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This morning was the day for my thrice-weekly jog/walk. I woke up with a headache which didn’t bode well for exercise, but I took an Advil, drank some coffee, and in a few hours felt good enough to try. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a two-mile route this morning or a four-mile one. About a mile...
The other day I was walking past a local liquor store and… [screech!] OK, OK, let’s start over.   The other day I walked INTO a local liquor store to purchase some wine, and I saw that big sign in lights that stated the Powerball Lottery was $400 million. “What the heck?” I thought, and I purchas...
First let me say that for some reason, our Siberian Husky Halo simply refuses to use the toilet. There must be something about climbing up on the seat, and balancing her big furry body properly, doing her duty, and flushing that is a bit too difficult for her to master. I was told she was very sm...
In December 2011, I broke my ankle while walking the dog in the woods in the dark. It was a ‘clean” break, requiring no surgery, but it still required months of a cast and crutches, no weight-bearing, followed by therapy, and recuperation. As a normally very active, independent and self-sufficien...
The following was originally posted in 2011 and I'm reposting with some minor changes in time for the 2013 Monroe Cheese Festival which starts at 10am today -- Saturday September 7, 2013.  - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   Thanks to Julius Wettstein!!! In 1873, Julius started a cheese factory in Monr...

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