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Approximately 40 years ago, a young couple found a house that many would have passed right by. It was dilapidated, and nearly unlivable. But they saw the beauty underneath the rough exterior, and decided to save that home from certain death.  In the years since then, that couple provided plenty o...
The 1Q16 Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty market report for the Hudson Valley NY area is here!   The entire report can be viewed by clicking on the picture above. In Orange County NY, there was a big increase in the number of sales for the first quarter 2016 versus the same time last year, but ...
This is one of those non-specific blog posts about life on a Wednesday....  My youngest son who is nearly 22 just purchased his first "new" car today - it's a 2014 sporty car with 20K miles and all sorts of extras. He is beyond happy, which of course makes me beyond happy. It's wonderful when you...
Somewhere in Orange County, there is a four bedroom Victorian home that started life in 1897. Over the first 70+ years of her existence, she knew only a few owners, and then nearly forty years ago she was purchased by a couple who lovingly tended to her needs. They added wonderful chestnut moldin...
A year ago today I was wandering around an older house with my buyer clients and the inspector, taking notes as I normally do at inspections, when my phone rang. I typically ignore the phone when I'm in the middle of something with clients, but I glanced down and saw the number started with a "50...
I recently sold a house in the state of New Mexico with the help of a skilled real estate agent (thanks Rich Cederberg!), and as both a New York real estate agent and the seller of a home in another state, I can say with certainty that real estate certainly is local. Most of the time when we talk...
On the first day of April 2016, the temperature indicator on my car reached 80 degrees as I drove home around 3pm from an appointment. Wow, what a warm beginning to Spring! Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, grass is green, and the thermometer reached the 80s. And then on April 3rd, two day...
As seen below, the real estate results for Monroe, NY are now available for the March 2016 period.  The median sales price in March increased 6% over February, another healthy uptick. The sales price results continue to lag 2015, but the up direction is good and the last few months continue to be...

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