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Buyers, it’s okay to call an agent or office without looking at the Internet first! In many offices, agents still need to work “floor” time or “up” time, which basically means they make themselves available for a certain number of hours in the event that buyers call or stop by the office. The Int...
Monroe, in Orange County, NY is ablaze with color during this penultimate weekend of October.  And while taking a car ride into the mountains or hills of the surrounding area will definitely enable one to see a gorgeous vista of reds, oranges, yellows and greens, I found just a walk down my stree...
"Reply" and "Respond" and "Send" are verbs.  If you look them up in the dictionary, the definitions all start with the word "to."  "To say," or "To begin," or  "To react."  Whether they are transitive or intransitive verbs isn't the point, they are ACTION words.  Why am I giving an English lesson...
10/12/2012’s recent article “Riding the Trillion-Dollar Real Estate Recovery Roller Coaster” indicated the recent housing crash took $70K on average out of every home-owning household. In other words, if you purchased your house at the start of the downward roller coaster cycle, somewhere aro...
What if this was your last day on Earth?   How would you feel about the status of your life?  Would you wish you were going in a different direction?    If today was your last day, but then you got a reprieve and got another year, how would you change your life?  What if you got another decade? T...
I sign my emails with my name (obviously) but then I follow that with "NY State Licensed Real Estate Agent, CBR®."   Unless you are an agent who has already obtained the "CBR" designation, you may not know what that means. CBR stands for Certified Buyer Representative.   Any agent who has those i...

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