orlando: Orlando Ranks in Top 40 Best Places to Live in the USA - 10/21/13 04:22 AM

Continuing to confirm what we already knew, Livability.com ranked Orlando among the top 40 of its 100 Best Places to Live list. Claiming high scores due to its numerous restaurants and amenities, as well as top quality health care facilities and solid civic and social capital, Orlando ranked an impressive 39th in the list, beating out other favorites like Tacoma, Washington; Santa Monica, California; and Aurora, Colorado.
The Top 100 Best Places to Live list was compiled through a partnership between Livability.com and the Martin Prosperity Institute. They examined eight categories through which to rank the cities, including economics, housing, amenities, infrastructure, education, health care, demographics, … (1 comments)

orlando: Orlando Single Family Homes Show Highest Gains in April - 05/28/13 04:33 AM
Single-family homes in Orlando sold for higher values than almost every other area in Florida during April, showcasing Central Florida's continued recovery and popularity in the real estate market. In total, the median price for single-family homes reached $161,000, which is an impressive 20.1 percent increase from just a year ago. This keeps stride with the median value of Florida's 20 largest metropolitan areas, which reached $165,000 and a 17.4 percent increase over the year prior.
While single-family home price increases stole the spotlight last month, Orlando's condo and townhome prices also showed impressive growth. Condos and townhome prices rose approximately 16.4 … (0 comments)

orlando: College Park Dancing on the Drive 2013 - 05/08/13 05:00 AM

Dancing on the Drive is nearly upon us! One of College Park's signature events, Dancing on the Drive is a great way to cut loose and check out the community. Taking place this Saturday, May 11th, from 6 to 11 p.m., Dancing on the Drive continues its proud tradition of great music, great food, and great fun!
Dancing on the Drive is put on by the College Park Partnership, who describe the event as "a street party featuring a DJ, dancing, food and drinks. Everyone will be dancing along Edgewater Drive to the sounds of the 60s through today's hits." … (0 comments)

orlando: Lake Nona Luxury Homes - 12/17/12 02:32 AM
Find full lisings for Lake Nona Luxury Homes here at our website!
Lake Nona is a 7,000-acre master planned community, meticulously designed so that homeowners not only live in their dream home, but also in their dream neighborhood. One of the most enchanting elements of this neighborhood the abounding natural landscapes, covering over 40% of the community. In fact, as Lake Nona is so rich in undulated conservation areas, pristine lakes, woodlands and wetlands it has proudly earned itself a place in the Primary Conservation Network. Living in Lake Nona, not only will you be able to experience its exquisite natural beauty from your very doorstep, you’ll … (0 comments)

orlando: Downtown and Thornton Park Luxury Real Estate - 12/06/12 04:20 AM
See all downtown and Thornton Park Luxury Real Estate Listings!
Downtown Orlando encapsulates the modern and thriving lifestyle of Central Florida through its extraordinary selections of fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and outdoor environments. Chief among these areas are the lovely communities surrounding Lake Eola Park and the chic and sophisticated Thornton Park. The homes in this area offer splendid surroundings and rich architectural history, making this one of the most coveted markets in the entire Orlando area.
You can tell you’ve arrived at Lake Eola Park when you see its signature Centennial Fountain, which is also regarded as the emblem of … (0 comments)

orlando: Winter Park and Baldwin Park Luxury Homes - 11/30/12 02:51 AM
See all Winter Park and Baldwin Park Luxury Home Listings!
Winter Park and Baldwin Park are affluent neighborhoods abounding with regal mansions, sophisticated villas and luxurious estate homes. It’s not surprising that so many of the finest Central Florida real estate is located here as it is rich with fine cuisine, a unique range of boutiques, charming brick paved roads and a vibrant community spirit with a wealth culture.
Downtown Winter Park is modeled after an idealistic 19th century London. Brick laid roads, mature oak trees and old world lamp posts pave the way through upscale boutiques such as Earth Inspired … (0 comments)

