sharon: 4BR 5.5BA 5400SF Newly Renovated Home in Overland Park, KS - 07/06/21 05:01 AM


sharon: Renovation Tips For A Classic, Not Trendy, Home - 06/23/21 04:34 AM
Here's the dilemma. You're getting ready to redo your kitchen and you want it to be stylish and modern but not trendy. After all, this is the only kitchen renovation you ever plan to do and you don't want it to be outdated before you are even finished with the final touches.
If you're paralyzed because you're afraid of making the wrong decision, we get it. We're facing a similar dilemma here, FYI, with floors that need to be done and so many options from which to choose and no winner (yet) because it's not yet clear if what is currently hot … (2 comments)

sharon: Tips To Building Wealth - 06/22/21 05:37 AM
It's never too late to secure your financial future. At, a public service offered by the Dallas Federal Reserve, you can learn how to reach your life goals by budgeting, saving and investing, building credit and controlling debt.
When you understand the difference between assets and liabilities, you know that owning a home, contributing to a retirement plan, and creating savings are all assets in the making because they increase in value or provide a return. Automobiles, clothing, smartphones and furniture are not assets because they depreciate in value. Liabilities are debts that you owe to credit card companies, mortgage lenders, … (1 comments)

sharon: Landscape Tips to find Home Buyers - 06/17/21 05:40 AM
A functional and beautiful kitchen, flowing floor plan, plenty of storage, and spacious master bathroom will help win buyers' hearts.
However, often before they see those areas, they see your landscape. It's the curb appeal theory that I'm talking about. Some buyers will decide based on the look of the outside of your home whether they'll even bother to come inside.
If your front yard is cluttered, your exterior paint is chipped, driveway cracked, you'll find that the for sale sign in your yard won't attract as many buyers as it could if you spent some time to clean up and create curb … (2 comments)

sharon: Tips: Get The Most Out Of Small Kitchens - 06/14/21 05:45 AM
Many people complain about small kitchens but tiny spaces aren't always to be dreaded. If you're selling your home and your kitchen is, well, compact, know that you can find ways to achieve big appeal with a little creativity.
Bring in the light. Sometimes small kitchens can be dark, making them feel even smaller. But if you remove the curtains from any windows in your small kitchen, it'll let light in and open up the area. Instead of curtains, you can use small blinds that are recessed inside the frame of the window. These are easy to clean and still provide some … (2 comments)

sharon: Sellers: Avoid The Downside of Hot Markets - 06/07/21 04:47 AM
Are real estate values on the rise in your neighborhood? Do you feel under siege from real estate professionals who have eager buyers interested in your property?
Before you get swept away with the promise of a record sale price for your house, condominium unit, or recreational property, there is an important question to ask yourself:
What housing choices will I have after selling?
When eager buyers outnumber listings, that's a hot sellers' market. This buyer competition creates the best opportunity to cash in your real estate for a big profit. Other bonuses include:
Receiving an acceptable offer in only a few days or … (4 comments)

sharon: Landscaping to Improve Resale: Tips w/i Your Desired Price Point - 06/04/21 04:26 AM
As the weather starts to heat up each Spring, so too does the housing market. Spring is an optimal time to get your house ready to sell. The first thing that potential buyers will see of your home is the landscaping, so make a great first impression with beautiful outdoor spaces. An investment in landscaping can help sell your home faster and for more money. There are simple projects at every price point that can help you achieve great curb-appeal.
Inexpensive $
1. Keep the Lawn Well-Manicured
The easiest and most obvious landscape project when hoping to sell your home is to get your … (4 comments)

sharon: Tips To Saving Money On Your Next Move - 05/27/21 05:55 AM
Buying a house and moving in is gonna cost you. There's no way around it. Right? Well, actually, there may just be a way to make it not quite so painful. A willingness to negotiate and put in a little work plus a little inside info on special deals you can take advantage of can help you cut some costs. Here are eight ways to save money on your move and move in.
1. Don't take it all with you
Furniture you're no longer in love with or appliances like washers and dryers or the fridge you have in the garage can be … (1 comments)

sharon: Tips To Stage Your Home While You Live In It - 05/24/21 04:43 AM
In a study performed by a top real estate agency in the country, it was determined that homes that have been beautifully staged sold for approximately six percent above the asking price on average. Furthermore, the estimated time on the market was cut in half. In addition, approximately 81 percent of home buyers surveyed in a separate survey stated that it was easier for them to visualize the home as their own when the home was staged.
As powerful as these statistics are, you may be faced with the dilemma of trying to stage the home while continuing to live in it. … (3 comments)

sharon: Tips To Handle The Stress Of Selling Your Home - 05/18/21 05:44 AM
Three things are certain in life: death, taxes ... and undue stress caused by moving. Whether or not you use the services of a REALTOR® to help you wade through the uncertain waters of the buy-and-sell process, moving is stressful, period. And there's not much you can do to avoid it. And we're not just talking about packing and paperwork. Moving is an emotional process. If your'e not calming down your nervous children, you're trying to reassure yourself that you'll meet people in your new neighborhood, that you bought the best house within your means, and that your kids' new schools … (1 comments)

