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  REASON NUMBER FIVE: The beautiful Hudson River is a 5 minute drive, or 25 minute walk, from 113 Beacon Hill Drive.  From the Waterfront Park, on a clear day, you can see north past the Tappan Zee bridge, or south to the George Washington bridge.  You can put your kayak in the water.  You can ta...
I read an article in my local newspaper yesterday that claimed the last Monday of the last full week in January is known as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.  Apparently, a researcher at Cardiff University, Dr. Cliff Arnall, developed a formula that indicated the saddest day of th...
The beginning of 2012 makes this a great time to review home sales in Monroe NY for the past year.  The following results are for the town and village of Monroe, NY.  During 2011, sales of single family homes and condos/townhomes sold at an average of 12 per month with the spring and late fall ha...
I know others have written about this before, but this is my official moaning about the lack of service in general in our world.  If you have a business, any kind of business, and you still care about your customers, and you can relate to your customers, and you can provide excellent service to y...
In late August 2010, Hurricane Irene smashed through the New York area, dumping over 10 inches of rain.  The foot or so of rain hit our roof drop by drop by drop throughout the storm.  Eventually we noticed a consistent sound through the gale force winds.  It went something like this. Drip    Dri...

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