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Sometimes getting "Straight A's" isn't a good thing.  Sometimes it can actually hurt, and many kids never get over it.I can remember it now.  Just like it was yesterday.  Me and Ann Marie Zeitz.  We were always the last two standing in the "spell-downs" in the third grade at St Jerome's Catholic ...
OK... here it is.  It's my almost obligatory post on both announcing and congratulating myself that with my last post entitled On Becoming Ourselves... Psychology Meets the Laws of Physics I admit to being "Over The Hill."  I have achieved that magical prize, that feat among feats... of reaching ...
Before I began my Real Estate Career... I taught seventh and eighth grade in the Cleveland Catholic Schools. One of the programs stressed in our school was called "Becoming A Person." The main tenet of this program was pretty much as the title stated... we... each of us... are all in the process ...
I just finished writing a comment on someone's post, and used both the word "scurrilous" and the word "invective" in writing that comment.  After noticing that I used those two words... I then wrote the following:Wow... there are two words that go all the way back to when I was teaching vocabular...

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