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Over the next 2 years bank foreclosures and REO homes as well as short sales are going to be an all time high. Our office has been successful in helping home owners avoid foreclosure by doing short sales. Investers & owner occupied can take advantage of these bargain prices.



Getting the itch to redo your house? Truth: We have it all year round. But, there's something about the ushering in of a new year and the literal renewal it brings that makes the idea of a fresh look even more inviting.Check out a few of the interior design trends for 2016 for some more inspirati...
Lost in all the talk of dropping oil prices and rising interest rates is news that is expected to transform the solar world, and the homes (and bank balances) of those who have (or want) solar energy. A federal tax credit that was set to expire at the end of this year was instead just extended fo...
There is a very ancient legal concept called the "Statute of Frauds". Oversimplified, and as it applies to real estate, this means in order to have a binding contract to purchase (or sell) real estate, there must be a written document. Oral contracts will usually not be enforced by the Courts.In ...
Identity theft is commonly thought of as a problem only adults deal with. But the truth is children make an easy target. Social Security numbers, names, and other personal information has been used by hackers and other types of identity thieves to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of...
You have just found your dream house, and would like to buy it. What to do now?When dealing with real estate matters, the law is clear: everything has to be in writing. Thus, you will need a sales contract, which will spell out all of the terms, conditions and special requirements you may (or wil...
Question: I am interested in moving my real estate by using an essay contest. Is it legal? What is the procedure? Do you have any comments about the usefulness of this technique?Answer: I am personally very much opposed to using an essay contest for the sale -- or purchase -- of a house.Let us fi...
Deciding on the right size, color, fabric and pillow configuration for your couch took three weeks. You still haven't decided on the paint color for the bedroom, despite having seven different shades of blue in swatches up on the wall. It seems like every design decision you've made in your home ...
The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute categorizes real estate as an alternative investment that includes residential and commercial properties as well as mortgage-based securities and real estate investment trusts. For most real estate investors, these investments are characterized as i...
When it comes to finding the ideal environment for you and your family to live, it goes without saying that safety is a top priority. But will you be safer in the city, living among groups of people or going it alone in a rural atmosphere? Before jumping into somewhere based on your instincts, us...
We know. That antique sideboard or set of chairs you got after your grandma died is sentimental, but also completely clashy with every other piece of furniture you own, not to mention out of touch with your general sense of style.Don't trash it or stash it. Beautify it with a coat or paint or som...

Sharon Sigman

Sharon Sigman
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Kansas City is a very good area for investers in both single family homes to apartment & commercial buildings.We have lots of inventory for residential and commercial listings.