orlando: College Park Luxury Homes - 11/29/12 03:34 AM
See all available listings for College Park Luxury Homes
College Park is a superb mixture of historical housing and architecture with a modern and trendy subculture. If you’ve always longed to live in a historical home or simply adore certain aspects from other architectural eras, then you’re sure to find your dream home in College Park.  Living in College Park, you will experience a rich and diverse culture that only a modern inner city lifestyle can provide. This area offers a diverse range of gourmet cuisine, a unique shopping experience, a historical golf course, over seven art galleries and pristine ski-lakes … (0 comments)

orlando: Orlando Home Inventory Falls as Demand Rises - 11/28/12 03:27 AM
Favorable market conditions are returning to Central Florida, spearheaded largely by a dramatic increase in purchased homes in Orlando. Home sales rose 14 percent over the year in October, alongside an average price increase of 9.24 percent. This makes the 16th consecutive month where median home prices have shown a positive gain.“We’ve seen significant, steady improvements in sales and median price throughout 2012, and Orlando’s housing market recovery should continue through the coming years,” said Orlando Regional Realtor® Association Chairman Stephen Baker.Homes are spending less time on the market, with an average of 79 days in October versus 106 days a … (0 comments)

orlando: Windermere, Dr. Phillips, and Disney Area Luxury Homes - 11/14/12 01:37 AM

To find active listings in Dr. Phillips and Windermere, visit our site!
Surrounding the world famous Walt Disney World are a plethora of affluent mansions, waterfront properties and estate homes. The most prominent of these upscale abodes can be found in the prestigious Windermere and Dr Phillips neighborhoods. These elite neighborhoods are often considered the finest communities within the Florida real estate market. They are also conveniently close to the metropolitan Downtown Orlando area.
Windermere was announced as the number one “town of choice” for families with children to live within all of Florida, according to NeighborhoodScout. These accolades are … (2 comments)

orlando: Holiday on the Drive! - 11/08/12 04:25 AM

The College Park Partnership will continue their tradition of spreading holiday cheer by putting on their annual Holiday on the Drive celebration on November 29th. This community event takes place right outside our office on Edgewater Drive, and is a great way to get to know neighbors and some of the excellent businesses and restaurants in the area.Promising live music, holiday-themed children’s activities, and entertainment, Holiday on the Drive looks to be a great way to start the season. This year even promises horse-drawn wagon rides to really capture that nostalgic feel.It’s expected that, as last year, Holiday on the … (1 comments)

orlando: A World Too Big for Just a Mouse - 10/29/12 01:52 AM

Despite what the marketing wizards at The House of Mouse might lead you to believe, there really is a much wider world immediately outside of the theme parks in Central Florida that is just as vibrant and worthy of your time to explore.Today, the Orlando Business Journal posted a couple of great articles discussing the growing Eco-Tourism scene in Central Florida. Only about one-quarter of the 55 million tourists that visit the region participate in natural excursions. Considering the sheer amount of natural parks and environments there are to explore here, that is a figure that is much lower than … (0 comments)

orlando: Orlando Soars as Third Fastest-Growing Market for International Travel - 10/26/12 01:10 AM
Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s... it’s actually a whole lot of planes... I mean... wow! Look at them all!The skies above Orlando International Airport have been a bit more crowded lately, as reported in this Orlando Sentinel story. The Brookings Institution ran a study showing that 5.4 million people flew to and from Orlando from international destinations, a 60% increase from 2003, and making it the third fastest growing market for international travel.Of particular note is the finding that travel between Latin America and Orlando increased by nearly 3x over the last eight years. … (0 comments)

orlando: RE/MAX Exclusive Collection Directs Huge Buyer Initiative - 10/21/12 11:41 PM
Michael Kara Selected to be Buying Broker for a Large Investment Fund
ORLANDO, Florida - October 19, 2012 - RE/MAX Exclusive Collection announced that it is leading a brand new buyer campaign of single family homes throughout Central Florida at the behest of a private investment fund looking for properties in the region. RE/MAX Exclusive Collection CEO Michael Kara was selected to be the buying broker for the investment fund, which has so far raised over $300 million.“This is an incredible opportunity for sellers, and really for all of Central Florida,” said Kara. “The amount of homes we are looking to … (0 comments)

