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Alert! This post has absolutely nothing to do with real estate!!!!   I found out yesterday the exact location of my conception, the address of the house in which I became me. The spot on the world map where my mom and my dad did the deed that resulted in Kat.   Maybe most people already know wher...
I've been a full-time real estate agent for two years, and am definitely learning what I like about this career choice and what I find a bit challenging. Some of the benefits I've shared in previous blogs are the unlimited potential for income, the lack of a commute, and the ability to get my dai...
From time to time I think how amazing it is how well wildlife has acclimated itself to the human environment (which used to belong to the wild).  In an area of homes and cars and people and noise, there is still plenty of room for wildlife.   At some point this year, in Monroe NY, I have personal...
After a thirty year career in Corporate America, I switched gears and started a new career in real estate. As I complete my second full-year in my new business, I am realizing there are many more benefits than I ever thought there would be!  Today I'm going to share a big benefit - there is no co...
The group is silent as the real estate agent cautiously rises, knowing every eye is upon her.  She takes a shaky breath and figures, "it's now or never" and she says those dreaded words, "Hi, my name is Kat, and I am a data junkie."  "Hi Kat," they respond.   So now my secret is out.  I love fact...
There are many benefits of being a real estate agent, and there are some challenges as well. I thought I'd share a few of the benefits and challenges, one at a time, of what it means to own the real estate agent title.  The first one is -- there is no upper salary limit.   I worked in a large cor...
January- October 2014 Real Estate Results in Monroe NY 10950     As can be seen in the above chart, which is based on sold single family homes, as of August there had been a $75K increase in median sale prices in Monroe NY since January 2014.   As of the end of August, median prices continued to ...

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