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The following is an update to information I first published in 2011.   I recently shared information for potential first time home buyers about the differences between renting and owning, and about whether a first house is affordable.  The question this time is -- should a first time home buyer u...
The following is an update to information I first published in 2011.     This is the second of a three-part series for First Time Home Buyers.   The first part discussed the differences between renting and owning a home.  Once you've decided that you do want to own your own home, the next logical...
The following is an update to information that was first published in 2011.  This is the first in a series for First Time Home Buyers.   Deciding to purchase a first home can be a huge decision.  In this edition for First Time Home Buyers, I'll provide some information to help you decide whether ...
I needed a bit of a break from real estate related activity this afternoon, and since I was stuck at my home office in the freezing rain, I decided to do some household chores.  But before I started, I heard something calling me from a dusty section of the living room.  Well, it wasn't a call rea...
Dear Seller (Landlord):   I know you want to sell (rent) your home.  That's why you went to the trouble to hire a listing agent, and why your home is in the MLS system and why there's a sign outside.  Buyers (tenants) are interested in your home, so we made an appointment to see a few.  In the la...
I'm kidding, the appearance of snow is not a frequently asked question about Monroe, NY.  The answer would be that snow in Monroe looks just like snow anywhere else!   Two days ago, we received more than 20+ inches of snow and ice.  We cleaned that up yesterday morning, and then we had about 24 h...
Yesterday, I volunteered to pick up a buyer-signed contract from one attorney and hand deliver it about 10 miles away to the seller's attorney.  I offered to do that because the first attorney was going to put the contract in US Mail, and we are expecting another big storm this week which will ge...
I think we should get rid of Valentine's Day.   I know, I know, all the diehard romantics will hate this idea, but here's what I think.   There is no other day that is so wrought with potential for missteps than Valentine's Day and I think we should just eliminate it.  It's not a nice holiday.   ...
One of the questions home sellers may ask is, "How long will it take to sell my house?"   The answer is a murky, "It depends."   There is no way to be more specific.   The amount of time from the listing of a home to the closing depends on whether the home is priced properly, presented and market...
For the last week or so, I’ve been struggling to stay motivated.  Not for any major reason, just a bunch of small ones…..  The last four or five times doing floor time, I’ve received no calls.  An open house I scheduled for this upcoming weekend was canceled by the seller due to snow forecasts.  ...

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