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I could have named this post, "The things I'll do for a post" but thought Columbia County NY Fall scenery and a fear of heights was a bit more descriptive so here it goes. Heights and I have never been friends, but I've been working on improving our relationship. There is a fire tower near my hom...
I was speaking to a potential tenant about what was required prior to going out and looking at rental homes. In addition to discussing new home requirements and selecting homes to see, there are two documents that all tenants must provide before we start viewing homes. They are: Application: The ...
The Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty third quarter 2015 market results have been published for Westchester and Orange Counties as well as the rest of the Hudson Valley NY area. The Orange County NY summary indicates that sales were strong and sales prices were mixed (some indicators were up and...
I'm a full service real estate agent, assisting not only sellers and buyers, but also landlords and tenants. Because the need for rental properties continues to be strong all year long, any time is a perfect time to share the process for renting a home in Orange County NY.  A landlord's primary g...
Dear Potential Seller: I noticed your home was on the market and has now expired without a successful sale. Almost twice as many Monroe NY homes sold this September compared to the same time period in 2014, so why wasn't your home included as one of the successful closings?  Here are a few reason...
Starting in September and continuing for a month or more, all night long the rat-a-tat of acorn pellets echoes through the driveway and yard. The noise happens during the day as well, but it's not quite as annoying. The sound of an acorn being shoved off a tree by a squirrel or bird and the subse...
This post is being written as part of ActiveRain's October 2015 challenge, "Your Best Advice for Real Estate Newbies."  The goal of the challenge is to provide the one piece of advice that a new real estate agent could use to help them be successful. So here is HouseKat's advice... The one thing ...
I read something a friend wrote this morning on Facebook. She wrote, "I love my life!!!!" with lots of exclamation points. You could just hear her energy come off that screen. I immediately thought, "Yes, I love my life too!" and then I thought of all the people I know who are waiting to be happy...
As seen below, the September 2015 real estate results for Monroe, NY are now available.Not only did median sale prices increase slightly when comparing September 2015 to the previous month, but prices are 26% higher than the same time last year.  A total of 19 homes closed in September, with pric...

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