hbc group kw: Reston Real Estate Market Up for 2017 - 01/31/18 11:48 AM
The number of real estate transaction in Reston closed out the year 3% greater in 2017 than in 2016.  In comparison to the 2007 market just one decade ago, the number is up 7%.  This is significant as 2007 was the last peak year in Northern Virginia for real estate. Anytime there are more buyers than the previous year indicates an environment for potential price appreciation, which is very good news as we look towards the 2018 spring season.
Breaking down into price segments, most price segments performed better or remained steady in 2017 compared to 2016 and the benchmark year of … (2 comments)

hbc group kw: Housing "Black Friday" and the New Year - 12/27/17 07:36 PM
The holiday season is in the past and the New Year is upon us. While many are still in celebration mode active professional real estate agents are busy. It happens that "Housing Black Friday" is frequently the first Friday after Christmas. That's right, immediately after the holiday people began actively searching for homes. I have several theories for this phenomenon.In many cases people have been busy entertaining guests over the holiday season. All of the flaws of the home have become that much more apparent. People decide that next year they are going to do something about it. Moving becomes the … (0 comments)

hbc group kw: All in the Family! - 12/13/17 02:04 PM
“All in the Family” is a sitcom circa 1970’s. As the purchase and sale of a home has such significant ramifications, I’ve found that in almost all cases there are peripheral people involved. Usually it is family members but also there can be financial advisors, close friends, neighbors and business associates. All seem to have an opinion on what the client should be doing. And like the telephone game of old, that message can come through to the agent in a distorted fashion. This being during the holiday season, seems like an appropriate time to discuss how it affects the purchase … (3 comments)

hbc group kw: It's a Wonderful Life and Profession - 12/06/17 02:07 PM
It is a tradition in our family every year during the holiday season to watch the Frank Capra classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In fact I’ve seen it so many times that I can quote word-for-word many of the scenes. Perhaps it is because of all the real estate lessons contained within!
The heart of why it is so meaningful for me to be a real estate agent is played out in the scene where the family is at the dinner table. George Bailey’s younger brother Harry is preparing for a party that he is trying to get his big brother to … (29 comments)

hbc group kw: Yes Virginia, there is a real estate market - 11/29/17 12:17 PM
DEAR EDITOR:  I am a Seller of a home in Northern Virginia.  Some of my friends say that this is not a good market to sell real estate.  Others say, “If you see it in the HBC Group-Keller Williams articles, you can believe it.”  Please tell me the truth; is this a good time to be in the market?
Yes, Virginia, this is a great time to be in the market in Northern Virginia.  Virginia, your friends are wrong.  They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age.  In many sub-markets of the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and suburban Maryland … (1 comments)

hbc group kw: Pause to Express Thanks! - 11/22/17 08:43 PM
Thanksgiving is a holiday special to America, although other countries too have adopted the concept of a day of gratitude. In a desire to live a more purposeful live, I am taking the time to pause and express thanks!
First, I thank all of the clients and customers over the year that we have been given the privilege and pleasure to work with. On an average annual basis it is usually around one hundred families and over the years has grown into the thousands. It is because of clients that we can proclaim the Keller Williams motto:  “A career worth having, a … (5 comments)

hbc group kw: Should Home Sellers Decorate for the Holiday Season? - 11/15/17 09:50 AM
The holiday season for many people begins at Thanksgiving and extends through December until after the first of the year. Many Sellers that have their home on the market wonder if they should decorate their home for the holidays.
Holiday decorations can contribute to a home feeling warm and friendly. Further special decorating can show different uses for spaces and features of the home. Lights can accent areas that may be “lost” to darkness and cheer up the front of a home in the bleak mid-winter season.
What has been found best is that the client should proceed with what the family normally … (0 comments)

hbc group kw: Why Sell Now in the Fall? - 11/02/17 09:21 AM
The primary reason why an owner should sell real estate is because it is the right time for their particular situation.  In any given market at any given time there are buyers ready, willing and able to purchase real estate.  However, many Sellers want to “time the market” thinking that if they do so they will optimize what they will realize on the sale of their home.  As a professional Realtor®, I’m frequently asked the question:  “Why sell in the fall?  Should I wait until the spring?”
This past week I listed a home in McLean, Virginia for $970,000.  When I met … (4 comments)

hbc group kw: Where We Live: Woodside Estates - 10/26/17 10:22 AM
Woodside Estates is a community of around 200 homes in McLean 22102. Woodside Estates features many large homes of varying styles on spacious lots. The origin of the neighborhood is from the 1950s, but with the amazing location, Woodside Estates is a target for frequent new builds. The neighborhood is heavily wooded throughout giving it a secluded private feel while only being minutes from Tysons Corner malls. The neighborhood features the private Woodside Lake, a frequent destination of residents.
When you enter this neighborhood, right off the beltway and a stone’s throw from Tyson Corner and Galleria malls, you don’t feel like … (0 comments)

hbc group kw: Where We Live: Bryn Mawr - 10/18/17 10:24 AM
Bryn Mawr (Also known as McLean Manor) is a large Suburban neighborhood consisting of over 150 homes in McLean, 22101. There have been 4 sales in the last year ranging from $825,000 to $1,489,000. Bryn Mawr includes Single Family Houses of various styles and ages. The community was founded and some of the original homes were built in the 20s, but the neighborhood is frequently the target of new builds. Along with the many traditional styles of homes, the neighborhood also has some architecturally unique homes as well. A key benefit to this community is the high-ranking public schools as well … (0 comments)

