california foreclosure: Bear Stearns: is that bail-out, or "plunger protection" working the market as a whole ? - 03/16/08 11:19 PM
A forced marriage by the FED FED must stop the chain reaction before it happens or almost every major finanical institute would face a severe counter party risk based write down(much more uglier than sub-prime). cheap load(arranged friday) to BSC is useless too as no one would think that is enough and the run would continue and BSC would be forced to file chapter 11. So they need some big guys to boost the confidence, i.e. JPM. JPM doesn't really want it or else what would be the difference between 1.28B(that is more likely to be approved quickly by the share … (7 comments)

california foreclosure: want to buy foreclosure properties, here are some websites - 09/02/07 08:50 AM
Psssst... wanna buy a foreclosed property? After a default and after the house does not sell at the Trustee Sale,
the bank/lender owns it. As most know, this is called "REO", for Real Estate Owned. Currently mortgage
companies continue selling their REO's through real estate agents, who list them on the MLS. You would probably
need to make an offer through an agent, but here are some sites which list the properties: (Wells Fargo) (Freddie Mac) (Fannie Mae)

california foreclosure: junk mortgage bond - 09/02/07 08:38 AM
But possibly the bigger news is that S&P said that it would change its methodology for ratings hundreds of
billions of dollars in residential mortgage-backed securities, and review its ratings on hundreds of billions of
dollars in the more complex collateralized debt obligations based on those subprime loans. It is expected that a
lot of debt will be downgraded to junk status and may have to be sold at fire-sale prices. Therefore many
pension and hedge funds that once thrived on the high returns they could get from investing in subprime junk
are expected to lose a lot of money. The … (0 comments)

california foreclosure: loan originators how much you made last year - 09/02/07 08:35 AM
How much did you make last year? (That was a rhetorical question.) The president of Countrywide earned $48
million, the president of Freddie Mac $15 million, WAMU $8 million, Indy Mac $4 million.
According to Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo, jobless subprime mortgage lenders are looking for employment in
the booming market for loans to senior citizens. So far the mortgage industry has lost 15,000 employees, and
obviously some will enter the growing market for reverse mortgages. Some bankers worry the market's rapid
growth may make reverse mortgages vulnerable to fraud and increased litigation, which has plagued subprime
loans. "As you look … (3 comments)

california foreclosure: they would pay their credit card first, before their mortgage payment - 09/02/07 08:31 AM
In a surprising survey (very surprising?) released last week, Experian showed that data indicates that many
subprime borrowers are paying off their credit card bills before their mortgage payment! Do they think that they
don't have much to lose by not paying their mortgage? Are their credit cards more important? Prime borrowers,
by the way, haven't changed: they are still less likely to be late on their mortgage than on their credit cards.
Check out:

california foreclosure: another guideline change: sub prime meltdown - 08/18/07 07:08 PM
Bear Stearns changed their product offerings on Friday. They suspended "No Ratio", NIVA, and "No Doc", all second home and investment loans, and their "No MI" programs.
Citi (at the risk of possibly repeating myself) is discontinuing the following programs: for Prime Lending, NIVA & NINA for Non-Agency Alt A, "Home on Time" (I guess they're going to be late...), and CRA Stated Income. Under the Expanded Lending (Non-Prime), they've discontinued Expanded Lending First Lien Stated Income Documentation Process and Expanded Lending Second Lien Programs.
Countrywide made several guideline changes, effective today. For their HELOC's they reduced the CLTV's and loan amounts, and … (0 comments)

california foreclosure: Wait till subprime cloud clears - 08/12/07 11:06 AM
Wait till subprime cloud clears Global markets dictated trend on the US stock exchanges last week. Global bourses witnessed alternate bouts of buying and selling caused by risk aversion or risk appetite that, in turn, was driven by how concerned the market was about the US subprime mortgage woes. As more and more institutions across the US got dragged into the subprime quagmire, the work markets continued to get affected by weak sentiments.
The Dow lost 387 points over the last thursday to close at 13,200 range. While large cap and mid-cap indices were in the red.  While we remain positive on the long-term outlook of the … (1 comments)

california foreclosure: california foreclosure - 08/04/07 09:26 PM
According to RealtyTrac, more than a quarter of the top 500 leading foreclosure zip codes are in California. Among them, seven East Bay zip codes are represented. Antioch led the region with two zip codes for a total of 837 foreclosures during the three months that ended June 15. The other zip codes are located in Oakland (94603 and 94605 with 412 total foreclosures), San Pablo (94806 with 260), Richmond (94804 with 223), and Oakley (94561 with 200). Sacramento had the overall highest number of foreclosures in California, with twelve zip codes accounting for 3,726 foreclosures.
On the flip side, according to … (0 comments)

california foreclosure: lenders trying to be an alligator ! - 03/25/07 08:51 PM
   Are lenders trying to be an alligator, the whole foundation of the mortgage business has increased the
volatility, and shaken the big position investor.  I did have a talk to a big financial hedge fund manager,
according to him the mortgage industry is taking a big hit from the media, legislators, short term investors.
This has made the wound more deep than expected.  It has really made the real people in refinancing, or
purchasing the propertmore difficult.   Even all most all the presidential candidates
has made some bru- ha ha about the supprime meltdown, making the tightening of the credit more clear, … (1 comments)

california foreclosure: let's face the it ! central valley you are in trouble - 03/22/07 07:59 PM
     Short term real estate valuation has been down, since it has peaked
last year.  The house prices has been down 30-40% from their all time high.  Added the foreclosure, and the
mortgage tightening of the market.  To those people who are looking for a "pinch hitter" or a "home run"
market.  We would have to wait for a while.  The tide is now againt us, we would not be able to see the market
coming up, some time in the future.   Some argue that home prices will just flatten out, instead of actually
falling. Their reasoning seems to be that home prices … (0 comments)

california foreclosure: san jose foreclosure: " short meltdown or bust" - 03/17/07 04:10 PM
    The Capital of Silicon Valley is suffering from the foreclosure wave throught out the country, or is it just a
meltdown of the market, which is taking all over the nation. Pundit's, financial expert has been going "ga-ga"
over the foreclosure loom which would be sweeping the country for the past two (2) years.    Time would just
tell if it is just a "meltdown", or a real bust, like what happened five (5) years during the tech bubble.  At that
time, every one invested all most all their equity in the tech stock's, for the most part a big portion of their
retirement has just … (0 comments)

california foreclosure: is west coast in the grip of foreclosure, or sub prime melt down. - 02/25/07 09:22 PM
   West Coast has been bearish with the foreclosure up for more than a decade.  With the market crossing the
peak last year.  Company like Ownit, Concorde, and 50 other consumer lender going out.  Has made the Wall
Street worry of the state of real estate for the short term.  Consumer spending going down, and purchasing
power at bay.  Liquidation in the market has not been great.  The economy's good start of the year would
worry more because of the housing market.  The day to day swing, and fundamentals of real estate has been
With major players such as HSBC and New Century taking financial … (1 comments)


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