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I originally started blogging as a way to get my real estate business going.  I wanted to ensure I provided as much information as possible about my geographic area of expertise and about the real estate industry in general.  But as I started posting, I also branched out into non-real estate blog...
This morning I woke up to about 5” of fresh snow blanketing the world.  As beautiful as the snow was, it was covering the driveway and deck and porch and walks. And it had to be removed, so out I went to take care of it.  I shoveled the easy stuff first, the sidewalk, the front porch, the back de...
I posted the following on my facebook wall this morning, and I thought it was a good topic for a blog: "Shake yourself up a little! On weekdays, I usually get up, immediately go for a walk/jog, shower, have a banana and coffee and get to work. Today I made an omelet instead of my fruit, and I ate...
Yesterday I took a short road trip through parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and I passed a lot of exit signs with names of various towns on them.  Some of the names were evidently derived from Indian influences.  For example Wanaque NJ, is based on a Lenni Lenape Native American wo...
A few days ago, I shared the 2012 Real Estate results for Monroe NY as they related to purchasing a single family home.  But you don’t need to be buying a home in order to enjoy a new home in Monroe, NY.  There are plenty of homes to rent, and this blog covers the 2012 results in terms of rental ...
Last night I sat down to a home-cooked meal of bison burgers with melted goat cheese and for some reason, the combination of eating goat and buffalo struck me as being unusual.  I tried to think of other odd combinations I’ve had in the past, but I mostly came up blank.    I’ve tried a lot of dif...
Yesterday, it was 25 degrees Fahrenheit at 1pm.  I was bundled up in silk long johns, silk socks, wool socks, warm sweat pants, a ski shirt, a sweatshirt, a down jacket, sheepskin gloves, a hat, and thermal hiking boots.  I am ALWAYS cold, even sitting in the house, so I was hoping this would be ...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2013 is upon us!  What a great time to look back at 2012 to see where the real estate market has been going in the Monroe NY area. Multiple news reports from 2012 indicated that real estate sale prices increased in 2012, inventory of available homes decreased, and the real estate...

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