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Today completes ActiveRain’s “November’s Cloudburst of You” Challenge, which required that we post a blog of any topic or length every single day this month.  The point was to get us blogging regularly, which increases our Internet presence, expands our marketing platform, and provides an opportu...
The Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty guide of things to do in the Hudson Valley and New Jersey area during December 2013, January and February 2014 is now available. Possible events include holiday celebrations, as well as craft fairs, snowman making, an auction and several entertainment possib...
Thanksgiving 2013 has dawned, with family and food and football and for some, shopping, on the menu. Various related (sort of) thoughts are running through my mind this morning, and perhaps they are running through your mind as well, so let's share. indicates the first Thanksgiving,...
The ads abound. Shop! Shop! Shop! We're open at 7pm on Thanksgiving Day!!! We're open at midnight! Yay! Deals! Deals! Deals!   In addition to the multitude of advertisements, there are plenty of articles and news reports and social media comments about the pros and cons of longer shopping hours o...
A while ago, I was working with a nice couple in a hunt to find a new home. They were pre-approved for a $130K USDA mortgage. They were going to need a seller’s concession and they had no money to put down. To make matters even more challenging, they needed a 3 bedroom home at a minimum, with a y...
I thought it would be fun to share glimpses into the history of Monroe NY, specifically to address those businesses or homes where a passerby might remark, “hmmm, I wonder what that was?” Anything I share will be my interpretation of details I’m able to uncover, and I’ll provide pictures as well....
It was a freezing, blustery day today in Monroe, NY. The temperature was in the 20s with wind gusts of about 45 miles per hour. Chilly!   A few days ago, another agent in my office asked me to do an open house for her today. I jumped in with both feet, since it was a brand new listing, priced wel...
As I shared in my Democrats and Republicans Can Work Together blog, and my post about how I felt voting was meaningful this year, 2013 was a big year for Monroe’s local elections. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents came together and developed a new political party, the United Monroe party. ...
While I’ve been licensed for two years, the first year was spent balancing my real estate experiences with taking care of personal and family matters. I didn’t dedicate as much time as I had planned to the business of real estate. However, a year ago I got serious and started my full time career ...
There is a coffee cup sitting in the corner of the shelf that houses the rest of the coffee cups. Each morning and sometimes throughout the day, a cup is taken from the shelf, used for a nice hot cup of coffee or herbal tea, is washed, dried and is then replaced on the shelf. In and out the vario...

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