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Traditionally the spring real estate market is March through May.  In many markets it can begin as early as February, around Ground Hog Day.  Sometimes sales continue to be robust and the peak selling season will stretch into June.   Rush hour for many metropolitan areas is from 7 to 9 am in the ...
Groundhog Day is when Punxsutawney Phil predicts whether there will be early spring like weather or whether there will be another 6 weeks of winter weather.  The celebration occurs on February 2nd of each year.  Whether Phil sees his shadow or not often helps determine when the spring real estate...
The headline from Reuters on January 23, 2019 is certain to grab attention for anyone considering buying or selling a home this spring:  US Home Sales Hit 3 Year Low.  It cites National Association of Realtors® statistics that existing home sales declined 6.4%, the lowest level since November 201...
Chesterbrook Woods experienced an active real estate market in 2018.  21 homes traded hands last year vs. 26 in 2017.  With a total of 540 homes in the Chesterbrook Woods Citizens Association geographical area, this is about 3.9% of the market in 2018 vs. 4.8% in 2017.  Real estate is cyclical an...
The numbers are in for 2018 and the news is good for Reston real estate.  We experienced 1316 transactions in 2018, a 2% increase from 2017.  That’s on top of a 3% increase from 2016 to 2017.  So the market has had considerable improvement in the past two years.  If we compare to the 2008 market ...
The statistics for 2018 real estate transactions in McLean and Great Falls have been tallied.  The numbers are down year over year, with 1,096 total transactions compared to 1,214 the previous year.  The good news is the market is considerably improved over 2008, a decade ago, which totaled only ...
The holiday season is in the past and the New Year is upon us.  While many are still in celebration mode, active professional real estate agents are busy.  It happens that “Housing Black Friday” is frequently the Friday following Christmas.  That’s right, immediately after the holiday people bega...
It is a tradition in our family every year during the holiday season to watch the Frank Capra classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In fact I’ve seen it so many times that I can quote word-for-word many of the scenes. Perhaps it is because of all the real estate lessons contained within!The heart of w...
“All in the Family” is a sitcom circa 1970’s. As the purchase and sale of a home has such significant ramifications, I’ve found that in almost all cases there are peripheral people involved.  Usually it is family members but also there can be financial advisors, close friends, neighbors and busin...
DEAR EDITOR:  I am a Seller of a home in Northern Virginia.  Some of my friends say that this is not a good market to sell real estate.  Others say, “If you see it in the HBC Group-Keller Williams articles, you can believe it.”  Please tell me the truth; is this a good time to be in the market?Ye...

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