orlando: College Park Jazz Fest - 10/19/12 04:51 AM

We have always prided ourselves on residing in one of the classiest parts of Orlando. Edgewater Drive is host to some great restaurants and shopping near the downtown area, and there are always great events going on throughout the year. And one of the best examples of this is the upcoming College Park Jazz Fest on October 20th.The College Park Partnership is pulling all the stops on this year’s Jazz Fest, which marks its 11th annual occurrence. This laid-back and relaxing celebration invites residents and visitors alike to pack a great meal, bring a comfortable chair, and enjoy the five-hour, … (2 comments)

orlando: Princeton Elementary Renovations Complete! - 09/05/12 01:40 AM
After over a year of construction work, Princeton Elementary reopened for the new school year with a flourish that could only be brought upon by a much-needed $19.4 million infusion of new buildings, resources, and renovations.A fixture in the College Park community since its founding in 1926, Princeton Elementary has distinguished itself as a pre-K through 5th grade school with facilities for the visually impaired. It has also maintained a high academic achievement record, a recent example demonstrated by last year’s third graders having the district’s highest FCAT reading scores.Now, with the renovations completed, Princeton Elementary looks to continue the trend … (0 comments)

orlando: Florida is Third Highest Foreclosure State - 08/17/12 12:46 AM
Despite decreasing numbers of late mortgage payments across the nation, there are several areas in the country where foreclosures are still occurring with record numbers.RealtyTrac reported that July was the third month in a row where figures showed an increase of foreclosure rates. This has been an unfortunate reversal in what had been up till then a year of steady decreases.In particular, foreclosures seem to be happening in several key markets throughout the United States. Florida claimed the number three spot in states with the highest foreclosure rates, averaging about one in every 352 housing units. Only Arizona, with one in … (0 comments)

orlando: President Obama’s Home Affordable Refinance Program - HARP - 10/26/11 10:10 AM
President Obama’s Home Affordable Refinance Program - HARP
The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced big changes to its Home Affordable Refinance Program on October 24th, 2011.
If you’re under water on your mortgage, you may be eligible to refinance your current mortgage with a new low interest mortgage without paying down your principal and without having to pay mortgage insurance.
The complete program guidelines will not be fully released until November 15, 2011 and lenders will start working with this new program around December 1st, 2011.  Here are the details of the new Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).
HARP was started … (0 comments)

orlando: EVERYONE Qualifies for a Short Sale - 10/25/11 03:04 AM
“I won’t qualify for a short sale.”
This is one of the biggest myths out there, and it’s one that I hear from people all the time.  They think that they won’t qualify for a short sale because they have high income and excellent credit.  The fact is, all homeowners have the right to ask for mortgage forgiveness, no matter how high their income is or how great their credit is.  The “too big to fail” banks are receiving billions of taxpayer money for bailouts; this same bailout courtesy should be passed down to help the very same people who pay … (0 comments)

orlando: Short Sale Success Story! - 10/05/11 08:38 AM
Short Sale Success Story:Save your credit, short sale your property, and get paid to do it!
Many people feel trapped by their home because they know the value has dropped below the mortgage amount, but they don't want to miss a payment for fear of credit damage.  Most homeowners feel that since they are able to make their payments, they wouldn't qualify for a short sale, nor government incentives.
Recently, a family in the 32828 zip code reached out to us because I helped a friend of theirs and they wanted my opinion on selling their home, due to the fact that relocating … (2 comments)

orlando: HAFA Short Sale Approved in 23 Days - WHOA! - 08/30/11 10:09 AM
I'm holding the approval letter in my hand!
Typically, a short sale approval takes anywhere from 45 to 60 days, and when the file has to go through the rigerous HAFA portion of the process, it can take an ADDITIONAL 30 to 45 days.  However, the HAFA program is such a great thing for our sellers that it's worth the extra time.
My short sale team just got a Bank United short sale approved - WITH HAFA - in 23 days.  We will be closing at the end of September and the sellers will get $3000 at closing for moving expenses.  Don't … (3 comments)

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