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Max Schaefer, the general manager of the Monroe Cheese company and later president of the Velveeta Cheese Company wasn't just an important Monroe NY cheese executive, but he was also an influential force behind the formation of the Monroe Racetrack Association.     The association originally purc...
While my primary focus is on the Monroe, NY Real Estate Market, I support home owners and buyers in most of Orange County, NY.  I recently shared the Monroe NY 4Q12 - 4Q13 market results as well as the Warwick NY results for the same time period.  In both cases, there was a small upward movement ...
Between the end of my first marriage and the beginning of my second, I was divorced for about 15 years.  I knew the right partner for me was out there somewhere, and I wanted to find him.  And now I'm in the business of real estate, searching for clients who are out there somewhere and I want to ...
While my primary focus is on the Monroe, NY Real Estate Market, I support home owners and buyers in most of Orange County, NY.  I recently shared the Monroe NY 4Q12 - 4Q13 market results, and thought I would also provide insight into a town that borders Monroe's southwest border, the town of Warw...
When working with buyer clients, I always strongly recommend a home inspection.  In addition, I have worked with quite a few different inspectors, and I have found one that is stellar, and another who is very good.  I recommend the first one every time and if my clients want a few inspectors to c...
As I shared recently in my Monroe NY 4Q12-4Q13 results, the average sale prices in Monroe bopped up and down last year, but overall, prices did slowly inch northward, ending the year with a very small price increase.  That is of course encouraging news for sellers.  In addition, while prices were...
I recently shared my feelings about a local Irish restaurant, Rambler's Rest.   But what if you were interested in having Italian food for dinner, but you didn't want to eat at a restaurant.  Whatever would you do in the Monroe NY area?   Well, you need to look no further than "The Best of Little...
No matter where you go in the world, you can find an Irish Restaurant and Pub.  It's one of those laws, like Murphy's Law.   Some of the Irish restaurants are good, and some not, but they are everywhere!  Look it up!  In Gibraltar, they have O'Reilly's and The Clipper.  In Afghanistan, there's th...
The most often asked question about the Monroe, NY Real Estate Market is whether sales prices are increasing.  Monroe was lagging behind national trends last year.  When countrywide trends indicated a healthy spike in prices, unfortunately, Monroe was staying flat.  In addition, recent reports in...
Today, I took buyer clients out to look at homes.  Of course, we had a list of "want-to-sees" ready a few days ago, and I started setting up appointments way ahead of time. One of the homes was a bank-owned property that was priced in the right range for my clients.   Appointments are necessary a...

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