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What would a 4th of July Festival be without fireworks?   Incomplete, that's what!   In Monroe, NY, the 4th of July event will be complete!   When Friday the 4th of July, with a rain date of July 5th.   What An Independence Day festival that starts at 6pm, runs through 9:30, with a fireworks disp...
When we real estate agents hear a home is "For Sale by Owner," we tend to think, "No, don't do it on your own, use us, we can help!"  However, there is one time when For Sale By Owner is perfectly acceptable.   And that is when the person is not selling a house, but is selling a handmade wooden c...
I was born in 1960.  I distinctly remember in the 70's, when I was a teenager, thinking about the year 2000. At the time, it seemed so far away.  I thought about how I would be 40 years old, something I couldn't even imagine.  2000 was just a day far in the future where my "old" self would live. ...
I wrote a Facebook post this week about how I had passed two rabbits while out on my jog.  My post said something about how if one rabbit's foot was lucky, my day, after seeing eight feet, was going to be fabulous.   So was it?  Luck is all in our interpretation.   Here's what happened later that...
Monroe, NY is finally seeing price improvements with home sales!  As can be seen in the above chart, which is based on sold single family homes, there has been a $120K jump in average sale prices since January of this year.     While the amount of the jump (50%) is huge, some caution should be ex...

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