mount horeb: Mt. Horeb October Market News - 11/19/08 11:21 PM
As my idol in St. Paul likes to say, the following statistics are from our Southwestern Wisconsin MLS and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
If you'd like to receive these monthly stats for your community or neighborhood, shoot me an email and I'll put you on my list!
Mt. Horeb
8 homes sold Average sale price of $262,780 (about 96% of list)
4 of those 8 were $300,000+
Additional 6 homes have accepted offers or offers pending
8 homes sold
Average  sale price of $307,087 (about 97% of list)
6 homes about $300,000 or more
Additional 9 homes with … (0 comments)

mount horeb: Is Mt. Horeb Recession Proof? - 11/19/08 11:19 PM
In case you missed the article in last week's Mt. Horeb Mail, you can click here to read!  Realtors speak out about local housing market.

mount horeb: Showing your house 101 - 09/10/08 01:34 AM
I was hoping that HGTV had disspelled the myth that the smell of freshly baked cookies or the right scented candle was the key to a successful showing or open house.  Unfortunately, there are still some people stuck in that mode.  There are really only TWO things within a sellers control for a  positive open house: 
1)  You must overly clean your house.  I don't mean just vacuum and dust.  I mean degrime your faucets, clean the tile grout, the burner pans on your oven, the handles on your frigerator door--clean it all.  It is a must in today's competitive market! 
2)  Declutter.  Some … (0 comments)

mount horeb: More on Gas Price Impact on Madison Area Suburban Sales - 08/13/08 12:00 AM
The Wisconsin State Journal published an article yesterday (Tuesday, August 12) about the impact gas prices have had on Suburban Home prices.  I still stand by my original post.
Here's the link:
Make sure to read the feedback forum that follows the article.  There are also some cool links in an inset box to check out--especially the chart that has commuting costs vs. lower home prices!!

mount horeb: Gas Prices Effecting Suburb Sales? - 08/06/08 12:11 AM
A couple weeks back, the Capital Times published an article called "Bust Times for the 'Burbs" about how gas prices were causing people to buy closer to metropolitan areas to avoid commute times.My first inclination was to completely agree that this may be true, especially when I look at the great little communities of Blue Mounds and Barneveld, communities that have great value in home prices but are seeing a very slow market.I also was tending to agree because I am one of those workers that has the fortunate opportunity to work from home to avoid the cost of gas and … (1 comments)

mount horeb: First Time Homebuyers MUST Read - 08/05/08 12:17 PM
Have you heard about the newly enacted legislation crediting first time home buyers $7500 on their taxes??
Read more about it here!
There are some income limits ($95,000 for individuals, $170,000 for couples), but in general there doesn't seem like a lot of hoops to jump through.?
Not sure what a "tax credit" is?? Check out #11 on the Frequently Asked Questions of that website.
I'd take it!!

mount horeb: Mt. Horeb Rated #1 Suburb - 08/03/08 12:52 AM
Mt. Horeb has flown under the radar as a great place to live for years, but now it's official.  Madison Magazine rated it the #1 Madison suburb.  The magazine looked at things such as population, crime rate, property taxes, housing, appreciation, culture, schools and government services.
If someone asked me why Mt. Horeb is a great place to live I would give you the following top 3 reasons:
Schools:  AMAZING teachers and low class sizes have equaled a great educational experience for kids Rec Department:  Parent volunteers play a large part in the great sport/activity offering from our rec department.  Soccer, baseball, gymnastics, … (1 comments)

mount horeb: Mt. Horeb Neighborhood Statistics - 05/27/08 07:26 AM
Few Mt. Horeb Neighborhoods and Median Sale Prices
All statistics from Southwestern Wisconsin MLS.  Deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
Valley View Heights: $304,000 Hickory Hills:  $314,900 (only one home sold) Sutter Prairie Ridge:  $282,500 (all but one were brand new homes) North Cape Commons:  $295,000 (all brand new) Vista Ridge:  $222,000 (all about 10 yrs old and 2100 sf and under) Kara View Heights:  $215,000 (20-30 yr old homes) Nordic Hills:  $278,900 Trotter Glen:  $250,476 Brookstone Ridge:  $247,700 There are many neighborhoods in Mt. Horeb.  These are just some of the "subdivisions" in town.  If you'd like to know something more … (0 comments)

mount horeb: Do you want to sell your house? - 05/27/08 07:24 AM
I showed many homes this weekend and here's a taste of what we experienced:
A Five year old home that felt 30 and smelled like cat. A lawn so overgrown with dandelions, the work involved to get it under control was overwhelming. A home that still had Christmas decorations up (actually I was in one with Halloween too this weekend). A home with so much mail and clutter (even the shower stall was full) that we couldn't see the house. Realtors that didn't return call requests for a showing One of my clients said as we left the Christmas decoration house:  … (1 comments)

mount horeb: Mt. Horeb Area Market Update - 04/16/08 03:24 AM
The 1st quarter in real estate has ended and the stats are in, and everybody loves the stats. The following statistics are from the South Central Wisconsin MLS and, to quote my favorite blogger, they are deemed reliable but are not guaranteed. The problem with market snapshots like these is that there are a number of ways to look at the market.  This particular view is by school district.  In some respects, I'm comparing apples to oranges because I know some of these homes are in the city and some in the country.  But then I could factor in all sorts … (0 comments)

mount horeb: Dear Sellers, Love Buyers - 04/12/08 02:49 AM
Sellers, I hate to tell you but there are few things that no buyer is desiring at this point.  I'm not trying to offend you, but it's the truth, and if you change them, you are likely to get your home sold sooner and closer to your list price.  I know it's not what you want to hear, but as a Realtor who works primarily with buyers, I'm telling you what they are feeling.
Wallpaper. Not one of my buyers has ever walked into a wall papered home and said "I love it".  Ever.  Buyers look at wallpaper and see a bunch … (0 comments)

mount horeb: What's happening in the Mt. Horeb Real Estate Market? - 03/13/08 02:03 PM
Mt. Horeb is a small community about 25 minutes West of Madison, WI.  Over the past few years, there has been a lot of development--a lot of new construction, new subdivisions, new businesses--but the core of the city remains historic and quaint.
Currently Mt. Horeb School District (including Blue Mounds and the smaller feeding townships)  has about 118 listings with 11 properties closed in Jan and Feb. 2008.  There are currenlty 11 additional properties that have accepted offers. 
Mt. Horeb was reassessed in 2006 with 2007 assessment values indicating over 100% of fair market value.
If you are interested in moving to the … (0 comments)

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