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Over the next 2 years bank foreclosures and REO homes as well as short sales are going to be an all time high. Our office has been successful in helping home owners avoid foreclosure by doing short sales. Investers & owner occupied can take advantage of these bargain prices.



  In updating a small powder room or want to renovate your entire home there are several considerations to keep in mind that apply in every situation. How is your budget? Remodels is quite expensive, even those little ones. You need to know every single detail on the expenses by making a detailed...
  Some experts are always on the lookout for scams that propose misleading or bogus mortgage financing and other scams. Here’s one that is dispersion like wildfire. Many of us binge at convenient stores or those little gas station stores. Some workers in those stores have found a way to shop on l...
You and the owners determined that you really did not want anyone engaged in the business if one of you passed away, so you carried out a buy/sell or stock cross purchase agreement.   Everything is still going great, so you have nothing to worry about right? However the answer is a big NO! Busin...
I was fascinated by the title “big box broker kays off thousands, puts best producers on salary plus commission.” Who could this be? What company could do this? Though I realized it was just wishful thoughts. No huge brokerage has actually altered their commission-based agents to salary as well ...
The government’s efforts to repair the real estate market have been authoritatively confirmed as a breakdown based on the recent home sales and price figures. The taxpayer funded New Homeowner Tax Credit did benefit some life in the real estate markets however the effects were not nourishing. To...

Sharon Sigman

Sharon Sigman
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Kansas City is a very good area for investers in both single family homes to apartment & commercial buildings.We have lots of inventory for residential and commercial listings.