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I know this may cause an unleashing of “how dare you” kind of comments so first let me say, I know for a fact that there are many people who are truly looking hard for work.  They make job hunting their business.  They are up early, investigating every lead, sending out resumes, applying on line,...
It’s been a tough few weeks in my world.  First, my brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly, and second, my mother’s condition as she battles with cancer has deteriorated significantly.   The combination of both has thrown me for a bit of a loop and my mind and actions have been somewhat unfocuse...
This beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath co-op was mine for the last nine years, and it is now on the market and can be yours!  It is located in a gorgeous, well-landscaped co-op complex on Beacon Hill Drive in Dobbs Ferry, NY. I loved living here.  I spent summer afternoons at our private pool.  My chil...
I'm not kidding; it's true.  But I think a bit of history is in order. A few years ago, a cat started coming to my husband's house.  Every so often, perhaps once a month, the cat would come visit for a day or two.  He had no flea collar, regular collar or tag, and was somewhat scruffy looking.  M...
Late October is an unusual (but not unheard of) time for snowfall in the Northeast.  On October 29th of this year, the Northeast was hit with a Nor'easter which dumped quite a bit of snow.  There have already been many reviews and news articles and blogs about the snow and power outages, but I th...

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