sharon: Tips For Creating A Luxe Bedroom - 05/17/21 05:03 AM
Creating a relaxing, romantic retreat of a bedroom is the goal, but it's not as easy as just loading the furniture in and making the bed. Many people find that even with beautiful pieces and great space, their bedroom is still lacking that something special. A few tips and the right mix can make you feel more serene, help you sleep better, and even make you feel more amorous in your private sanctuary.
Get the lighting right
You don't want to feel like you're being interrogated in the bedroom. Super bright lights don't set the mood, nor are they useful for helping you … (1 comments)

sharon: Financial Don'ts When Getting Ready To Buy A Home - 05/13/21 05:59 AM
If you're in the process of buying a home, you've probably already met with a lender who advised you on what to do and what not to do during the escrow process. But if you're just getting ready to buy or plan on doing so in the near future, following a few financial tips can mean the difference between qualifying...and not, and also getting a decent rate. These are a few universal "don'ts" that will help you stay on track, even before you get a lender involved.
Don't take out more credit
If you're thinking you're going to buy a house in a … (3 comments)

sharon: Are Prefab Homes About to Have Their Day? Amazon Thinks So. - 05/10/21 05:03 AM
For some people, the idea of prefab homes gives the impression of something you might live in because you have to, not because you choose to. Or, they’re lumped in with mobile homes in a sort of sub-home category. But are prefabs about to have their day? They are if Amazon has anything to say about it.
The company has made its first investment in a homebuilder, partially funding startup Plant Prefab through its Alexa Fund—which has typically been used for injecting money into voice tech—in a move that Architectural Digest called “game-changing.”
Indeed, Business Insider, among others, mused that this is the … (4 comments)

sharon: Home Buyer Assumptions Are Expensive - 05/06/21 05:54 AM
Based on what John and Lee (privacy protected) learned about real estate from friends and online searches, these first-time buyers believed that location is less important than price.
Do they know what they're talking about?
John and Lee currently rent a spacious apartment in the city where they both work. They thoroughly enjoy their urban, walkable neighborhood and its proximity to work and to all that matters to them.
Ready to move onto the next phase of their lives, the couple recently decided it's time to invest in real estate. They are attracted to a less-pricy real estate market in the smaller, more-rural center … (1 comments)

sharon: 5 Tips For The Best Granite Countertops - 05/05/21 05:32 AM
The interior design industry has been trying for years to break homeowners' addiction to granite counters. They've introduced stainless, concrete, glass, quartz, wood, marble and other ideas to wean people away, but the alternative surfaces just don't have the luxury look that granite does.
If you're getting granite countertops for the first time, here are five things you need to know:
Choose the right stone. Granite is a general term that describes a type of granular igneous rock formed by cooled magma and indigenous minerals. Depending on where the granite is quarried, it can be stunning with streaks of gray, pink, red, green, … (4 comments)

sharon: A Regional Guide to Staging Your Outdoor Space - 05/03/21 04:56 AM
Indoor-outdoor living is a concept that's becoming ever more important to homebuyers. And no matter where in the US you live or when you want to sell, you can stage your outdoor space to show buyers how they can make the most of it year-round.
With so many gorgeous days on the calendar, a great outdoor space is a must on most homebuyers' wish lists in this part of the country. But the region - which ranges from Arizona to parts of Louisiana - is challenged by extreme heat. To help buyers imagine how to beat that heat, be sure your outdoor … (3 comments)

sharon: Tips To Keep Your Home Show-Ready At All Times - 04/29/21 05:43 AM
Once your home goes on the market, real estate agents may call to show your home anytime, day or evening. Keeping your home "showtime" ready can be challenging, especially if you have children and pets.
What you need to stay organized is a handy checklist so you can be ready to show at any time. When you get the call that buyers are on their way, give everyone in the household a basket and assign them each to a room to pick up clutter quickly. Set a timer and tell everyone to grab up any toys on the floor, clear tabletops and … (4 comments)

sharon: Building Home Equity Now - 04/29/21 05:40 AM
There are three ways to build equity, or ownership, when you buy a home. One is to put money down in a down payment. The second is to pay your lender back, and the third is to take advantage of market upswings.
It's no secret that market momentum has been helping homeowners for a few years. Sales volume is still climbing, says the National Association of REALTORS®. You can still take advantage of low housing supplies and low interest rates to invest in a home.
One way to build equity is to put more money down on the home you want to buy. … (1 comments)

sharon: Is Now The Right Time For A Kitchen Remodel? - 04/27/21 06:25 AM
It's totally normal for those kitchen remodeling pangs to go crazy during the holidays. If you've spent time at a friend or family member's house that has a freshly updated kitchen, you may be feeling a little envious. If you hosted over the holidays, your kitchen's shortcomings may be top of mind. But is this the best time of year to finally go ahead with that remodel? It may just be.
"Many people think spring and summer are the best times to do a remodel because the temperature is warm and can be beneficial for the work crew especially if they have … (1 comments)

sharon: Does Adding A Gym In Your Home Add Any Value? - 04/26/21 05:23 AM
It's that time of year again. Seemingly everyone is dedicating the next few days, weeks, and months to getting in better shape. That being said, traditional gyms are absurdly crowded right now and will most likely be for the next few months.
So how about just building one in your home? Sounds expensive and it probably will be as exercise equipment is both pricey and difficult to move. That being said, as a society we are very unhealthy and many of us are overweight. To combat this there has been a plethora of movements to help prevent obesity. One such movement has … (3 comments)

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