hbc group kw: Good Schools can Equate to Higher Residential Real Estate Market Value - 08/30/17 09:00 AM
School is back in session for most students in the fall.  One of the key factors that contribute to the market value for residential real estate is the quality of the public schools.  The local public school can be an even larger factor than style, age and size of the home. Public school district falls into the category of location, because in the majority of cases the school is location dependent.  Test scores, which translate into ranking, is the indicator that many people rely on to determine whether a school is considered good.  So even if the owner does not need … (3 comments)

hbc group kw: Where We Live: Timberlake Estates - Great Falls - 08/23/17 01:08 PM
Timberlake Estates is a cluster of ~110 homes on the outskirts of Great Falls, nestled between Georgetown Pike and Route 7. Residents often choose to live here due to its private living near to DC. It enjoys proximity to beautiful Great Falls park as well as Tysons Corner Mall and Galleria. Commuters will appreciate the easy access to 495 as well as access to two major airports – Reagan National to the east, and Dulles International to the south-west. Residents attend Forestville Elementary, Cooper Middle, and highly acclaimed Langley High School. Timberlake Estates is separated into North and South. The North … (0 comments)

hbc group kw: Where We Live: Broyhill Estates - 08/16/17 01:38 PM
Broyhills McLean Estates is a neighborhood located between Dolley Madison Boulevard and Chain Bridge Road near Downtown McLean. The residents appreciate the convenient proximity to Tyson’s Corner Mall and Galleria, Washington DC, and Arlington. Commuters here can take advantage of easy access to I-495 and 2 major airports – Reagan National to the east and Dulles International to the west. Broyhills McLean Estates residents attend the McLean School Pyramid which includes both Kent Gardens and Franklin Sherman Elementary Schools, Longfellow Middle, and McLean High School. Residents enjoy convenience to several Grocery stores, McLean High School, and Lewinsville Park which features a local Farmers … (0 comments)

hbc group kw: Where We Live: Chain Bridge Forest - 08/09/17 01:38 PM
Chain Bridge Forest is an enclave of 210 single family homes spanning both McLean (Fairfax County) and Arlington, Virginia. The neighborhood is 1 light to DC and close to downtown Arlington, Falls Church City, downtown McLean and Tysons. The Chain Bridge is right up the road, and the Palisades is 5 minutes by car! Residents come from all over the world to enjoy the convenience of a close-in DC suburb, access to top rated schools and a variety of beautifully built homes.
VitalsDeveloped primarily in the 1960s and 1970s, Chain Bridge Forest is best known for rolling streets with sidewalks and homes … (0 comments)

hbc group kw: Chapters as part of the Life Story of People Buying and Selling Homes - 07/26/17 07:23 AM

Chapters are a component of a book, not the entire story.  Even though it is of a finite length, it is an essential element. If an author were to leave a chapter out, then the story line would be significantly altered or effected. Real estate agents step into a client’s story as a chapter in their life.  At the time it is often overwhelming and thus may feel as though it is the predominant theme.  In the end though, it is a natural progression for the client to move on in their life journey.
The real estate agent helps buyers and sellers … (3 comments)

hbc group kw: Decisions, Decisions - 07/12/17 07:08 AM
A move precipitates countless decisions: what possessions to go to the next home, what to sell, and what to give away.  In many cases people become paralyzed about the number of decisions.  This is where the concepts in “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up” by Marie Kondo become a fabulous resource.  Kondo’s clarifying question is:  “What sparks joy for you personally?  And what doesn’t?”  
In many cases I have found people have become burdened by all of the stuff in their life.  The desire and purpose of moving can sometimes be to force the decision process on what to do with … (4 comments)

hbc group kw: Real Estate Market Strong First Half 2017 - 07/03/17 07:24 AM
The real estate market in McLean and Great Falls remains strong in the first half of 2017 over 2016 in every segment except one. The number of transactions was up 12% over the first half of 2017 for the same time period in 2016. Going back to compare to the 2007 market over one decade ago, the number is up 29%. This is good news as the market closes out the spring selling season and we enter into the summertime. The last peak year in Northern Virginia was 2007. All price segments performed better or remained steady in the first half … (2 comments)

hbc group kw: 3 Ways Real Estate Settlements in June is like Travel at Thanksgiving - 06/29/17 08:49 AM
Our team’s “under contract” board is full this time of year as we have a concentration of settlements around the 4th of July holiday. Last year we actually had 6 settlements on one day. For a team that sells on average 2 houses a week, that stood out! We send a “happy home anniversary” card to past clients and towards the end of June and early July, the number of cards increases considerably. It made me think of how similar it is to being at the airport around Thanksgiving when people travel to visit family and friends.
There are three key factors … (2 comments)

hbc group kw: Generation Gap - 06/21/17 10:59 AM
Father’s Day was just a few weeks ago and 4th of July is around the corner!  Holidays are often a time when family members get together and can catch up over burgers on the grill.  It is also an opportunity to open up conversations about housing needs.  The generation gap strongly impacts the real estate industry.  The Baby Boomer generation represents the largest population in the United States and the Millennial generation is the first projected to pass them up.  Generation X lies in the valley between, referred to as the “middle child.”
Although Millennials are now the largest age cohort in the … (2 comments)

hbc group kw: Who is your Super Hero? - 06/14/17 07:29 AM
During the month of June, Americans honor fathers with a special day.  The two fathers closest to me are my own father and husband.  Fathers are often a child’s first super hero and to them possess x-ray vision, super strength, speed and agility, invulnerability and are capable of leaping tall buildings with a single bound.  Everyone can benefit from having role models and mentors to look up to and emulate.  Let’s consider how real estate agents can tap into these capabilities and be super heroes for their clients.
X-ray vision for a father is being able to see what’s really going on, … (0 comments)

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