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I wasn't expecting this to happen.  Not at all.  It came out of left field... way out... near the warning track. I was reading the New York Times online, and there was a story about the New York State Senate's highest-ranking Republican... Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno.   Bruno Won’t See...
I just read a post written by Rebecca Levinson entitled  You don't have to bend over backward to pay it forward .  I felt so good about what Rebecca had to say, I wanted to share my comment to her... with you. Rebecca:  I cannot tell you how great it is to finally read about someone who believes ...
For some reason, in addition to the national media continuing to paint the entire country with the ultra-negative news that is mostly happening in four states... California, Florida, Arizona and Nevada... too many individual Realtor agents also do not seem to be able to tell the difference betwee...
I have seen many Active Rainers write about the high price of gasoline, and or course... complain about it.  Most say they are driving less, and are trying to do the various things they can to keep their mileage to a minimum.  Now, I know there are many things we can all do to minimize trips to t...
Another doom and gloom report was issued by the Mortgage Bankers Association today, Thursday, June 5, 2008.  As usual, the headlines of this article blare "Home Foreclosures Soar to New Record." It is just one more blatant example of the media painting the nation's real estate market with a very ...
In California, conservative religious and legal groups had asked the California Supreme Court to delay the implementation of it's previous order authorizing the legalizing of same-sex marriages in the state.  It had said that the refusal to allow same sex marriages was clearly a case of discrimin...

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