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I'm still a relatively new agent (I received my license a year ago, and started working about 11 months ago).   To further complicate the start of a new business, five months ago I changed my name and moved to a new town and county.  I've been struggling a bit with getting my business started, si...
Goodbye, Mom. My mother, Barbara Ann Cooney, passed away today,  December 17th, 2011.  She was 77, and she lost her valiant four-year struggle with cancer.   Because most of you don’t know her, I want to share with you who this tiny, 5’ tall Italian/Portuguese woman was. She was a wife.  A week b...
As I mentioned in a previous blog, I recently broke my ankle (  It’s only been a few days, but I’ve already had a few insights that I thought I’d share about the experience. It’s great to have tools, but they need to work seamlessly.  I was given a pair of crutches when I le...
I broke my ankle this week. It's another of those events that makes you so grateful for those times when you feel well and everything on your body works properly.  It's also a time that makes you realize how quickly your life can change!  One minute, your bones are fine, and the next, snap! I too...

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