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I have no idea whether it's similar to the drought-related issues that are pushing black bears into our area, or whether it was just due to a particularly frisky bunch of older deer last Fall, but our area of Monroe, NY is full of deer. And what makes the deer somewhat unusual is there is no appa...
Yesterday morning was a gorgeous morning for a hike in Harriman State Park, which is located in Orange County, NY. Walking from the parking lot, before even getting to the trail, an amazing site met our eyes.  There were hundreds of spiderwebs on both sides of the trail, which were only visible b...
I’ve shared many thoughts from my recent three-month ship adventure, and this is my final ship related blog, for all those miscellaneous things I learned while on the sea that didn't fit in anywhere else. “This is no shit!” is the required way to start any sea story.  It’s along the same lines as...
The last port of call on my recent three month ocean voyage was in the historic port of Liverpool.   There was something for everyone to do in Liverpool.  If your pleasure is shopping, Liverpool is the place for you.  There are many areas to visit, including Liverpool ONE, a three-leveled retail ...
In Gibraltar, 2012 Visit, Part 1 of 2, I covered the wonderful sightseeing spots and the food and weather of Gibraltar.  The following covers my experiences with the people and animals of Gibraltar. First, regarding animals.  At the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, we made a personal acquaintance wi...
One of the ports visited during my recent three-month ocean voyage was Gibraltar, a small but wonderful territory (4 square miles) of United Kingdom right next to Spain, and across the strait of Gibraltar from Africa.  We visited Gibraltar at the beginning of July, and the weather was absolutely ...
One morning on my recent three-month ocean voyage I asked, “What day is it?”  I was looking for a Day or a Date, so I’d be able to figure out what the plan was for the day.  However, the answer I received was, “It’s a Ship Day.”  And indeed, that was true.  There are really only two types of days...
In the first two parts of my Iceland overview, I focused on the people, land, weather and food.  In this edition, I will share my experiences with whales, puffins and horses, and will also provide my opinion on the only downside to a trip to Iceland. Puffins, Whales and Horses: Not only is the la...
As mentioned in my last blog, I loved the weather and food in Iceland.  This blog will cover my thoughts on the Icelanders themselves, and the land.  The animals and my horse experience will be in part 3. People: The Icelandic people we met were all very pleasant and friendly.  They answered ques...
The second port on my three-month ocean voyage was to Reykjavik, Iceland.  Iceland is probably not a place I would have planned a trip to on my own, since I inaccurately pictured it as a cold and barren place but I am so happy I went, and would definitely recommend it if you’re thinking of somepl...

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