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The following is for the December "Pay It Forward" ActiveRain Challenge where we were asked to share things we did to help someone in some way.  I've taken that challenge and changed it slightly.  This post is not about me. It is about things that we could all do to help other people if the situa...
On New Year's Eve, about a million people head to the Times Square area in New York to watch the apple (ball) drop and shout "Happy New Year!" They get to the city many hours early to stake out their spot, and they stay in that spot for a long time, not even being able to leave to use the bathroo...
Everyone was settled in their seats in the car; two in the back and two in the front. Seat belts were fastened. A bag of supplies was placed within easy reach. Gas was purchased and off we went for our eight hour ride from New York to southern Virginia.   The questions started almost immediately....
Yesterday there was no sign of Christmas at my house except for a lonely wreath hanging from the front door.  No tree had been purchased; no gifts were in sight. No cookies had been made. No carols had been played. A quick look at the calendar told me that in another 10 days Christmas would be he...
2014 is only a few weeks from becoming 2015 (where HAS the year gone?)  You may be thinking of buying or renting a home in the New Year.  You might also be thinking of selling your home in 2015.   I can help!  The below map reflects my buyer and rental clients who were able to successfully move i...
Advertising, when done correctly, should not only make you remember a name brand and its meaning, but should make you want to actually purchase that product/brand.   Recently, I've caught myself saying "What a stupid commercial" way too often.  For example:   An Audi commercial where Santa Claus ...
  A new law became effective December 3, 2014 in New York State.  This law requires landlords to include a disclosure in a rental lease about the sprinkler system status of an apartment.  This covers  not only landlords of large apartment type buildings, but landlords of one and two family rental...
Should I sell my Monroe, NY home in the winter?   Misconceptions exist about putting your home on the market in the December - February months.  First, rumor has it that no one buys homes in the winter.   This is simply not true.     Just under a quarter of all sales in Monroe NY during the past ...
January- November 2014 Real Estate Results in Monroe NY 10950     What a year!  If paying attention to sales price trends is your thing, I'll bet you are getting dizzy by now.  As can be seen in the above chart, which is based on sold single family homes, by August there had been a $75K increase ...

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