karen briscoe: It's Groundhog Day and Predictions Spring Real Estate Market - 01/29/20 01:33 PM
The Groundhog Day event occurs in a small town in central Pennsylvania each year on February 2nd. Punxsutawney Phil predictions of whether the weather will bring an early spring or whether there will be another 6 weeks of winter are broadcasted across countless media platforms.  What I have found is that Groundhog Day marks the spring real estate market kick off whether Phil sees his shadow or not.
In those markets that experience winter months of snow and/or cold temperatures, people often exhibit cabin fever and are ready to get out and about and tour homes as soon as there is a … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Real estate Agents are like Wonder Woman & Superman! - 10/30/19 12:42 PM
Tomorrow is Halloween and I think of some of my favorite cartoon characters - Wonder Woman and Superman!  Wonder Woman heralds from a blend of many heroines who protects with the use of truth as one of her weapons.  Superman changes from Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter to super hero to defend truth, justice and the American Way.A real estate agent is a change agent, much like these super heros!  She uses her skills to help the buyer and seller navigate the personal and complicated process.  It is a given that the real estate agent must have professional operational knowledge.  Also, … (1 comments)

karen briscoe: McLean and Great Falls 3rd Quarter Market Update - 10/02/19 02:40 PM
First 3 Qtrs. 2019 Comparison to
Same Time 2018 and 2009
McLean and Great Falls
Real Estate Market Update To date 2019 is one of the best real estate markets in over a decade.  Happy days are here again! Total sales in McLean and Great Falls are up year over year by around 5%.  The numbers tell the story.  In McLean and Great Falls in the first three quarters of 2019 there were 904 sales.  In the same time frame for the previous year, 2018, there were 865. 
The most improved segment is the price range of $1 to $1.25 m as represents the move-up … (3 comments)

karen briscoe: Huckaby Briscoe Conroy (HBC) Group Celebrates Lizzy's 10th Anniversary - 09/26/19 01:13 PM
McLean, VA. – HBC Group at Keller Williams McLean is celebrating the 10th Anniversary Partnership between Karen Briscoe and Lizzy Conroy serving the residential real estate community needs in Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC. Conroy joined the HBC Group as Karen’s partner in 2009.
“We are delighted that Lizzy joined us and look forward to continuing the HBC Group legacy of impacting and improving people’s lives by assisting with their real estate needs.” said partner Karen Briscoe.
“I am fortunate to be a part of a remarkable team," says Lizzy Conroy.   "Celebrating my 10th anniversary with the HBC Group makes me proud of the many clients … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: The Real Estate Honeymoon Period - 09/20/19 03:05 PM
The honeymoon period is most commonly known as a short time period after a couple has married.  The broader definition according to Dictionary.com is:  “any new relationship characterized by an initial period of harmony and goodwill.”Experienced real estate agents recognize that there exists a honeymoon period during which it is important that the parties come to an agreement.  The phenomenon I have found is very much like a new romance.  Buyers have the most goodwill towards the home and Sellers early on in the process.  If the negotiations gets sticky or mired down too much in the details then they start … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: The Glass Ceiling and the Real Estate Market - 09/16/19 10:12 AM
The most common usage of “glass ceiling” is in employment terminology and typically refers to the opportunities afforded a minority population which are less relative to the majority. The phenomenon occurs most often in the corporate world and describes a situation where an employee has hit the top of the income earning potential.   It is an invisible barrier and yet very real to the parties affected.  Breaking through the glass ceiling is a rare occurrence.The stock market is known to experience the “ceiling phenomenon” as well.  The S&P 500 is one of the most commonly followed equity indices, considered by … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Glass Ceilings and the Real Estate Market - 09/12/19 12:44 PM
The most common usage of “glass ceiling” is in employment terminology and typically refers to the opportunities afforded a minority population which are less relative to the majority. The phenomenon occurs most often in the corporate world and describes a situation where an employee has hit the top of the income earning potential.   It is an invisible barrier and yet very real to the parties affected.  Breaking through the glass ceiling is a rare occurrence.The stock market is known to experience the “ceiling phenomenon” as well.  The S&P 500 is one of the most commonly followed equity indices, considered by … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Back to School Season is also Back to Selling Homes in Virginia - 08/21/19 02:41 PM
September is the traditional “back to school” month across the United States.  Public school begins the fall semester the week before Labor Day in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia where the HBC Group agents predominantly sells homes.   Turns out that September is a great month to sell real estate in Virginia.  According to Inman Select, the best month to sell a home in Virginia is September.  The quarter that includes the traditional fall months of the year of September, October and November is the best period of time to sell.  The data compiled monthly selling trends including average days on market, … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Where We Live: Waverly Hills, Arlington - 07/24/19 11:02 AM
Waverly Hills is an area within Arlington, VA consisting of over 400 single family homes, many of which were built in the 30s and 40s. The key features of this neighborhood are the recently renovated Woodstock Park, the nearby Lee Heights shops, and it’s amazing location. You’re minutes from Ballston-MU Station and many in this neighborhood choose not to use a car as their primary transformation.
Woodstock Park sits in the middle of Waverly Hills and was renovated in 2015. The park has a large, modern playground and a drop-in basketball court. Insider tip - there is also a great hill for … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Where We Live: Lynwood, McLean - 07/17/19 08:33 AM
Lynwood is a subdivision of just over 50 homes in McLean, VA near the intersection of Dolley Madison and Georgetown Pike. These colonials, built in the late 70s and early 80s, are located a bit off 123 in McLean and sit on comfortable, roughly third-acre lots. These homes are in HIGH demand, even for McLean due to their amazing location.
Lynwood is just 1 mile from the 123 entrance to the GW Parkway. That means you are just 1 stop light from DC. A big factor in these communities being built were as a quiet place to live for people working on … (1 comments)

