little trip to relax and refresh, I am back and happy to announce it is still ski season! So much snow on Big Mountain this year. Kalispell has had only 49" which is below normal. You would never guess that though with so much still on the ground.
The Daily Interlake had articles this week about how the Flathead Valley benefits from our Canadian neighbors. With only 2 hrs between us and the border and the exchange rate being beneficial, Canadians continue to shop, ski, golf, use our medical facilities and purchase homes. Kalispell Regional Hospital has a concierge … (0 comments)

big mountain: Flathead Valley Weekly Update: December 23, 2010 - 12/23/10 12:43 AM
Local government updates:
Residents in the "donut" area of Whitefish are making an effort to get an initiative on ballot regarding who - county, or city - should be able to rule on their planning and zoning issues.
Whitefish ice cream shop owners of Mrs. Spoonovers have fought hard for their sign rights on the building in court and won but now will be closing due to financial reasons. Very sad ending to the little guy finally getting justice.
Flathead County Planning is approving a special zoning area in Lakeside near Flathead Lake.
City of Kalispell is proposing increased sewer rates … (0 comments)

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