karen briscoe: The Silver Line-ing of the Silver Line - 07/10/19 11:42 AM
The Silver Line of the Washington DC metro is the silver lining of the Tysons area.  It will cover 23 miles and has four Metrorail stations in the Tysons area alone.  The first phase opened in July 2014 and has changed the landscape of the region.  The Tysons Partnership was formed to build community as it projects the area to double by 2050. The mission of the organization is to Build America’s Next Great City. 
Prior to the Silver Line being operational, the Tysons area was almost entirely vehicle dependent.  It is currently one of the region’s most congested areas as it … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: First Half of 2019 Market Study - 07/03/19 01:13 PM
Real Estate Market Update
First Half 2019 vs.
First Half 2018 and 2009 Comparison
 McLean and Great Falls Flat is the best description of the real estate market performance for the first half of 2019.  Truly I am surprised as there were signs and indicators of more robust activity.  The numbers speak for themselves though!  There were 576 total transactions in McLean and Great Falls in the first half of 2019.  In the same time frame for the previous year, 2018, there were 571.  
The segment that showed the most improvement is the price range of $1 to $1.25 m.  The move-up buyer in … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: What is the best Sales Price for a Home? - 06/13/19 12:35 PM
The objective of almost every Seller I have met wants to sell for the highest price possible and doesn’t want to leave any money on the table.  On the other side, the Purchaser wants to pay the lowest price possible for real estate and, for certain never more than the current market will bear.  The real estate agent is in my opinion the objective Ambassador of the transaction.
There is an adage that states: “A person who represents himself at a trial has a fool for a client.” Adages become part of common knowledge because they usually ring true over time.  The … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Demand for Dog Parks Up! - 06/05/19 12:29 PM
The fastest-growing segment of city parks is dog parks, according to the non-profit Trust for Public Land.  A century ago the demand for parks was for playgrounds for children. There has been a demographic shift of more households with dogs (43 million) than with kids (38 million), thus the increase in demand for dog parks.
When our son moved back to the area a couple years after graduating from college in Texas he lived on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC with his dog named Jack.  He frequently ran with Jack and of course took numerous walks; but their favorite activity was going … (3 comments)

karen briscoe: Home Inspectors are like a Medical General Practitioner - 05/15/19 02:57 PM
In real estate, a ratified contract is when all of the terms have been agreed to in writing and delivered back to the parties. In the case of a home purchase, if there are any contingencies in the contract in most cases the number of days to satisfy that contingency begins at that point. It is like pressing the start button on a stopwatch.
One of the first items typically to be addressed is to conduct an inspection of the home. The role of the home inspector can be compared to that of a medical general practitioner.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Advanced Adulting - Millennial First-time Home Buyer - 05/08/19 11:45 AM
Millennials are entering their first-time home buying years in droves.  Our daughter Callie who is in her mid-twenties purchased her first home in Austin 3 years ago.  On closing day her Facebook caption was that she hit another “adulting” checkpoint. It seems “adulting” has become a buzzword amongst millennials.  Urban dictionary defines “adulting” as a verb:   to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.  
The chain of events that led to this decision for Callie began when I was visiting … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: The Value of a High Walk Score - 05/01/19 04:33 PM
There are numerous factors that determine whether a location is considered highly walkable.  The first is that there is a central location where people congregate. Typically there are numerous businesses and access to public transportation.  The infrastructure design is pedestrian oriented and planned for bicyclists and mass transit. Daily shopping needs can be met without having to get into a car, usually vehicular parking is not as accessible which discourages use.  The neighborhood has mixed use with workplaces, schools, recreation integrated with housing and shopping.
Visit www.walkscore.com to assess how walkable a particular address is.  The HBC Group at KW has two … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Where We Live: Shouse Village, Vienna - 04/25/19 11:14 AM
Shouse Village is a large Vienna suburban neighborhood of over 250 homes just north of Wolf Trap. These homes are primarily Single Family Homes of the Colonial, split levels and rambler architectural styles. They sit on lush lots, usually around 1/3rd of an acre. The neighborhood attends the McLean school pyramid which is one of our nation’s best school districts. Vienna is regularly voted on of our nation’s best communities, and it has plenty of great local benefits. Shouse Village has an active HOA and more information to be found on their website. https://shousevillagevienna.com/
Shouse Village is centrally located in Northern Virginia, … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: Where We Live: McLean Hamlet - 04/11/19 08:39 AM
McLean Hamlet is a Shakespearean-inspired community of over 500 homes in McLean 22102. Streets in the Hamlet have names like Macbeth St and Capulet Ct. Developed in the 1960's, the homes are various styles and sizes with spacious lots. Their best features are their charm, location, and value!
This neighborhood’s greatest quality is the sense of community. The neighborhood is entirely named after Shakespearean characters. Within the Hamlet, you’ll find Falstaff Rd, Titania Lane St, and Oberon Way. You’ll often find neighbors out and about headed to Hamlet Swim and Tennis, the adjacent park, the local Spring Hill elementary school, and Spring … (0 comments)

karen briscoe: 1st Quarter 2019 Market Update! - McLean and Great Falls - 04/03/19 01:55 PM
First quarter 2019 went out like a lion on March 31st with breezy weather in Northern Virginia.  The real estate market behaved similarly at the end of the first three months of the new year.  The numbers have been tallied for real estate sales in McLean and Great Falls and indicate down year over year by 14%, 183 compared to 214.  The good news is the market has considerably improved over 2009, a decade ago, which totaled only 108.  The market shifts are likely due to several factors.    
In many price segments inventory levels are low relative to demand.  This … (2 comments)

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